Students’ First Summer Plans Unaffected by COVID Cancellations

Summer is the season for many people’s vacations, college breaks, and enjoyment. This year is particularly significant for many of us. It is the first summer free of COVID cancellations that lasted for two years. Therefore, how will we spend it? EduBirdie wished to determine this!

We reached out to students, who informed us of their summer plans. Thus, we determined the four most prevalent categories, including travel plans, sporting events, music festivals, and personal growth. As SEO specialists, we utilized Google searches to gain insight. Let’s find out more!

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The information was gathered in May 2022. We reached out to students, who informed us of their summer plans in the absence of COVID cancellations. It helped us identify four major areas of interest: travel, sports, music festivals, and personal growth.


We utilized SemRush and Google Trends to analyze this summer’s most popular Google search queries. For each studied point of interest, we highlighted the most popular related search queries. Google searches were categorized according to alternative spellings. This means that searches for Mexico as a travel destination included both “flights to mexico” and “cheap tickets to mexico” as well as other related high-volume Google queries. Then, we examined the total popularity of a query group in each region to identify what piques the interest of state lawmakers.


What are the most popular summer activities?





According to the collected statistics, the most popular summer activities were sporting events and travel. Each of these requests was the most popular in 16 states. In twelve states, people were most interested in personal development. Six states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Alabama, and Massachusetts, ranked highest for music festivals, with Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, and Alabama leading the pack.



Travel Plans

Camden Benoit

I am looking forward to spending this summer in London, a foreign country. A friend has extended an invitation to stay with them for some time (and due to COVID, I was never able). After two years, the limitations have been removed sufficiently for me to go.

Camden Benoit, a college student




We investigated the top popular trip destinations Googled by Americans. Mexico and Canada were the most popular destinations. Europe, particularly Italy and the United Kingdom, was also a favorite destination, while some states selected Japan and Jamaica. We may assume that people select travel destinations based on their geographical location. People from the northern states were searching for flights to Canada, while those from the southern states, such as Texas and New Mexico, were more interested in trips to Mexico. People from Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Nevada, who are geographically closer to Japan, were more likely to use Google to search for tickets.




As the COVID pandemic had a significant impact on the way we travel, people sought answers to their concerns. The majority of people were seeking trip packages. This first summer post-COVID, we may assume that people who plan to travel don’t want to battle with booking and route planning, but rather want to enjoy experiencing the world.


In several states, such as Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, Montana, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, travel limitations were the primary concern. People in New York, West Virginia, and New Hampshire were primarily interested in travel deals. And the remaining states were primarily considering the greatest holiday destinations and ideas.


Sports events


I plan to be quite active during my first summer post-COVID. I will have the opportunity to attend Grand Slam Tennis Tours. This tennis tournament was originally scheduled for last year but was postponed because of the pandemic.

Master’s student at the Management University of East Westphalia-Lippe, professional tennis player, and proprietor of Tennis Racket Ball Maringlen.





In the United States, the NBA is the most popular sporting event. In fact, the demand for the NBA draft was so great that it is difficult to compare it to anything else. Therefore, we decided to compare the NBA finals to other summer sporting events.


The NBA Finals were most popular in the host state of California and nearby states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and others. Due to the tournament’s return to its usual two-conference alignment following pandemic restrictions, the Stanley Cup was the most intriguing event for residents of states bordering Canada. This year’s US Open was the premier sporting event in Massachusetts, where it was held. Additionally, neighboring eastern states were mostly interested. The World Games were the least popular event in comparison to others and were mostly researched in Alabama, Mississippi, and West Virginia, which hosted the event.


Music festivals

Emma Gordon

I’m traveling back to my homeland to visit family and attend a four-day music festival. Without the coronavirus outbreak, I would have made the same decision months ago.

Emma Gordon




In the United States, the five most popular summer music festivals were Bonnaroo, Summerfest, Pitchfork, Rolling Loud, and Lollapalooza.


Based on an examination of demand, Rolling Loud is the most popular festival in the United States. Summerfest is the least popular festival, ranking first only in Wisconsin. The majority of requests came from states where these festivals will be performing. Tennessee for Bonnaroo, Wisconsin for Summerfest, Florida for Rolling Loud, and both Pitchfork and Lollapalooza in Illinois. We may say that Lollapalooza was more popular than Pitchfork in Illinois, where both festivals were held. The bordering states are also prominent music festival enthusiasts.


Personal development

“My plan after COVID is to volunteer at local organizations. Mary-Ann, a student at Washington University, stated, “This summer, we are anticipating many children to participate in local summer camps, and I am excited to be there for them and show them about our city.”




Personal development, continuing education, and working over the summer break are other excellent summer activities for students.


The majority of the four most popular requests in this category were for summer work. It was the most popular item in 24 states. People from fifteen states were the most interested in internships. And volunteering was the leading interest of individuals from eight states. In three states, Idaho, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, summer courses were the most popular.

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