Individual Project: Report 1

Assignment 1A: Business Ideas Planning

  • Weight ungraded but required
  • Due later than 11:00 p.m. on Sunday of unit 2 but submitted as part of report 1 in unit 6


On successful completion of this assignment, students should be able to

  • define the business plan in terms of a product/service description,
  • identify the potential target market,
  • identify the benefits of the product/service, and
  • create a concept statement and survey three peers on the business idea.

Brief Description

The purpose of the first assignment is to provide you with a vehicle to explore possible business ideas and to select a business to develop through the course. This will be the first step toward building a comprehensive business plan that you could use in starting your business.

Submission Instructions

Provide a 500-word response ranking your three ideas based upon the environmental trend scan exercise. Select the one business idea you intend to pursue this semester. See for sources of information and you may use other databases. You will receive feedback from the instructor on your submission. In unit 6 you will be resubmitting this as Part 1 of your project.

Neo4j Final Project Rough Draft

Submit your final project rough draft. The final project will consist of an APA formatted word document detailing your full analysis. Be sure to cover the following points:

  • Your dataset (what and where)
  • Your business questions
  • A graph data model
  • Representation of the structures you created in Neo4j
  • How you loaded the data
  • Optimization steps taken and results
  • Advanced analytics
    • You need to run four algorithms in total
      • You must use at least one centrality measure and at least one community detection algorithm
    • Outcomes and lessons learned

At each step be sure to include discussions on what you did and why; and include screenshots to support your documentation. Your final deliverable will need to be 8-10 pages in length. For the rough draft, please submit a minimum of 4 pages of content.

Describe the layers applied and why selected.

Instructions: Find an old family photo to restore (or a photo of a place that is special to you), enhance the photo with at least five to seven different elements that you’ve learned, and create a magazine cover page using the photos with some creative ideas behind it. Utilize at least one other photo for a background. You will upload three photos minimum, the original family photo, background photo and the final cover page.

Once this is completed, you will complete a minimum of a two-page write up (minimum of 500-750 words, not including Title Page or Reference Page): 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced paper in APA Style format, using at least two references to describe the following: Submit your paper in Word format only.

  1. Purpose of the magazine. You must identify a valid purpose as if this magazine will be published for the public.
  2. Identify five to seven tools used and any challenges encountered.
  3. Describe the layers applied and why selected.
  4. Examine the differences, the benefits and the limitations of the different image file types.
  5. Discuss the purpose and usage of smart objectslayers and vectors in editing, also differentiate between a raster image and a vector image; also detail the layer concepts of hiding, linking, and setting layer styles.
  6. Outline the different processes to enhance images including sharpness, color, contrast, hue, brightness and resolution.
  7. Evaluate the image processing capabilities such as feathering, filtering and burning.
  8. Describe the process for performing advanced selection using masks, channels, refine edge, and defringing.
  9. Detail the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop as a tool for editing and restoring digital images, also describe the process for enhance digital images by manipulating sharpness, color, contrast, hue, brightness and resolution.

Submission Instructions: Submit the original photo, background photo, final cover page and write up in APA format in the assignment area (Submit your paper in Word format only).  You may need to reduce the file size of the images if the file is over 25 MB. Do this by reducing the PPI for the image.  Images may be in .JPG or .PNG format.  Submission of your .PSD