Format For An APA Style Interview Citation

Is It Important to Cite Your Sources During the Interview Process?
First-hand information is preferable when it comes from primary sources that have not been examined or edited in any way before being used in a college assignment. Using an interview as a primary source for information, analysis, and more is common practice. In any case, providing accurate interview citations is critical. Learn how to cite an interview in APA style if you must use this format because it will ensure that you prevent plagiarism and provide accurate citations for intellectual property. APA interview citation requirements are explained in detail in this guide, which is updated to reflect the most current writing standards.


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What You Need to Know About APA Interview Citation

To begin, keep in mind that an interview might be used to describe one of three different types of situations. Personal or group interviews can also be published. A formal citation can be made only after the interview has been published. It’s best to utilize the interview you found in a TV show, newspaper or scientific journal as an example of a multimedia source for podcast citations. For example.


Personal interviews done on your own do not necessitate formal citations in your references, therefore when you mention personal communication, you don’t need to provide the source.


As a last thought, when dealing with more complex research, consider addressing an organization by saying something like, “When I did my methodology…I interviewed thirty people to study their involvement in social media management.” A formal citation in your Bibliography, on the other hand, is not required.


Automatically Create Citations

Decide on a citation format.


Choose a citation source.



Examples of APA Citation in Interviews

Even if you did the interview yourself and there is no online source for it, you should:


Contributors X. Z., N. V., R. K., and W. C. contributed to this work (Year, Month Day). This was the subject of an interview’s title. the title and location of the symposium or conference.


K. James (author). (2011, Jan. 11). [Conference session]: The use of AI-based tools and automation in mechanical engineering. ASU Tempe campus hosts the 2011 Mechanical Engineering Conference.


If there’s a reliable web resource, please share.


Contributors X. Z., N. V., R. K., and W. C. contributed (Year, Month Day). Headline [Description of a specific contribution] for an interview. Location and name of the symposium/conference. URL.


J. Gethin (2019, May 7). Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones Talks About Her Career | It’s at Google. Talks at Google in Cardiff, U.K., U.K. Y


A personal interview can be used as a source:


F. Kirian (personal communication, February 7, 2020).

Always consider the type of source you’re dealing with when quoting an interview because an in-text reference may be all that’s required, as in the case above.


The following is how you reference a speech in APA:


Last name and initials of speaker (s). the year is (and the month and day of the month are). The title of the speech [from the recording of the speech or from any other source cited] Name of the Website. Internet Protocol Address

Meir, G. (1969, September 25). Greetings from the White House [Speech audio].

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