Cool Immigration Research Article Themes to Consider

Since immigration is a topic that touches on many different fields, you need to take an interdisciplinary approach to your research by looking at history, economics, politics, environmental issues, sociocultural issues, and health care. Choosing immigration research paper topics is important to your success because you have to choose the right words and narrow things down because you are writing about different countries. You have to find sources that are useful, gather statistics, and set the scene for your paper. It will help you avoid plagiarizing when you make claims and show why they are true.

What is a paper on immigration?

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A research paper on immigration will either focus on a certain pair of countries or look at immigration around the world. Depending on your course and the type of research paper you are writing, you may make assumptions or focus on a title that shows how some problems are similar. The most important thing is to talk about why people come here. It could be because of money or war, but it could also be because of political persecution or environmental problems. When writing about immigration, start with a sentence that tells a fact that is interesting or unusual. As you look into your topic, use statistics, add inspiring information, and give examples.


How to Choose a Subject About Immigration?

A good immigration topic is one that interests you and can be narrowed down so you don’t have to talk about everything without giving it enough thought. Since immigration is a rich source of information, you could look at political science topics to learn more about current events or study demographics to learn more about problems in your own community. Most successful immigration research topics are about a specific problem or social group because it’s easier to explain what immigrants are mentioned as the sample group. So, what are some good topics for a research paper on immigration? The ones that set good examples and are still useful not just for one country but for the whole world. Look more closely at the hundreds of examples we’ve given you.


The Top 10 Research Topics on Immigration

Now that the world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and armed conflicts all over the place, the problems that come with immigration are even more clear. As the restrictions on travel are lifted, many countries are not ready to deal with the problems that come with immigration.


There are problems with both Muslim immigration and Eastern European immigration.

Through the lens of international law, we can look at Covid-19 and vaccinations.

How have health care rules for immigrants changed since 2019?

The social hubs on the Internet have helped immigrants become more diverse.

The pros and cons of changing immigration laws in small steps.

Problems with visas and landmark integration.

There are fake stories about immigration and not enough verified information online.

Biden’s administration made changes to the U.S. budget and the number of refugees allowed in the country.

Immigration and community shelters are looked at by the media.

How Ukrainian refugees are treated in the EU vs. the US.

130 Topics for a Research Paper on Immigration

When people study the problems of immigration, they always have to deal with a lot of social, cultural, and economic problems. Before you choose your immigration topic, try to narrow it down and focus on sources, statistics, surveys, and other types of data to back up your claims. Here are a few ideas for writing about immigration:


Protection for minors when they come to the U.S.

There are problems with access to education and the language barrier.

How does the law protect children in child care around the world?

The cases of sexual abuse and neglect of women in refugee centers where they are waiting to get into the country.

When immigration papers are involved, there is a bias in the paperwork.

Clarity about the different types of temporary residency in the United States.

Sociocultural conflicts and how to use mediation to solve them.

How do communities close to the diaspora help keep ties strong?

The problems with food shelters and getting things to people who need them.

First-generation college students versus international students.

How people feel about Muslim immigrants.

The violence and police reports were about foreigners who wanted to live in the country permanently.

Profiling based on race and cases of discrimination.

How the economy works and what role it plays for immigration officers.

How a country is accepted depends on its religious and ethnic backgrounds.

What rules do you have to follow to get into Denmark or Norway?

The blacklists of the countries with problems with immigration.

What do European countries do about the war in Yemen?

How immigration is dealt with by the police.

What legal protections are there for the kids of illegal immigrants?

What are the cultural factors that need to be taken into account?

Academic achievement as a reason for the right to live there permanently.

College students and diplomas that need to be translated.

Are political beliefs a reason to send someone away?

How do work permits get given out in the UK?

Tax issues and how Muslims fit into Western society are also being talked about.

Learning English is a matter of discrimination.

The problems that people who come from Russia have to deal with.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the pros and cons of making it harder to cross borders?

Americans see skilled immigrants as a threat to their jobs.

The role of hiring companies and how to keep yourself safe.

The citizenship test wants to know if this is allowed.

Using having two citizenships to apply for a place to live.

Pros and cons of the American Green Card.

The importance of being married to get a US residence permit.

Analysis of data gives a statistical picture of modern immigration.

In the 1800s, a lot of people came to the United States.

How to get legal status in the United States and what you need to do.

This law was passed in 1965.

