Want to shorten your essay?

The significance of word count and how to lengthen an essay without adding pointless or irrelevant details have already been covered. When you add something to increase your word count, your professor can tell right away. However, they can also tell when you omit crucial details to make your essay shorter. To shorten your essay without having it look cropped, read this blog post.

Shorten your essay

Why Cut Your Essay Short?

Some tasks are designed to teach you how to express your ideas, opinions, or information gathering concisely. You might be surprised to learn that writing a short essay that covers a topic in-depth is also difficult if you think that writing a long essay is difficult.

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Every assignment has specific requirements, so if your essay is required to be a certain word count, get ready to follow these guidelines. Although it might seem absurd, an essay’s length can affect its grade, just as it can when it is too short.

How then can you condense your essay without ruining it and erasing sections of it that you spent so much time writing? Here are some excellent advice for you.

Reword Complex Sentences

Sometimes there is a better way to express your ideas and shorten sentences. For instance, using the active voice rather than the passive can greatly assist you with that. Academic writing frequently employs the passive voice because it gives your writing a more objective and professional tone. However, writing becomes more difficult and requires more words to complete a sentence.

The most effective method is to proofread and edit your essay to make sentences shorter and simpler in the situation where you need to eliminate all redundancies. Work to cut down on words that aren’t necessary in longer sentences.

Look for common transitional language and padding phrases. You could completely omit words like “really,” “very,” “in order to,” “just,” and “needless to say,” for instance. Shorter words can be used in place of some longer ones. For instance, “in spite of the” – “even though,” “despite the fact that,” “due to the” – “because,” and “for the purpose of” – “to.”

Examine Your Positions

In order to support your claims in essays, you must address one or more arguments. Each argument has a different degree of applicability when discussing a particular subject. Therefore, whenever you need to condense your essay and cut out a significant amount of text, make sure to keep the best and most persuasive arguments and supporting details while cutting out or downsizing the less significant and secondary ones.

Remove Extraneous Quotations

Quotes can increase the value and objectivity of your essay, but they also increase the word count significantly. They are completely free to be used whenever you need to write a longer essay or when your task is to use a specific quote.

However, if you need to condense your essay, quotes should be the first thing you edit and remove if you believe they don’t add much to the piece. Utilizing outside resources is almost always required, but direct block quotes are not. You can always cite other authors’ works when discussing their viewpoints. Citing sources allows you to develop your arguments and back up your assertions with pertinent data without increasing the overall length of your essay.

Make Certain You Don’t Veer Off Topic

Making your essay simple to read and understand doesn’t always translate into making it more succinct. We enjoy including transitional phrases and ornamental language because it enhances the essay’s artistic quality. academic writing craft. You must, however, take the necessary actions when your assignment is to make your essay shorter.

Make sure you don’t veer even the slightest bit from the subject and central contention of your essay. While describing some illustrative but fascinating examples and cases can demonstrate your familiarity with the subject, it will be difficult for you to edit your paper so that it fits the required word count. Make sure to stay on topic and support your thesis statement with concise, clear sentences.
A Conclusion

These were the most helpful pointers for cutting your essay down without ruining it. We’re hoping you’ll be able to complete that essay assignment—even one as difficult as writing a brief, “straight-to-the-point” essay—with flying colors. And if you don’t, you can always send your request to us, and our team will be happy to assist you, regardless of how many words your essay needs to be.

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