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North American ghostwriting
Whether in the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia, ghostwriting is always a topic that cannot be avoided. There is a lot of homework, and English is difficult. Many international students accidentally “have to” embark on the road of no return. However, the dissertations of North American universities are slightly different from those of the UK and Australia. Today we’re going to talk about ghostwriting in North America . Reliable North American ghostwriting recommendations are included, all orders are 100 percent original, and a full refund will be given below grade B.


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North American VS UK Paper Differences

How to identify reliable North American ghostwriting

North American ghostwriting recommendation

North American Proxy Writing Order Process

North American VS UK Paper Differences

North American university essays focus on academic writing norms, while UK university essays are more theoretical. Many British essays require students to read and analyze a topic and then write based on a specific methodology to express your point of view. Students need to organize the outline of the article based on the theories mentioned in the class discussion, rather than play it casually.


Academic literature is generally required for both North American and UK university dissertations, but UK dissertations require higher quality and quantity of literature. Some professors will strictly require that journal articles published within the past five years be used as references. When selecting literature, you also need to pay attention to the area of ​​the literature. For example, compared to Washington Post, London Times is more suitable as a reference for British university papers.


Compared with the United States, the British paper grading is relatively stricter. All analyses must be very precise. The behavior of adding redundant words to fill up the word count is absolutely not allowed. The North American university dissertation does not have a particularly strict limit on the number of words.


How to identify reliable North American ghostwriting

Examining the level of customer service Although the industry of ghostwriting is not a highly technical industry, it has high requirements for the English academic level of writers and customer service. Before placing an order, you can send the paper request to the customer service to see if the customer service can quickly review the question and give a reply. If it is an experienced ghostwriting company, the professional level of customer service must be guaranteed. They have an understanding of different types of papers in North American universities, and can quickly review questions and give some opinions. We can judge the strength of ghostwriting according to these.


Understand the background \sof the ghostwriting agency The ghostwriting industry can be said to be a mixed bag. Some black-hearted ghostwriters treat customers like gods before they pay the money. After the results of the thesis are released, the customers ask for revisions, and they disappear. So we have to cooperate with a formal ghostwriting agency. We can take a look at the website of the ghostwriting agency (if it is only ghostwriting on WeChat, and there is no official website, we recommend that you consider this type of ghostwriting carefully) (if it is only ghostwriting on WeChat, and there is no official website, we recommend that you consider this type of ghostwriting carefully). We can take a look at the company’s introduction, the writer’s introduction and some sample articles on the website.


Understand the strength of the other party from all aspects . To \semphasize again, when looking for an essay writer, be sure to ask the writer a few related questions, or ask the other party to review the title of the paper to see if the other party has professional skills. Because even if you choose a formal ghostwriting structure, you may encounter less professional writers. We can strike from the side to learn more about the strength of the other party. For example, we can ask the writer to give you an outline before writing the paper, so that you can make sure that the general direction of the paper is correct. For another example, we can ask the writer to send you the original text of the literature used, and make sure that it is an academic article.


Turnitin check

British Paper Writing-Turnitin Duplication Check

Everyone must have heard of the seriousness of plagiarism in papers, ranging from failing the entire class to being dismissed by the school. Especially in the UK graduation thesis, there is no possibility of recovery if such a problem occurs, and it will have a very serious impact on future job hunting. Therefore, when we are looking for a British paper to write, we must confirm that the content of the writing is original. In addition to having innovative content and meeting North American academic writing standards, it is necessary to ensure that the paper passes the Turnitin test.


Self-examination of the paper is very important

No matter what kind of agency you choose, we recommend that you read the paper carefully several times after you receive it. First of all, whether the writing level of the paper is close to your writing level. If it is beyond your usual writing level, we recommend that you revise it slightly. Second, if the paper needs to cover the content of the class discussion, please double check whether the content in the paper is consistent with the content you have learned in class. Third, familiarize yourself with the paper. You need to be very familiar with the content of the paper. If you are unclear about the cited literature, we also recommend that you check the original text of the literature. If you have any questions about the paper, you can contact the writer to revise it in time. Finally, we need to emphasize again that we need to take responsibility for our own grades and academics.


North American ghostwriting recommendation

A reliable North American agency must be run by a team and strictly control marketing, quality and service. Generally, such a team has formal marketing channels, standard service procedures and a good reputation.


1) Professional team of writers: All writers have professional North American academic paper writing capabilities. Orders are completed as required to ensure 100 percent originality, and Turnitin test reports are provided.

2) Broad business: Provides writing and editing of papers in various disciplines of liberal arts and business.

3) Intimate customer service: In the process of using the service, the customer service patiently explained, and made timely feedback and adjustments in response to the questions and requirements raised by the customer. At the same time, help coordinate the communication between the client and the writer.

4) Perfect after-sales service: The quality of each article is strictly checked, and free revisions are provided. If there is a problem with the quality of the paper, compensation measures such as refund or free rewriting will be carried out to protect the interests of customers.


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North American Proxy Writing Order Process

Step 1: It is simple to register and swiftly place an order. the process

takes three minutes to finish. Supports file upload in multiple formats. Support global currencies.

Step 2: Check the status of the order at any time and communicate with the writer one-on-one

Step 3: Finish the order and promptly deliver it.

When the item is finished, it will be delivered to your email or you can download it by logging into your account.

Step 4: 100 percent on time, 100 percent safe and confidential

, free unlimited revisions within 14 days, full refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

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