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Introduce yourself in the class. Share where you work or plan to work after completing your program, your family, and any hobbies or special interests. Also tell us why you are taking this course and what you hope to gain from obtaining your degree. In addition, please read the syllabus, discuss the relevance to your career goals, Academic Integrity.pptx, and address the topic below:

Other degree programs to consider:

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management:

Master of Science in Information Technology:


Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Introductions must be submitted the first week of the course to maintain your registration in the course. Students who do not post to the discussion will be automatically dropped from the course.


Introduce Yourself & Photoshop-ed Image and address the topic below:

Discussion Points:

Photoshop has been around for a long time and nearly everyone has heard of it. “Photoshop-ed” images are seen by us every day. There have been lawsuits and embarrassing situations because of “Photoshop-ed” images. Check out if possible.

In our first discussion question, please tell your experience with Photoshop or other image editing software applications. Share your opinion of Photoshop and of “Photoshop-ed” images in popular literature (e.g., should models be Photoshop-ed to make them “prettier”?).

Here are some great recommendations from former students to help you succeed in this course:

  • I would advise that future students tackle the assignment early and give themselves more time than they think they need. The assignments can seem easy, but often take hours to accomplish as you learn to navigate the program.
  • My suggestion for a new student is to stay on top of the work. Checking in every day is vital, and it is easy to fall behind fast. It then can become overwhelming. Don’t let it become overwhelming.
  • My recommendation for students starting this class is to either have photos that you want to use or find some opensource ( is a great source of photos that are free to use.
  • The only thing I would recommend to those looking to take this course is to remain humble and read/watch the material very carefully so not to miss any steps in the editing processes. Also if you sign up for this course, download photoshop immediately and start playing around with it and get familiar with some of the basics.
  • New students should take the time to explore the Photoshop software on their own before jumping into assignments.
  • I will recommend new students to plan ahead and organize their time. My main recommendation is to finish one post a day and start working on assignments ahead, do not leave them to the end.
  • I would however recommend to future students that discouragement is often times natural. It’s how we bounce back from our low points that sets our status in the universe.
  •  For students enrolling in this course for the first time, I’d tell them to not overthink the work just have fun with the images you can create, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  • I think this course provided me with a better understanding of Photoshop as well as, APA formats, when writing papers.
  • I really struggled with this course, but I never gave up and I kept going. I would recommend for students enrolling in this course to download the software before the class starts to get acquainted with it. I believe this would have helped me grasp it a little better. Also, do not get behind in your work. It is best to do a little every day.
  • Be patient with the course it is a lot of information to process. The first two weeks you will feel like it is too much and then at the end the second two weeks are a lot as well because you change projects, and it throws you off because you feel like you are making progress then it switches on you and you must rethink the concepts you have learned.
  • If I had to give advice for future students of this class it would consist of two things.  Number one being that they should find other images and practice these skills on their own outside of the assignments.  Number two would be to stay on top of each weeks workload and do not wait until the last minute to complete assignments.  A lot of this course revolves around trial and error and being resourceful to find tips and tutorials to guide you through problems or issues you have.

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