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Please note that this is a threaded discussion, allowing you to have an extended conversation in a smaller group. Your instructor will set up four groups. Read the rest of the instructions below and post accordingly. Do not start your own thread. If there are already more than five students in a group, consider selecting a different group to keep the conversations lively.

Read the article “Why Students Plagiarize,” and then decide how you want to respond to it. Choose one of the following ways.

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  • Skeptic, challenging the author
  • Reflector, thinking about how the reading applies to you and others
  • Validator, supporting the author
  • Extender, applying the author’s principles to future situations

Descriptions of these roles are found below. Once you’ve decided, make your initial post under the appropriate thread (Skeptic, Reflector, Validator, or Extender).

Skeptic – Challenge some items in the reading. Be specific about what you disagree with and provide substantive evidence (logic, examples, or even research). Here’s a way to start your post: “I disagree with many points in the article because…”

Reflector – Think about the concepts set forth in the reading as they relate to your own experiences or those of others. Be specific about your observations, explaining how you have reached your conclusions. Here’s a way to start your post: “Reading this article makes me think of a class I took last year…”

Validator – Support some items in the reading. Be specific about which points you agree with, explaining why you do. Provide evidence. Here’s a way to start your post: “I agree with many of the author’s points, such as…”

Extender – Show how the concepts might be applied in future situations. You may focus on both positive and negative ramifications. Be specific as you extend the conversation. Here’s a way to start your post: “This article made me wonder how the concepts might be applied to…”

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