Texas State

Texas State is located in the south-central part of the United States. It covers 268,596 sq. mi. It is popularly referred to as a “Lone Star State,” attributed to the Lone star flag it adopted after attaining independence in 1836 from Mexico. After its independence, Texas remained an independent republic until 1846, when it accepted annexation to the U.S. The state motto of Texas is Friendship. The motto was adopted in 1930 and was derived from Tejas or Texas, a Spanish pronunciation that means allies or friends.1 This article provides a review of Texas.
History, Demographics, cultural aspects, and political affiliation of Texas
Texas’s recorded history starts with the first Spanish arrival in the Northern parts of America, now referred to as Texas, in 1518. These Spanish found many Native American tribes living in this region. The name Texas originates from “taysha,” a Caddoan language’s word meaning allies or friends. It is the second-largest state in America after Alaska. The World Population Review estimates Texas’ total population as 29,730,311. This high population ranks it second after California, which is the most populous state in the U.S.
Texas is composed of vibrant cultures, but the most popular is the Mexican culture. The Mexican culture cements itself in Texas in numerous ways, for instance, food. The state also enjoys a considerable amount of folklore, primarily linked to its cowboy cultures and historical ranching. Its Folklore Society is ranked the second oldest among the folklore organizations in American history.
For approximately a hundred years after the Reconstruction era, the Democratic Party dominated the politics of Texas. However, from the late 1960s, there has been a reversal alignment, and the Republican Party has become the dominant political party in Texas. Up to date, Texas remains a majority Republican state because many Texans are conservatives.

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