Personal Support worker Household Management Tasks Assignment

You are assigned to care for Mr. Charles 78 years old, who had a fall and his pelvis
was fractured. Now he is recovering from hip surgery. He is confined to bed with a
condom catheter. He is incontinent of urine and stool.
While you give him a bed bath and back massage, you notice that the client has a
reddened skin around his coccyx region. When you apply pressure, it does not return
to its natural color.
Answer the following questions based on your module understanding and the
scenario given:
1. What stage of pressure ulcer does Mr. Charles have? And what is your
Immediate action ? (2 Marks)

2. What are the risk factors for pressure ulcer for Charles? (2 Marks)

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3. What action can you take to prevent future pressure ulcers for Charles? (1Marks)

4. What are the devices normally used for preventing pressure ulcers? (1 Mark)

5. As a PSW, applying a condom catheter is under your scope of practice.
What are the infection control techniques that you will carry out for
this procedure? (2Marks)

6. How will you apply elastic tape for a condom catheter? (1Mark)

7. Give 3 different names for the process of emptying urine from the bladder?



8. What is the amount of urine a healthy adult excretes a day? (1Mark)

9. Mr. Charles complained of difficulty in urination and his urine output for
24 hours is 475ml and it contains blood. What is the term for the scant
amount of urine? (3Marks)
A. What is the term used for blood in urine?

B. What do you mean by dysuria?

C. What is meant by urinary incontinence?

10. Mr. Charles has not had a bowel movement since the last 3 days and he
complains of feeling bloated. (2 Marks)
A. What are the common causes for constipation?

B. What is the best position for giving enemas?

11. When you are making Charles’ bed, what are the guidelines that you
will follow? (2 Marks)

A. What is the term for making the bed while the patient remains in bed?

B. How will you give perineal care for Charles?

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