Neo4j Final Project

Submit your final project in an 8-10-page APA document. Be sure to include the following topics:

  • Your dataset (what and where)
  • Your business questions
  • A graph data model
  • Representation of the structures you created in Neo4j
  • How you loaded the data
  • Optimization steps taken and results
  • Advanced analytics
    • You need to run four algorithms in total
      • You must use at least one centrality measure and at least one community detection algorithm
    • Outcomes and lessons learned

Additionally, create a 3-5 minute video presentation where you discuss your project and show off your work. The method of delivery is left entirely up to you, but as a guideline, you could leverage a PowerPoint with a brief demo of your Neo4j deliverables.

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Submit your paper, any presentation materials (slide decks, etc), and the video to this assignment.

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