Every State’s Most Unusual Essay and Academic Topics

The types of academic papers available vary widely.
AcademicWits, a professional editing and academic tutoring service, has seen thousands of academic papers and essays over the years. Our editors have to deal with issues and texts that are so out of the ordinary that they can’t help but smile. So we decided to find out what the most strange, unexpected, weird and bizarre themes students have ever had to write papers about. Since we received more than 400,000 academic papers for editing in the last four years, we have selected the best topics from each state.


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You’re wrong if you believe you’ve found an error in a topic. Each and every one of them is meant to be exactly how they are written. It’s also true that all of them are authentic academic or high school papers in some form.


As you can see, we observed the following:


List of States with the Weirdest Essay and Academic Subjects



It’s okay to be homeless; Why I regret approaching that girl; Wine is formed from water, not the other way around.



My surroundings are limited to sand; humans and dogs aren’t supposed to be together.



If you smoke, do it hard; When it comes to modern culture, Fanta is the best analogy. The American national folklore includes the Scottish fiddle.



Technology in a world where people can fly.



Shrek visits Narnia. Earth-planet conflict Romance and sincerity are out of date; How to trick others into thinking you’re a fool Essay (the topic) that was completely empty; The benefits and drawbacks of keeping a velociraptor as a pet. My life is a cookie, but my life is not a cookie, or how to spell your life incorrectly.



Why it’s a bad idea to use Google; In the event that I had access to all the empty boxes in the world, would I build a robot?



Smells that fill my home, which are often not my own, will never go. Don’t ever leave us behind.



What is the truth about rain? Despite being on a deserted island as a firefighter, I’m a red angry bird.



Basically, my life is a Twinkie diet. However, there is one exception: the microwavable world.



The culpable party is Bilbo Baggins; How my life was changed by dirty napkins; Dancing while inebriated versus sober. An in-depth evaluation; For what reasons, if any, I would never mount a unicorn of my own? Neither Cesar nor Salinger is a distinct individual. What do you do with a picture if all you have is a naked Nicolas Page to sell it?





We don’t need any schooling; automobiles are designed to sever social ties.



The Arctics are nothing more than a massive ice cream cone; how do you assemble the worst sports team ever?



Leo DiCaprio has no right to be called the “discoverer” of America.



How to unlawfully hire people to work on my farm, according to ancient Obama ideology; Lost in my own head like a donut and a dog: learning how to speak well for oneself.



If the world were made of potatoes, how would it look? — Cocoa



Bare feet have a strange psychological effect.



Camping in Kansas as a form of self-punishment; the advantages of wearing red socks. There is nothing worse than the smell of a fart, yet it’s hardly the worst thing that might happen.



How to cram your head inside a purse or handbag My doors of opportunity are slammed shut and in need of lubrication. A hashbrowns-to-cockroaches comparison



Debt for toilet paper, a comparison of a high school and a prison, and a comparison of rain dancing today and 50 years ago are all explored in this article.



I was born. Having a monarch in the United States has its benefits and drawbacks.



For sale: My life is up for grabs in Dota 2. Huge savings are being offered. Candy and Barbie dolls can make you sleepy, but just for today.



Tennis is a legitimate sport. Hitler’s sexuality and its ramifications for modern society, that’s what I mean.



A kiwi bird’s philosophical idea; Media outlets are the world’s rubbish bins nowadays; How I got Facebook to buy Instagram through deception.



What’s your choice? Keanu Reeves as the drafter of the US Constitution; mushrooms or marijuana, which is better for my child?



Why are rainbows so bad? Is it preferable to sell a ship than to sail it? This is me: my father was a cop and my mother was a hippie. It’s like a road map to a near-failure success.



Even as a dog, I’d have no affection for anyone. Geography is more “bio” than biology. And so they went.



Dancing beaver, snoring wolf I would never do these six things on the moon; Is Avatar as real as it appears?



IKEA or my perfect crime; What would happen to Hulk if he were to show up? ; Even if I had a million dollars, I would never give it away.



What would happen to humanity if we lost all of our hair? Virtual reality is the only thing that matters.


The state of NH

Why is it that talking too much is never a bad thing?


New Jersey is one of the states.

When it comes to independence day and clowns, there’s nothing to connect the two. My aim is to become a professional drinker.


The state of New Mexico.

Money can’t buy pleasure; my cat knows more than I do. Followers may.


New York City

How would I run my criminal syndicate in 1960s New York? Why don’t I ever wear pajamas to a pajama party? These are all valid questions. Is it me who owns my cat, or does she? In the unlikely event that I misplaced a prize-winning lottery ticket, what would I do? A 16 percent reduction in the size of the Statue of Liberty is warranted.


The state of NC

Who ate the last piece of pie? In order to keep the grass on one side of the fence neat and tidy, you must cut it. It’s amazing how far my imagination can take me without a PC.


In North Dakota

Either the influence of Ancient Greece on modern rock music or the George W. Bush effect prove that economics is a sham.



Mickey the Cat—the implications of substituting a cartoon figure for a real one on children’s development Imagining flying for the rest of your life, what would it be like?



There are many advantages to living by the pool, as well as some drawbacks.



As a prospective career option, viking Someone who should be me but isn’t; As a dancer, I wouldn’t have the ability to devour fire; Your brother’s sobriety doesn’t change the fact that he’s doing the wrong thing.



Nice is not nice; One of those skater boys. Is there a limit to how long one waits for the end of time?


The State of Rhode Island

When I was without sms in 2006, the queue was a sign of importance.


a state in the continental United States

When it comes to the finest ways to wipe out humanity in a matter of days, action movies rule.


The state of South Dakota

He’s my father, Luke. How to steal a dragon or how to hide our sentiments; How to pick the right partners for a swindle;



Why? Exactly why? Why Mickey Mouse should be a national hero; My ex lover is not merely my ex boyfriend.



What’s wrong with me? It’s unfair that I’m expected to teach the class instead of my professor; My life was ruined by a game of Monopoly;. Houston ought to be the nation’s next capital; This is, hands down, the greatest burger sauce I’ve ever had.



The raging lava in my brain is a lifeline for me as I try to make it through the world.



Which animal should be the first to visit Mars, as literacy is a waste of time?



This is why I will never attempt to climb Mount Everest: my tongue is like the tail of a lizard.



Beer’s emotional components; the tastiest cake is from the shop; why my partner needs a tattoo.


To put it another way: WV

For more information on how to find gold in a West Virginia warehouse, see this article: Pixie dust is formed of teeth. When it comes to Mount Everest, I will never do it.



Adding my parents to Facebook has both pros and cons, and virtual reality is the only actual reality.



To keep things in check, we’ll need our Christmas socks to show how to knit a lie.

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