It’s time to think about the Epochal Cartoon Characters of 2022.

Only one thing remains constant over the passage of time: our fond memories of the cartoon characters we saw as children. Our interests, the people around us, our appearance, and our tastes all change. Generation Z grew up watching a slew of fantastic animated series in the 2000s. So our Edubirdie team decided to envision what our favorite characters would be doing now and how they would appear if they were still alive today.

It was our job to choose the best animated programs for you: After watching a number of popular animated series, including Boy Genius, Hey Arnold, Phineas and Ferb, As Told by Ginger, and Jackie Chan Adventures, we came to the conclusion that we could predict what each of these characters will look like in 2022 based on existing facts and statistics.

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The characters in the animated series are all distinctive and entertaining in their own way. All of these heroes have unique storylines, so we imagined what they would be like if they were real people.


Theodore Neutron



Jimmy Neutron was 12 when the series ended, making him 28 in 2022.


Jimmy earned his degree at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Faculty of Nuclear Engineering, where a typical year of study costs $11,872. He received a scholarship that covered half of his tuition costs. When Jimmy graduated from college, he owed $18,635 in student loans.


As a nuclear physicist, Jimmy is guaranteed a salary of $116,140 a year, making him one of the wealthiest people in the world today. He was able to swiftly pay off his student loans, take out a mortgage on his home, and build an electric automobile for himself because of his high salary. Honestly, no one could have built him a finer car than himself.


In his hometown of Retroville, Colorado, he lives with his fiancée-to-be Cindy Vortex and Jimmy’s childhood pal Goddard, who demonstrates to us that he is a genius by creating a companion who would never betray him!


A pecan pie is Jimmy’s favorite dessert, but junk food isn’t on the menu any more. Whenever he has free time, he prefers to spend it with his wife or work on new research to come up with more environmentally friendly fuels to use.


Shortman, Arnold



All of us have fond memories of Arnold Shortman as a kind, cheerful, and collected young man. We have no doubt that he grew up to be as cool as he appeared to be in the cartoon series because he was nurtured by his grandparents.


The lady of the heart, Helga Pataki, has been infatuated with him since childhood and he quickly became a wonderful father and devoted spouse to her.


Despite his passion for American football, he was unable to succeed in the sport owing to the intense competition. It cost him $13,690 a year to attend the College of Music in Washington State, where he graduated. A student loan of $26,032 was still outstanding after graduation from college.


In time, Arnold became a jazz musician. The harmonica was still a favorite instrument of his, and he also learned how to play the saxophone. He’s now a member of a local jazz band and a music educator, passing on his knowledge to future generations.


Even though Arnold is now a Ford Fusion 2015 owner, he still enjoys watching and playing football with his friends and their children. For the sake of their two children, he spends time with them, provides them gifts, and teaches the children his musical craft.


Ferb and Phineas



Phineas and Ferb are a fantastic representation of how we would like to spend our summer vacations but are unable to. Their never-ending curiosity, inventiveness, and pessimism inspired us to greater heights.


Stepbrothers may seem different, but their interests are the same.


After completing their first year of college in 2022, the brothers are now 19 and attending the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Ferb went with biological engineering, which costs $43,363, whereas Phineas spent $48,798 on chemical engineering.


Ferb works as a freelance writer for $23.86 an hour and Phineas is a tutor, so they’re both earning money while they’re still in school. Since only 20 hours of labor per week are permitted for students, Phineas makes $1,929 per month and $23,146 annually, while Ferb makes $1,909 per month and $22,906 annually.


While Phineas and Ferb are spending their free time with their girlfriends, Phoebe and Sunny are spending it with Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, respectively.


This group of men is still adventurous, and when they get a chance to take a break, they jump at the chance. They also took their daughters to see Mount Rushmore this past weekend, where they told them how they once placed Candace’s head there as a birthday present for her.


Foutley’s Ginger


Ginger is a charming, lovely redhead who is loyal to her friends and will not tolerate wrongdoing.


Ginger, who is now 29 years old, is a beautiful wife and mother who genuinely cares about the people around her.


She became a psychologist because of her expressive personality qualities and spiritual gentleness. The university she attended cost her $7,413 a year to attend, and she earned a bachelor’s degree. Her student loan balance of $32,200 is still a burden, but her husband Darren does everything he can to alleviate this burden.


In addition to spending quality time with their adorable daughter, Ginger and Darren also enjoy dressing her up in various clothing and making her gifts.


Ginger is content with her life and her family. That much is certain.


She is known as Jade Chan.



As a kid, the badass Jade Chan could kick anyone in the a$$, but now that she’s an FBI agent, Jade, now twenty-nine, can do so legally.


Still a tomboy, Jade is a lively spirit full of courage and wit.


When she was a child, she followed her uncle Jackie Chan on his adventures, and her impulsiveness, quick wit, and agile thinking frequently saved him from dangerous circumstances.


Her decision to become an FBI agent is understandable. Because she was not a US citizen, she had to pay extra every year in tuition to attend school in San Francisco. This year she earned an average salary of $73,363 after paying $30,853. Despite the fact that she had a $15,050 loan, she swiftly paid it back.


This city’s trendiest and funniest female rents a house, drives a Toyota Camry, and punishes baddies.



According to this formula, the characters’ age is determined by subtracting their current age from their current age in 2022. Based on the series, character locations are determined.


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook was used to calculate the average wage for each position. Pay for college students is based on statistics from Indeed.


Statistics from the BLS Employment Experience of Youths report, the IPUMS Current Population Survey, the Pew Research Center’s data on demographics, the series’ characters’ preferences, and flashforward episodes were utilized to assess their social and marital statuses as well as their preferences.


The cost of a given university’s educational program is used to calculate the cost of a student’s college education.


Student debt assumptions are based on Federal Reserve data, Federal Student Aid data, MeasureOne Private Student Loan Report, average data for the various programs indicated, and the socioeconomic condition of the character in question.


With their 2022 social level, we assumed their present diet and hobby choices from the original cartoons.

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