How to Use a Ted Talk in Your Papers

Students majoring in engineering, physics, and data management should know how to cite a TED Talk because it is one of the most frequent citation formats. This type of content is still unfamiliar to many students. Let’s have a look at the fundamentals of the MLA and APA styles.

MLA Citation Style for TED Talks

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Generally speaking, the specifications you receive will be based on the information you obtain (website or YouTube). Among the things you’ll need for the website are:


Speaker’s name (host)

A TED talk’s topic

The URL of the site.

The month and the year.

The original URL.

An in-text reference should provide a timestamp so your viewers can see where the quote is located.


MLA TED Talk Format:


This is the speaker’s first and last name “TED Talk Subject.”” TED, Date, Month, Year.


Sources Used:


Hyeonmi, K. “How webtoons are affecting movies and TV.” TED, scheduled for February 2022, kim how webtoons are changing movies and tv


In-text citation:.


There was a time when (Hyeonmi 7:11)


If you’re going to use a TED Talk that you found on YouTube, here’s the format to follow:


First and Last Names of the Speaker. a title for Ted’s speech TED or TEDx Talks, Day, Month, Year, URL, YouTube.


Sources Used:


My name’s Frederik, and you’re my Imbo. TedXMechelen: Frederik Imbo on how not to take things personally. PZXnM TEDx Talks, 4 March 2020.


In-text citation:.


Imbo 11:34 (Imbo 11:34)


Adding the phrase “Transcript” to the first citation template in your References is all it takes to cite a TED Talk transcript from a TED Talk video. Look at the following:


Sources Used:


In “How webtoons are affecting film and television,” Hyeonmi, K., writes. TED, scheduled for February 2022, kim how webtoons are changing movies and tv/transcript. Transcript.


In-text citation:.


There was a time when (Hyeonmi 7:11)


7th Edition of the American Psychological Association Citation Manual for TED Talks

If you want to use TED’s website as a source, the citation guidelines are different than if you want to use video outlets like YouTube or Vimeo. What you’ll need is:


Name of the speaker

The date and time of the book’s release.

Title of the TED Talk.

The URL of the site.


Automatically Create Citations

Select the citation style you want to adhere to


Select the citation source.



There’s a template for citing a TED Talk on the internet:


Individual’s Last Name and First Name Initial (s). (Year/Month) The video’s title. URL for the TED Conference.


Citations on this page:


the Stokes, C (2012, November). As a way of teaching men about manhood. [Video]. There are TED Conferences. stokes how movies teach manhood


Textual Reference:


To put it another way,


“Stokes, 2012, 6:12” (Stokes)


Now that you’ve found the TED Talk on YouTube, here’s how to cite it:


TEDxTalks user name or screen name. (Date, Year). The name of the website.


As a reminder, the name of the uploader must be given precisely as it appears on your screen if you want to use it.


In the bibliography, you’ll find the following:


Talks from the TEDx Conference [TEDx Conference]. In April of this year, (2016, April 1). The importance of a “scout mindset” for sound assessment | Julia Galef | TEDxPSU.


Textual Reference:


The 2016 TEDx Talks are here!


When you would want to quote a TED Talk for an in-text reference, the name of the author should be incorporated into your writing. For instance:


Collins has proven that green energy is more expensive and less efficient starting in 2021 (TEDx Talks, 2021).”


In order to avoid accusations of plagiarism, it’s critical that you provide the exact TED Talks title in your description. You may still find the process of writing an in-text reference in the APA style to be too time-consuming, which is why it may be best to use an APA video citation generator. It’s as simple as clicking on a link and the system will handle the rest!

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