You just have to find two evidence-based articles about “Adults aged 18-64 with chronic conditions getting the influenza vaccine” and fill the box in the attachment, it will not be more than a page, point forms. please make sure you don’t choose the same articles that are already in the attachment, and the articles should not be before 2017.

Topic: Adults aged 18-64 with chronic conditions getting the influenza vaccine


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Literature Review Format (complete for each article) goal is 5-10 relevant articles


Article Methods Design Methodological Strengths Methodological Weaknesses What does this add
Rose’s article 1 O’Halloran et al. (2017) used Kaplan–Meier survival analysis to estimate the 2012-213 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data to evaluate the state and national influenza vaccination coverage within a representative adult population with high-risk conditions. The survey includes respondents with cardiovascular diseases, asthma, emphysema, or diabetes, and cancer. The focus of the survey is to capture data that will be used to ascertain the within and between group differences The use of inferential statistics supported the justification and linkages between predictors and outcome variables. The investigators relied on the participants’ self-reported vaccination and chronic illness status, which could be erroneous. The response rates were low. The findings support the administration of influenza vaccines to people with high-risk healthcare conditions.
Rose’s article 2 The study involved a systematic literature review of randomized controlled trials. The researchers’ inclusion criteria included randomized controlled trials that involved primary care physicians and evaluated strategies for enhancing vaccination rate among the chronically ill. They used the Cochrane risk-of-bias tool to assess the risk of bias.

Findings from the reviewed presented evidence-based conclusions from multiple studies.

The authors overlooked pertinent publications that were not based on randomized controlled trials.

Studies had very small samples

Highly heterogeneous studies.

The findings raised concerns about the fewer population of chronically ill patients who are vaccinated.

The study recommended reminder systems for physicians.



Brittany’s Articles to review:

-Bertoldo, G., Pesce, A., Pepe, A., Pelullo, C. P., & Di Giuseppe, G. (2019). Seasonal influenza: Knowledge, attitude and vaccine uptake among adults with chronic conditions in Italy. PLoS ONE, 14(5).

-Bödeker, B., Remschmidt, C., Schmich, P. et al. Why are older adults and individuals with underlying chronic diseases in Germany not vaccinated against flu? A population-based study. BMC Public Health 15, 618 (2015).


Ashley’s Articles to review:

Quinn, S. C., Jamison, M. A., Freimuth, V. S., An, J., & Hancock, G. R. (2017). Determinants of influenza vaccination among high-risk Black and White adults.Vaccine, 35(51), 7154–7159.


Rose’s articles to review:

O’Halloran, A. C., Lu, P. J., Williams, W. W., Bridges, C. B., & Singleton, J. A. (2016). Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among People With High-Risk Conditions in the U.S. American journal of preventive medicine50(1), e15–e26.

Sanftenberg, L., Brombacher, F., Schelling, J., Klug, S. J., & Gensichen, J. (2019). Increasing Influenza Vaccination Rates in People With Chronic Illness. Deutsches Arzteblatt international116(39), 645–652.


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