Womens Reproductive Rights and Contraceptive Use

Directions, Part Two: Roe v. Wade (1973) established the legal right to abortion. State
legislative and executive bodies, nonetheless, continue to battle over legislation related
to access to abortion, including parental consent and notification and mandatory waiting
periods. In addition, public funding for abortion remains a contested issue in many
states and bills requiring women to have an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion,
stringent regulatory measures targeting abortion providers, bans or restrictions
preventing women from obtaining health insurance coverage for abortion, and bans on
abortion at later stages of pregnancy have all been proposed and/or enacted. Conduct
credible research about the debate on women's reproductive rights and post your
(academic-based) opinion on where you stand on this current issue regarding proposed
laws to prohibit women from getting an abortion, restrict access to clinics that offer
abortion services, limited funding, public health concerns if access to abortion is denied,

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