Here are some interesting religion research paper topics to write about.

Religion has been a part of our lives since the beginning of civilization. Here are some interesting religion research paper topics to write about. It has changed and grown to fit the needs of our societies, from simple animal-based beliefs to complex pantheons with many gods. Because of this, religion research paper topics are so interesting.

When choosing a topic, you can take a number of different paths. You can write about the history of a certain religion, its beliefs and rituals, how it has changed society, and how it might change in the future. You can also write about religion systems in general, looking at the differences and what might have caused them.

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Even though there are a lot of possible religion essay topics, it’s important to choose the right one. Religion is often a very personal matter, so if you don’t treat it with care, it could lead to hurt and conflict. Also, it is hard to talk about religious experiences without being biased.


So, we’ve put together this list of interesting, relevant topics for you to look into. Choose the one that fits you best and learn more about how and why people believe what they do.


Pick the best religion research paper topics

Choosing the right religious essay topic from the list can be hard, so here are some tips that might help:


Choose a topic that you are at least a little bit interested in. This will help you focus on your research and make sure the quality of your work;

Make sure there are scientific sources related to the topic and that they are not just opinion pieces – In research, facts are more important than opinions;

Avoid talking about things that are biased about a certain religion;

Don’t criticize or attack religious leaders and people of faith;

If there are different points of view on a subject, make sure to cover them all or don’t talk about it.

List of 50 Religion Topics for Research Papers

Religion and religious beliefs in general have a huge effect on society as a whole. When we look into it, we can see how our society has changed and how our values have changed over time. But a lot of religious topics for research are too hard to understand. So, here are some of the best topics for a research paper on religion that you can have fun writing about.


Religions’ ties to their own cultures

How religion has affected education and science throughout history

From a social psychology point of view, religion and the individual

Religion in a world that is more connected

Religion and crime: punishment and forgiveness

What religion does to politics

Beliefs before organized religion

How important religion is in politics and business

How does religion change when new scientific facts are found?

How can a religion come into being?

What religion has to do with poetry and writing

Religion and a source of news

Religions and how they change over time

Religion and how well you feel

What religion means in environmental issues

Who does religion help?

Religion from a postmodern point of view

Religions that don’t believe in gods

Will religion ever end?

Rituals that many religions share

Religions keep people together: communities and countries

Modern tribal practices and the religion of technology

What we believe about God and what lies beyond

Religion and morality: do they go together or not?

Religion and women

What religion has to do with how countries get along

Medicine and religion

Why sacrifice is so important in religious practices

How does religion affect the bonds between family members?

The part religion plays in making people hate each other

Religion from the point of view of evolution

How important myths are in today’s world

How symbols are used in religion

History of religion and social classes

Religion during the Age of Reason

How people don’t believe

What magic and tricks have to do with religion

The effects of religion on teens and young adults

How to separate spirituality and religion?

Can there be only one religion in the world?

Prayer and meditative techniques side by side

Are religion and reason incompatible with each other?

Marriage and faith

Religion and violence: what religion has to do with wars and revolutions

Why should the government treat religion in a special way?

Different ideas about death and what happens after you die

Religions and population changes

The kind of person a religious leader is

Lost religions: why do beliefs die?

Images of aliens in different religions

Research Paper Topics on Christianity

Christianity is one of the world’s largest religions, with billions of people who follow it. You can’t say enough about how much it changed the world’s history. So, here are some of the most interesting things about which you can find out more:


Christianity has many branches, some well-known and some not.

Christianity and the spread of colonies

Christianity and the rise of industry

The Christian church has a lot of myths and rituals.

As a real person, what do we know about Jesus?

Christianity and the rise of empires

Christianity and getting along with others

Christians of different races

History of bad things happening in Christianity

How each person plays a part in Christianity

Essay Topics on Buddhism

Buddhism is another important idea that shouldn’t be forgotten. Its origins in the East set it apart from many other religions around the world. So, there is a lot to know about it, especially if you don’t know much about it:


Buddhism: Its roots and development

Buddhism: a religion or a way of thinking?

What Chinese Buddhism is and how it works

Buddhism and women’s rights

Can Buddhism and science live together?

The Buddhist view of nature and the environment

What Buddhism means for politics

The rights of people and Buddhism

Buddhism’s ways of meditating

Buddhist thought and psychoanalysis

Topics for a research paper on theology

Theology looks at religious practices from a scientific point of view. So, when talking about religion research topics, it’s important to talk about the study of theological methods and the history of this field of science. Here are some themes you might want to think about:


The basic ideas behind systematic theology

Models of religion that are important

Atheism and postmodern theology

Theology of stories and facts

Love and death in God’s eyes

The idea of stories in religion

Theology and philosophy are two parts of the same science.

From a theocentric point of view, ethics

Politics and religion

Commentary on religion and rational theology

Islam Topics for Research

Islam is another major religion that needs to be studied and thought about carefully. In the West, people often think of it as evil, but there is a lot more to it than that. Here are some things you can say about it:


Misconceptions and prejudices about Islam

Civil Islamic practices

What a woman does in Islam

The effect that Islam has on politics

The history of the Islamic world

Islam’s past and what’s to come

Do Islam and traditionalism go together?

The problems with integrating Islam into the law

What would the world be like if Islam didn’t exist?

The making of an image of Islam in the West

Essay Topics on Siddhartha

The founder of Buddhism was born with the name Siddhartha, which is also the name of the book about the spiritual journey of a man who lived at the same time. Both are worth studying from a religious and philosophical point of view:


Siddhartha: ideas and stories

Siddhartha and his search for wisdom

Siddhartha and letting go

Mythological undertones in Siddhartha

Siddhartha’s ways of teaching

The idea of salvation in Siddhartha

Existentialism and Siddhartha

Religion and Systems

Religion systems depend on where they are.

Global cultural models in religious systems

How religious systems affect democracy

Sociology looks at religion systems.

The study of how modern religions work

How religious systems work

How do different religions affect the market?

Tips on How to Write an Essay About Religion

There are many things to avoid when writing an essay about religion. If you want to do well on your assignment and get a good grade, you have to do it right. Here are some ideas that could help you write a great essay about religion:


Avoid putting in your own opinions and biases. Criticizing any religion is dangerous, but doing it from an emotional or experience-based point of view is even worse. Remember that one person’s ideas and values do not represent those of the whole group;

Structure your paper. A paper that is well-structured is easy to read and understand. It will make your point clearer and show that you do research in a planned and organized way;

Check the reliability of your sources. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake scientific ideas and works about religion. Even if some of them have some good points, it’s best to leave them out of your work;

Explore your religion research topics from different points of view. Showing the opinions of both sides is the best way to avoid bias in your research. This will give you a well-rounded paper that doesn’t claim to know a “single truth,” but instead uses scientific methods to study religion.

Try to give some background. Religious texts are often hard to understand and full of symbols. You can easily find statements that go against each other in them, but to present them fairly, you need to explain what’s going on. You don’t have to retell the whole text, but you do need to say what’s going on in general.

Even if these tips don’t work, we’re ready to help. Visit our site, choose a professional writer who fits your needs, and get help with your research paper on religion right away.

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