Understanding the “business of dentistry” and the Dr’s “hot” buttons. Important steps in preparing for your interview. Negative factors evaluated during an interview.4.Marketing ideas for a dental practice

1.Understanding the “business of dentistry” and the Dr’s “hot” buttons.

2.Important steps in preparing for your interview

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3.Negative factors evaluated during an interview.4.Marketing ideas for a dental practice


Understanding the “business of dentistry” and the doctor’s “hot” buttons
Dentistry can be defined as a profession of healthcare that tends to have a twofold role. It
makes a profit as a small business and offers healthcare services. Dentistry is known for offering
quality care for clients as a healthcare kind of service. In doing so, it follows standards of
care that have been established by the profession itself as well as by the government agencies. It
is important to note the fact that dentistry embraces a number of objectives as a healthcare
profession. Firstly, it offers oral health education and promotes optimal oral health in a culturally
sensitive manner. It also emulates the highest standard of patient-centered care and promotes
prevention (Rattan et al, 2002). Besides, dentistry exhibits a willingness to share knowledge in
its objectives and participate in professional activities. Dentistry further has the objective of
acquiring the most advanced skills and knowledge to meet the ever-changing needs of a wide
and diverse population of patients.
Important steps in preparing for your interview
The dental practice ought to meet certain essential criteria as an enterprise and a business
in which one is ideally engaged to achieve a livelihood. They must operate efficiently, practice
ethically, be productive, operate safely, create a profit, and utilize technology. The most
important steps followed as one prepares for an interview for the dentist job include researching
the practice far and wide and preparing answers for the standard questions. The interviewee
ought to be physically ready in terms of proper dressing for purposes of appearing presentable
and ready to serve clients from all walks (Richards, 2013). They further need to consider asking
questions to the interviewer for them to achieve reaching a consensus by the end of the entire
interview process.
Negative factors were evaluated during an interview.

Recruiters focus on evaluating an interviewee’s confidence and capacity to practice
the knowledge gained during dentistry training. Other negative factors include the inability to integrate
cross-cultural practices, stereotyping, and the inability to focus on evidence-based practice.
Marketing ideas for a dental practice
One needs to embrace and incorporate certain marketing ideas for a given dental practice.
These include giving a good offer that beats their competition and identifying their target
audience (Richards, 2013). The majority of dentistry clients are women, and they must be put into
more consideration. Brand promotion through the idea of team buy-in should also be done to
reach and attract the attention of more clients out there.

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