Lifespan Development 5 th Edition Chapter One and Two Summary

Lifespan Development 5 th Edition Chapter One and Two Summary
The first chapter of this book seeks to comprehend the adaptive value of species-wide
emotional, cognitive, and social competencies as they practically and ideally change with age. It
clearly insists on the fact that cognitive change in humans is noticed when we compare how 16-
year old individuals, 6-year old individuals, and 46-year old persons reason and think. These
different groups of people further experience psychological change, and this is with reference to
psychological issues and emotions as well as relationships and social roles. According to this
chapter, humans have a tendency of struggling with issues of independence, trust, and intimacy
at certain points in their lives.
The chapter further adds that development is a lifelong process, and it does not halt at a
certain age. And individual differences may be found in various patterns of development. This is
why examining the influences of cohort, gender, ethnicity, race, culture, education level,
socioeconomic status, and the time in history is important. The chapter further provides a
comprehensive view of each of the mentioned individuals within the actual context of their own
journey of development and within cultural, social, and historical contexts.
Chapter Two discusses the evolutionary perspective of this lifespan development. It
defines natural selection as the process where the various groups of individuals of a given
species that prove to be best adapted reproduce and survive. As a matter of fact, the idea of
natural selection plays a huge role in fueling evolution. Adaptive behavior in evolution theory is
defined as behavior that promotes the survival of the organism in a natural habitat. According to
the chapter, the survivors are better adapted to their ecosystem and general environment than the


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