Research Topics in Communication That Are Attractive for the Most Demanding Students

Research Topics in Communication That Are Attractive for the Most Demanding Students
The ease and frequency of human communication have increased as a result of recent advancements in computing, transportation, and telecommunication, enhancing cross-cultural encounters. Modern society has benefited from advancements, but there have also been certain drawbacks, particularly in the area of communication. Since 9/11, more people in the US and throughout the world have realized the importance of efficient communication in maintaining peace, and this knowledge has led to the emergence of a matching academic field.

Today’s communication field encompasses a wide range of fascinating and complicated issues, making it particularly difficult for students to choose communication study topics. To make this process easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of pertinent issues into the 10 most typical categories.

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Topics for Communication Research


Four Approaches to Communication Research

Consider the four different ways to researching communication: social scientific approach, interpretive approach, critical approach, and postmodern approach before moving on to the themes and research essay writing exercises. The specific emphasis of your research paper will be greatly influenced by the approach you choose, as an academic discipline examines the formation of meaning in various situations across cultures utilizing spoken or nonverbal communications through a variety of channels and media.


Social Science Methodology

According to social science theory, human conduct is predictable. This approach, sometimes referred to as functionalist or behaviorist, relies on quantitative research techniques together with observations to describe or predict behavior. This method is based on sociological and psychological research, and it views culture as a quantitative quantity that affects conversation just as much as personality traits do.

Interpretive Strategy

An interpretive strategy views actions as unpredictable and original. This strategy, also called as humanist, employs qualitative techniques drawn from linguistics and anthropology with the goal of understanding and interpreting behavior rather than predicting it. This method enables the study of culture from the viewpoints of its participants as opposed to through frameworks imposed by scholars.

Critical Thinking

According to a critical perspective, discourse depends on the context in which it takes place and reality is a matter of opinion. Followers consider culture to be the outcome of power struggles. The goal of the critical approach is to bring about social change rather than just researching human behavior across cultures. Followers aim to free those who are oppressed by society.

Postmodern Perspective

The goal of the postmodern method is to comprehend the modern human state through the subjective perspectives of individuals. It views reality as being made up of various truths. This strategy questions social constructs of race, ethnicity, and gender by arguing that human nature is flexible.

What to Do to Write an Excellent Research Paper

Take into account these straightforward suggestions if you want to compose a truly excellent research paper about communication:


the narrow focus of your study

In accordance with the length requirements for research papers, students should select their study topics. They should steer clear of themes that are too broad and limit their research to a few areas that may be thoroughly explored within the allotted page constraints.

citing a variety of sources

Writing a research paper advises students to perform in-depth study and analyze numerous sources on their chosen topics. Keep in mind that students who use only one source may face charges of plagiarism.

employing reliable sources

Students must acquire reliable sources for research papers, just like they must for other types of academic writing. Although books and reliable websites are frequently accepted as sources by teachers, it is usually preferable to use academic journal articles because they have undergone peer review.

Utilizing pertinent information

In order to confirm that their concepts are still relevant, students should constantly search for recent publications. The debate of information relevance is particularly crucial when it comes to study questions in communication because this academic field is heavily influenced by technological advancements that change its patterns.

presenting data in an objective manner

Students should investigate their chosen subjects while considering all relevant viewpoints. Make sure to emphasize and address the opposing arguments as well, rather than only providing one point of view. Give pertinent examples that effectively and entertainingly explain each argument.

ensuring that your paper has the proper structure

Include a captivating beginning and a distinct thesis statement when writing. Use subject sentences to structure your body paragraphs and provide evidence to back up your points. Include at least one paragraph where you discuss and dispute the opposing viewpoint, if it is pertinent to the topic you have chosen. In your conclusion, summarize the information and share your thoughts. What adjustments, if any, does your research advocate for in regard to the phenomenon under study?

You should edit your writing.

Make sure your research paper flows well and is free of errors if you want to get a high score. Either spend some time editing the text, or think about hiring AcademicWits’ affordable research paper writers. Your time will be saved, and our authors will provide you an A+.

100 Topics for Communication Research
We’ve organized 100 themes into 10 well-liked categories for your convenience. Remember that you can use EduBirdie’s research paper online help for communication research topics to select from these subjects or topics supplied by your professor and acquire a ready-made bespoke research paper.

Journalistic Subjects

practice of journalism in recently developed venues.

Concept of participatory journalism.

Citizenship and journalism in the context of globalization.

News media and peace.

Journalism and science: Press coverage of science nowadays.

Why do journalists present science in this manner?

