To come up with a priority health learning need from a NURSING PRACTICE scenario

To come up with a priority health learning need from a scenario
A 16-year-old, single and is in high school. She lives with her mother, father, and two older siblings (one sister, one brother). She is on the Honour Roll and is active in extracurricular school activities. Stephanie is currently 12 weeks pregnant and is attending her first prenatal visit with her mom. Stephanie does not respond to questions regarding drugs and tobacco however, she admits to drinking a little on weekends with friends prior to finding out she was pregnant. She informs the nurse that she wants to keep the baby. Her mother has raised the topic of breastfeeding, however Stephanie appears disgusted at the thought of breastfeeding.
Body of paper includes the description, the effects the health concern has on the mom and on the fetus, as well as the potential postpartum concerns that need to be considered

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