Will the Ukraine and Russia conflict lead to a world war?

Is the conflict leading to war? The standoff between Ukraine and Russia is about more than just
those two countries. It is about global security and an attempt to rewrite rules on which the world
is based.
As tensions between the West and Russia increase fears are growing that the Russia-Ukraine
conflict could develop into a wider war.
Ukraine is imposing a nationwide state of emergency and has urged its citizens to leave Russia
amid growing signs that it was veering closer to a full-blown war with its northern neighbor.

The world should intervene. The first step will be for the United Kingdom, European Union and
United States to impose more strict economic sanctions on Russia. The West will hope the
economic pressure it can impose through sanctions will persuade President Putin to back down.
But he has an estimated one hundred and fifty thousand troops ringed around Ukraine and all the
evidence is that President Putin is indeed bent on a full-scale invasion of the Ukraine.
An attempt to conquer Ukraine could lead to a prolonged and bloody conflict between Russia
and Ukraine. Ukraine is not a member of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, so the
alliance’s members including the United Kingdom will not play a direct role in fighting unless
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization territory is taken, it is understood.
The United Kingdom has supplied anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainian army and other support is
being considered. But Russian aggression in eastern Europe is likely to increase anxiety among
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization members.
This could lead to a further build-up of forces, potentially increasing tensions even further in the
Financial sanctions can work against Russia, further sanctions are imminent. This has sparked a
huge reduction in Russia’s economic abilities to fund this invasion.

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The sanctions package that will be put in response to this is already actually having an effect.
Just the announcement that it’s coming, the Russian stock market, the equivalent of the Financial
Times Stock Exchange has dropped by over thirty percent.
That is a huge reduction in Russia’s economic abilities to fund this invasion. And those sanctions
will be laid today and over forthcoming days to really prevent Russia from funding this invasion.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization members will defend its territory against Russia. Britain
could soon be at war with Russia. Any incursion into The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
territory would bring Britain into direct involvement in the conflict.
Sir Richard said it is “entirely plausible” that Russian President Vladimir Putin could be aiming
to revive the Soviet Union, adding that if Russia puts “one bootstep” into The North Atlantic
Treaty Organization territory, the entire alliance will be at war.
Asked whether Britain might be expected to take part directly in the current military
confrontation, he said: “Absolutely there is a possibility that we as a nation could be at war with
Russia, because if Russia puts one bootstep across The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
territory, we are all at war with Russia. Every single one, every single member of the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance.
“Article 5 (of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance) says an attack on one is an attack
on all, so we need to change our mindset fundamentally, and that is why I say our defense starts
in the UK on the frontiers of North Atlantic Treaty Organization.”
Russia’s incursions into Ukraine threatened any remaining hope about reviving order in post-
Cold War Europe, leaving Ukraine and the West struggling to respond. What caused the
conflict? The summary stresses that multiple factors interacted. From the outset, the actors’ goals
were incompatible, even if that was obscured by the euphoria that accompanied the fall of
communism. Viewing the situation as one of conflicting goals in a classic security dilemma not
only revises our understanding of what happened, but changes our thinking on what the future
might look like. While many choices could have been made differently, the grounds for conflict
were deeply rooted, and the actors were much more constrained, both internationally and
domestically, than the literature focused on blame would have us believe. The implication is that

neither schemes to make Ukraine a neutral country nor waiting for Vladimir Putin to pass from
the scene is likely to resolve the conflict.

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