Concept of networked journalism.

Journalism & communication discipline growth as study.

Good news versus bad news in journalism ethics.

technology’s effects on journalism

Topics in Public Relations

Management & competence in public relations.

Models of public relations.

Public relations impact on local & global populations.

Interactive online communication & its impact on public relations outcomes.

The process of symmetrical communication.

Comparison of sex roles in public relations.

Dialogue in public relations practice.

Effective campaigns major features.

Science communication & public relations.

Public relations practitioners & their social media tools utilization.

Advertising Topics

Advertising as communication.

Advertising & its impact on consumption in the mediated marketplace.

Cross-cultural advertising oddities.

Technology impact on advertising.

Location-based advertising concept.

Mobile devices in advertising campaigns.

Crowd involvement in advertising: audience involvement levels.

Gender role in advertising.

Possible consequences of sexual versus non-sexual advertising appeals.

Advertising utilizing social media against advertising using traditional media.

Interpersonal Communication Topics

Culture influence on interpersonal communication.

Context impact on interpersonal dialogue quality.

Interpersonal discourse stimulation approaches.

Effective interpersonal conversation in fostering personal & professional success.

Computer-mediated contact & its influence.

Medium role in interpersonal communication.

Interpersonal information sharing & persuasion.

Competence concept & its applicability to interpersonal conversation.

Interpersonal dialogue in mass media campaigns: role & obstacles.

Dysfunctional interpersonal communication idea.

Intercultural Communication Topics

Approaches to intercultural information sharing.

Practical ways for intercultural conversation.

Teaching culture & intercultural communication.

Artifacts in intercultural information exchange.

Studying abroad as a factor contributing to intercultural discourse competency.

Health-related difficulties between healthcare practitioners & ethnic-minority patients.

International student adaptability to an American campus.

Intercultural evaluation effectiveness.

Translation as intercultural dialogue.

High-context civilizations versus low-context cultures: intercultural perspective.

Topics on Virtual Communication

Communication in global virtual teams: digital analysis.

Virtual discourse & cultural expression.

Computer-mediated communication & the virtual culture notion.

“Virtual classroom:” an interactive information exchange & computer-mediated learning area.

Communication in virtual reality age.

Virtual team dialogue training.

Nonverbal dialogue in virtual environments.

Communication medium & team interaction techniques.

Building confidence in virtual teams.

Interpersonal communication in virtual reality.

Social Media Research Topics

Social media contribution into rebellious communication & social movements.

Peer communication effects in social media on purchase behaviors.

Social media use in the United States & its impact on health.

Social interactions throughout media.

How did new social media impact the patterns of information exchange compared to old mainstream media?

Social media & emergency management.

Marketing & social media.

Effects of social media (for instance, Instagram) on consumer perceptions of brands.

Mass media & coordinated social action.

Effects of social networks on effectiveness of political campaigns.

Leadership Topics

Leadership: strong leader’s style.

Relations between leaders’ communication styles & leadership outcomes.

Strategic internal information exchange in transformative leadership.

Strategic communication & meaning management.

Leadership sound in current day.

Virtual team leadership: leadership style affects & communication on team outcomes.

Gender roles & leadership information exchange styles.

Leadership & crucial communication process.

Relationships between leadership communication styles, personality attributes, & organizational productivity.

Leadership communication style & employee happiness.

Negotiations Topics

Media & their effects on negotiating results.

Persuasive dialogue in logistic negotiation.

Negotiation is a language-centered activity.

Negotiation styles in intercultural dialogue.

Mediated negotiation: effects of agents & mediators on negotiations.

Negotiation in social conflict.

Political negotiation versus business negotiation.

Negotiation of environmental disputes & judges as case managers.

Bias, credibility, & mediation.

Negotiation process & gender differences.

Other Communication Research Topic Ideas

Democracy, expression, & social media.

Peer influence & teenage sexting.

Privacy in social networking.

Yellow journalism & its social role.

Political rhetoric on local, state, federal, or international level.

Organizations & social media.

Effects on management of change & organizational culture.

The relationships between social interactions, cognition, & emotions.

Relational communication: romantic relationships versus friendships.

Speech as communication type.

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Research topic for communication studies can be especially interesting, but it is also likely to require student spend more time on research and writing. You need to not only choose the topic and approach that fits it best but also spend considerable amount of time allocating and reviewing relevant sources. EduBirdie employs writers who specialize in communication research and look forward to using their academic knowledge and writing experience to assist you in “do my research paper for me” request. So, hit the button, make an order, and enjoy your A+ for an excellent communication research paper.

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