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Your task is to CLEARLY AND IN YOUR OWN WORDS (do NOT use quoted
material or wording from other sources or the text) explain a psychological term from
Chapters 1-4 in the TEXTBOOK. Then, use a real-world example to illustrate this term.
Due Date: MARCH 5th, NOON
*Please note that this assignment was originally due on February 28th.
Note: The language of this assignment should be in a “discussion” format – like you are
having a conversation with a friend. Avoid jargon and complex language.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: There is no set length for this assignment. However,
to explain the term, provide an example to illustrate that concept, you should expect to
have a MINIMUM of two paragraphs, about a page, single-spaced
Single-spaced is fine for this assignment
Use of personal pronouns is okay for this assignment
Terms/concepts can be anything. For example, you could explain the function of a brain
area–then use an example of how this area was impacted in a grandparent after a stroke.
OR, you could use an example of an optical illusion you experienced–any term is fair
game IF you can explain it in your own terms AND give a real-world example.
Step 1: Select a term from Chapters 1, 2, 3, or 4 of your textbook. Provide a definition of

the term, in your own words (i.e., no quotes!), that is simple enough that a non-
psychology major (e.g., a fellow student who is not in the class) could understand it.

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Step 2. Provide a real-world example that reflects a real-world situation where this term is
reflected in behaviour/mental processes. This example can be from your own life, OR, if
you are uncomfortable sharing such, the life/experiences of a public person. Be
thoughtful not to describe situations that are overly personal/confidential. This is not
meant to be invasive!
Step 3. Provide a reference for the textbook that you would include in a References
section of a paper. Please see the APA Manual for detailed instructions.
Step 4. Proof read your assignment. Clarity, in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation,
and appropriate language will be a significant proportion of your grade. You must
demonstrate that you can communicate this term and example in an effective manner.
Step 5. Self-assess your response on the rubric in the Discussion Assignment Grading
Guide below
Step 6. Upload your assignment to the assignment drop box. Please note that your
assignment must be saved as .doc or .rtf. Documents that cannot be opened will not be
graded and will be assigned a grade of zero (0).

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