Want to learn variables and data types in python?

Please read through the Instructions before getting started with your post.

Discussion Points:
As part of your programming experience, you will need to develop your skills in working with data types and declaring variables.
  • Explain the concept of  a variable and a constant.
  • Explain the differences between variables and data types.
  • Explain the need for data types and the different types available.
  • Describe the general process of declaring a variable (You may use an example as part of your discussion).
  • Explain the concept “Boolean.”
  • (if-then-else structures and if-then).
  •  Provide an example you used in Python to illustrate this process.

Note: Python is weak typed language (dynamic language). Python does not support directly “Constant” or  “Datatype”, the same variable can be used to store all data types.

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