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Congratulations, you have reached Week 7 of COMM120! The Week 7 Project is due at the end of this week and as you are completing this assignment you can start thinking about your next course that starts in two weeks.

  • What plans have you made for continuing your education at APUS?
  • Have you registered for another class? If so, which one?
  • Do you have any questions or concerns about continuing your education in the online environment?


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Feel free to share your thoughts on these or other topics.


Congratulations; you have reached Week 8! Getting to the final week of COMM120 is a great achievement and you should be proud. For this week’s forum, please answer Parts I and II but you do not have to answer every single question.


Part I: Reflection

  • Reflect on your use of the Big6 Research Model (CO2).
  • What step was the most challenging? How did you overcome the challenge?
  • Using the steps in the Big 6 Research Model, consider your process of locating sources, categorizing, organizing, critiquing, and presenting information for the project. What worked well for you?

Part II: Connecting to Career 

  • How will you use information and digital literacy in your place of work and future career (CO1)?
  • How will you sustain your new knowledge in order to support your career goals?
  • Why is civility important at your place of work and in politics (CO7)?

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