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1. What is your research question? Be as specific as possible.
How do different intensity levels of exercise impact the levels/symptoms of anxiety in
undergraduate Kin students?
2. Who are your participants? How will you recruit them?
The participants of this study will focus on undergraduate kinesiology students. All students in
the program will be approached by a mass email to participate in the study as well as using
social media platforms to encourage participants. We would like around 100 students to
respond to participate – more or less is okay though!
3. What study design will you be using?
Non-experimental, Correlational design
4. Describe your method (i.e. what will participants have to do)?
Participants will complete two surveys containing closed-ended questions:
1. Questions based on their physical activity intensity and frequency (GODIN
questionnaire) – multiply intensity by certain numbers → high number = lots of exercise,
low number = little to no exercise
● How many days per week are you physically active?
● Typically, how long is the duration of your workouts?
● Describe the intensity of your physical activity?
2. Questions based on their level of anxiety and the symptoms they feel (using a
standardized test)
● Becoming easily annoyed or irritable?
● Worrying too much about different things?
● Trouble relaxing/restless – struggle to sit still
● Feeling nervous, on edge, anxious or afraid?
5. What is your independent variable?
Intensity of exercise
Time%20Exercise%20Questionnaire_070815.pdf Godin questionnaire for intensity and
frequency of exercise

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a. How will you manipulate it to differ between groups?
● Control group (no exercise), light intensity exercise, and moderate-vigorous
intensity exercise.

6. What is your dependent variable?
You don’t have an independent and dependent variable in your project. It is just two
variables (physical activity and anxiety that you are comparing to each other) You
can’t determine the direction in a cross-sectional study. The variables could be bi-
Levels of anxiety

a. How will you measure it?
We would use a standardized rating scale which would give us a range of how
severe each group’s anxiety levels are (ex. mild, moderate, severe). To do this we
would calculate the average score of each respective group (ex. average score of
all participants in the control group, average score of all participants in light
intensity group etc.)

7. Are there any controls in your study? Any potential confounders that should be
The undergraduate students who don’t participate in any exercise. Age, gender, course
load, medical conditions
8. Are there any ethical concerns for your study?
Could be triggering for individuals since we are asking about anxiety.
● Age and gender can be noted on the survey for reference (not for evidence)
9. What is your hypothesis?
Individuals who participate in longer and heavier intensity exercises have lower
anxiety levels and reduced symptoms of anxiety

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