Need help developing an outline?

Here you can submit an outline of your final project paper. Before you begin your outline, go to the Assignments area of the classroom. Read what is required for your final paper and build your outline accordingly. The template and sample attached there will help you.

Your outline should include your thesis statement, a description of the problem, alternative solutions (if you are exploring solutions), and the solution you are advocating (if you are suggesting a solution). Be sure that the elements of the outline are complete sentences. Please note that, if you have one subheading in a category, you should have a second subheading. Samples of outlines are attached.

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Sample outline

Sample outline APA style


Responding to Others

Ask these questions about each draft you look at:

  • Is there a thesis statement that is a single, complete sentence (not a question)?
  • Does the outline present a description of the problem being explored?
  • Does the outline present alternative solutions that might take care of the problem?
  • Is one solution selected as the preferred alternative in the outline?
  • Is movement from one section of the outline to the next smooth?
  • Does the outline include details as evidence for each assertion?
  • Are all elements of the outline complete sentences, with subject, predicate, and appropriate use of capitalization and terminal punctuation (period, question mark, or exclamation mark)?
  • Is the outline free of distracting mechanical, grammatical, and formatting issues?

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