Enrolling for 2022 summer semester?

Part 1

Please introduce yourself, sharing where you work, your family, and any hobbies or special interests you feel comfortable sharing. Be sure to tell us what degree program you are in. Take a look at the course objectives in the syllabus and discuss their relevance to your career goals.

Part 2

For the second part of this discussion, let’s talk about who you are as a writer.

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  1. Read the entries in the section “Why Write?” which is linked here. The link opens on the first section, called “Self-Expression and Self-Enrichment.”  Please be sure to read all five (5) sections. Then respond to the following questions. Why do you write? What kind of writing do you typically do now?  What kind of writing would you like to do?
  2. When you write something, you assume a specific identity as a writer, much like the role of a character. You might assume different identities writing as a student, employee, family member, or friend. Describe some of the character roles you assume in your current writing. Include traits of each role that distinguish it from others.Cartoons of people in different work roles, such as speaker, fireman, doctor, fireman, police officer, waste manager, chef

Specific/Unique Instructions for Week 1:

The introduction discussion serves as your official entry into the course. You must submit your initial post by 11:59 p.m., ET, on Sunday of Week 1 to maintain your registration in the course.

Reply to at least two students’ initial posts by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. ET. Please be sure to reply to all those who have responded to your initial post. This maintains the flow of a conversation, which is the intention of these discussions.

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