Stuck on your technical writing essay?

Based on minor research, what two qualities are needed to develop into a professional technical writer?
Based on minor research, what do employers expect of technical writers?

What are three best practices of technical writers?
What are some key questions and methods you would use to analyze and define your users? Why is this important?
Address the significance of including the User-Experience (UX) in analyzing technology.
An anonymous author wrote, “Analyze the people who use your documentation so you understand what they need and don’t need to know.”

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What’s the importance of a Documentation Plan? Please provide an example of a Documentation Plan that you would use.
How do you calculate how long a project will take?

Explain how much rewriting is necessary to create an effective document.
Why is it best practice to audit supporting documentation before composing an IT document?
Create a one-page pamphlet or brochure with several tools (at least 5) you may add to your Technical Writer’s Toolbox.

Explain the purpose of the front matter in a technical document and provide examples.
Explain the items found in the body of a technical document.
Explain the purpose of the back (end) matter in a technical document and provide examples.

Why are soft skills important to your success as an information technology practitioner?
What degree are you working toward?
Did you change your major? If so, why?
What benefits do you hope to achieve with your degree e.g. career advancement?
What is your progress in accomplishing your educational goals?
What courses are you starting next month? Why did you choose these courses?
If you anticipate any obstacles or have any concerns, how do you plan to address them?
Would you like to discuss your concerns with an APUS representative?
What improvement do you recommend for the course?
What do you recommend for students enrolling in this course for the first time?

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