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Discuss the importance of consumer trust in a business. Think of companies you buy from and cite examples of brands or companies you do trust and those you don’t. Explain what makes you feel trust or distrust. What happens when consumer trust is lost and how can a company recover from that loss in constructive ways?

Read the Ethics Quick Test, Rotary International Four-Way , and the Seneca people’s guidelines for self-discipline. These are all found in Chapter 2 of the text. Explain what the most important aspects of these three tests are so you may use these as a guide for ethical decision making in business. Include in your response if you agree or disagree with these models and why or why not. Also, describe how these models can guide your own behavior.

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While most people may say they want to do the right thing when it comes to ethical judgment, they may not be aware of the unconscious bias they carry that can influences their actions. Given the importance of fair treatment in making ethical decisions at work, such as organizational role selection, hiring, promotion, compensation and assignment of responsibility, it is important we are aware of the bias affecting our decisions. Follow this link to take the Implicit Association Test:

After you read the preliminary information page, click on the words “I wish to proceed.” Select the Gender-Career IAT. Share your results and discuss how this may impact your ethical decision making in the work setting. Also share what you can do to increase your awareness and take ethical action leading to fair treatment.

Your company has posted a new job and appointed you a chair of the hiring committee. A few days later, you receive a phone call from a long-time friend who tells you he or she wants to apply for the position. They ask you to give them the inside track on what the company is looking for and can you put in a good word for them? What would you do next? Explain your position and what you would say to them and why you have chosen to say this.

Search under Company Reviews and read through these posted reviews. What do these reviews tell you about the ethical culture and how employees feel they are being treated by the organization? If you were given the opportunity, what questions would you ask about the ethical culture at that company? Identify what you expect in an employer relationship and the origin of these expectations? Given what you read about this company, how does it align or not align with your values?

How could a company utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-in to promote ethical behaviour and communicate the organization’s values? What are the advantages of using social media to promote ethical behaviour and values and what are the dangers of communicating in this way?

Read the short case on pages 291-292 and respond to the four questions at the end of the case. Not only should you point out the ethical issues in this case, but you should be clear in the actions you would take if you were in this situation.

Explain the relationship between employee engagement and organizational culture. What makes this important to the success of the organization? In what ways can managers contribute to creating an ethical culture and enhancing employee engagement within the organization?

Imagine you are the CEO of a small company with about 100 employees. How would you communicate your CSR strategy with your employees and how would you assess if they share in your vision? Then explain how you would communicate your CSR to your external stakeholders and why this would be important?

You work at a company that develops facial recognition software for various applications; a team member points out that shelters for victims of domestic violence are also organizations greatly concerned with the security of their guests and staff, and might have use for this technology. It could ensure that people entering or approaching the shelter are registered guests or staff there and not unwelcome intruders, and could perhaps aid staff in monitoring and analyzing behavior in the shelter environment.

Should this project be pursued? If not, why not? If so, how could it be done ethically? What unique ethical concerns does it raise? What additional facts might be required?] What practical steps might you need to take in order to access the information/perspectives needed to manage the ethical landscape of this project?

What are some other ethical issues that any designers/developers of such an application would need to address? As a project team, how might you go about sorting through these ethical issues and addressing them? Which of the ethical issues you have identified would you prioritize, and why?

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