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Using the source you selected, respond to the following prompts.

  1. What is your topic?
  2. How would your Works Cited entry look for this source? Include the https address/APUS library link (not just the doi). You can copy it from your web browser if it is not already included in the citation.
  3. Pick one regular sentence from the article–not an extremely long sentence or an indirect source (i.e., a source or author that is cited/quoted in your chosen article). Copy and paste it word-for-word here (no need for a citation—this is for informational purposes only).
  4. Now paraphrase the sentence you chose. Include a citation.
  5. Now use the sentence as a direct quote. Include a signal phrase and citation.

Part 2 (Practicing APA)

Use the same sentence and answer the same questions, but this time, use APA style. (Also, number two would appear on your References list, not Works Cited.)

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