Working with shape tools in photoshop?

Instructions: After viewing the following Working with Shape Tools, and Record an Action, read and complete the step-by-step instructions. You must submit your assignments as a .PSD file unless otherwise directed.

Download the following file from the Supporting Materials:
Files Needed for Scenario1:
  • Website_MaskPhotos.psd


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Scenario 1
The marketing department will be changing the photos on the website home page regularly. You need to edit the document to make it easier to change out the photos. Creating vector masks where the photos are will enable you to easily swap out the photos.
1. Open Website_MaskPhotos.psd.
2. Start with the Africa picture. In the Picture – Africa layer, use the Rounded Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle inside the Africa photo. Make sure it is in Path mode.
3. Turn the rectangle into a vector mask.
4. Create another vector mask on the Picture – Southern France layer. If you wish, you can copy the Africa vector mask to the Southern France layer to save time.
5. You want the images to be separate from their vector masks. Unlink the Picture – Southern France image layer from its vector mask.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create vector masks for the other two photos.
7. Use layers to add styles to the Picture – Africa layer. Add a 2-pixel wide black stroke around the photo, and add a drop shadow to the photo.

8. Create a similar website using the same text but different images, apply all the steps and submit for grading.
9. Save your file as lastname_My_Website_MaskPhotos.psd.

Example Result of Assignment:

DSIN – Week 6 Lesson 3:


Download the compressed file, TravelPackages-Scenario, of the following files:
Files Needed for Lesson 4:
  • Backpack Alaska.jpg
  • Bicycle the Adirondacks.jpg
  • Explore Africa.jpg
  • Kayak Greenland.jpg

Scenario 2
EcoFriendly Travel’s marketing department would like you to add some pictures to the website, advertising the newest travel packages. They will be dropped into a grid layout, and will need to be the same size and resolution. The marketing department would also like you to add the name of the travel package at the bottom of each image. You will batch process the files to save time.

Week 6 Lesson 4 –

1. Download and save all the Travel Packages files into a folder named Travel Packages. Open Backpack Alaska.jpg in Photoshop.
2. Under the action set EcoWeb (this is a name you create), create a new action named Crop and Name
3. Record the following tasks:
• Crop the image to 200 pixels square with a resolution of 72, and a 1-pixel-wide black border.
• Under the image, create a rectangle that has a left-to-right linear gradient with the following settings:
• Left color stop: RGB color of 255, 240, 0 and Location of 50
• Right color stop: RGB color of 255, 240, 0 and Location of 100
• Left opacity stop: 100% and Location of 50
• Right opacity stop: 0% and Location of 100
4. Add the text Backpack Alaska inside the rectangle.
5. Save the image as my_backpack_Alaska.psd for the web.
6. Close the file and stop recording.
7. Batch apply the action you just recorded to the folder, Travel Packages. Make the destination folder Travel Packages\TravelPackagesProcessed.

8. Make sure that Crop and Make Text Layer use a modal dialog box, so you can make adjustments to each image along the way.

9. As the action is played, change the name of each image to its corresponding travel package. The name is the same as the name of each file in the lab at the top of the workspace.

11. Apply the action to four different images and submit for grading.
12. Compress (Zip) the lastname_TravelPackagesProcessed folder to submit.

Note–The rounded rectangle tool has been removed. “It is no longer needed as the standard rectangle tool can now do rounded corners.” Just drag the handles to create the Rounded Rectangle needed. Also, EcoWeb is a name you will create when working with actions, not a feature you select.

Submission Instructions: Submit the Lastname_my_website_maskphotos.psd and lastname_my_backpack_Alaska.psd files created and the zipped folder lastname_TravelPackagesProcessed.

You must submit your assignments as a .PSD file unless otherwise directed.

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