Data Visualizations That Inspire

Oftentimes if you’re stuck on how you might precisely create a visual to show something in certain way it can be helpful to look at data visualizations that inspire you.

Find three or more visualizations that are unique and inspire you.

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Describe the problem the visualization is solving and what you find it exceptional.

Identify a complex visualization. Include the visualization in your posting and the source as well.
The first complex visualization I was inspired by was the water footprint of the countries of the world. The below screenshot is the complex visualization:

World Water Footprint

The visualization is illustrating which countries use a lot of water and comparing them to ones that use little water per capita. It depicts how little clean water is available to the people of the world. I appreciate this visualization because it graphical displays the data as well as it has the facts listed with each graph and that multiple different types of visualizations are utilized in the entire graphic (Glivinska, 2022).

I have two dogs and because of them I was inspired by the visualization of the prices of hybrid dogs in the United Kingdom. The following screenshot is the visualization:

Hybrid dog prices in the UK

The visualization shows the parent bred types that are combined to make the hybrid dog with their associated average prices in 2019 and 2020. The graphic illustrates the cost of the hybrid dogs, the typical ones that are available for sale in the United Kingdom and the most common parent dog type (The Slow Journalism Company, 2022a). The reason I find this graphical inspirational is that it shows cross breeding of dogs and their associated costs in one graphic that is visually interesting.

The third visualization that I selected is about the amount of gold in the world and its status in availability or usage. The below screenshot is the visualization:

World Amounts of Gold

The graphic indicates that the majority of the gold in the world has already been mined, the amount left to be mined and various uses or stores of gold. It is interesting to note that a significant amount of gold is dissolved in the oceans (The Slow Journalism Company, 2022b). I find this graphic exceptional because of the way that it has grouped the data and illustrated the volumes of gold for comparison purposes.


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The Slow Journalism Company (2022b, July 5). Gold mining infographic: A bunch of carats. Medium. URL.

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