Pros and cons of having a Temporary Protected Status.

In the EU, there are both international and internal conflicts.

Germany and Austria are talking about climate change and the role of migrants.

Differences in the EU countries’ economies: problems with labor.

Pros and cons of the measures taken at the borders in 2021.

The role of trains that come and go at odd times and connections.

How important it is that Switzerland is a country full of newcomers.

2015’s European Immigration Crisis: what caused it?

The part of expat integration that has to do with culture.

Moving to the EU for people from the United States.

The myths about higher wages and more help from the government.

The problems with international migration and security over the past 20 years.

Tallmeister and the way people feel about threats to national identity.

How Canada and Iceland treat and accept immigrants.

What Australia needs to do to help with the immigration crisis.

The way people in the US feel about Asian immigrants.

Sub-Saharan Africa: racism and abuse because of race.

Why did the migrants have the most effect on Germany?

The good and bad things about IT experts for immigration.

The way people in Portugal treat foreigners who live there.

In Spain, migrants were subject to the criminal code, but not in Mexico.

How rich people in the UK feel about people who come from other countries.

An analysis of how immigration helps countries where people move to.

What’s hard about being forced to move in Ethiopia?

History research on the 281 million immigrants.

Vaccinations and the role of Covid-19 in reducing the number of people coming to the U.S.

The moral problems with building a wall along the national border.

How do the media and TV change the way we feel about immigrants?

Social media makes us more aware of the problem of immigration.

What rules are Amnesty International following?

The basic rights of people and the global exchange system need to be protected.

Part of UNESCO that has to do with politics is the analysis of bias in migration reports.

What went wrong with Europe’s immigration system?

Problems with the population and the economy.

There are differences at work and in social life.

What kinds of funding programs are there through the United Nations Population Fund?

What Oxfam America does and how they help save lives.

The line between refugees and migrants in the European Union.

Mexican immigrants in the United States face problems with their own safety.

Why someone would want to leave the UK: moving to Spain.

The policies that the U.S. government had toward immigrants when Bill Clinton was in office.

What do people who are against immigration use as their main argument in 2022?

For the global immigration crisis, this is the definition of economic migrants.

Factors of vulnerability and protecting minorities

Global Migration Group: The political reasons why people move to other countries.

Why and how Israel and Palestine have been at war with each other.

People move because they are being persecuted.

How true are these claims of better life chances?

Environmental factors displacement.

Family reunification is hard in both the UK and the US.

Immigration as a way to find a job.

The pros and cons of exchange students who later move to another country.

Why cultural migration is good for the European Union.

Remittances: Haiti case study.

Using mobile apps as a way to make migration safer (Migration App).

During the immigration process, the use of illegal ways to screen people.

What it means to be a global citizen and what its benefits are.

Analysis of the World Migration Report: bias and political views.

Higher incomes: Is this kind of immigration moral?

Money vs. politics when it comes to immigration from Saudi Arabia.

Foreign students: why do exchange students like to talk about immigration?

When Russians and Ukrainians go to Mexico, they do so through the lens of a war.

What women do about immigration and violence at home.

How can migrants stay safe online, according to the Global Detention Project?

Why do social institutions tend to ignore the problem of overpopulation?

For African immigrants, life in the country is different from life in the city.

A rise in goods and services is an occupational crisis.

The problem is that there aren’t enough jobs and places to live for everyone.

Canada’s immigration policy and how people feel about them.

There is pressure on public services, and some migrant children are being bullied.

What are the most common reasons why people don’t get a legal status?

How does having a professional profile help to fight the migrant crisis?

Immigration as a way out: Why do people from Ukraine want to move to a better place?

How IT experts are used and what role economic growth plays in Brazil.

What are the pros and cons of the migration lottery?

When dealing with people who have come back, there are issues with healthcare and access.

The effect on immigrants of the income and political situation of the country they move to.

Why can’t everyone in the United States be counted as a migrant?

Getting help from a lawyer when applying for immigration.

The EU’s population is getting older, and young people are being put to work.

An intercultural crisis is the cause of the cultural decline of the German people.

Athletes and the people who need political asylum.

Neutrality about gender and sexual abuse in Muslim countries.

Getting children from immigrant families to fit in.

What can be done to help people get used to a new culture?

How reliable are the online courses for immigrants who want to learn a language?

A look at the moral side of immigration from the point of view of Chinese people.

People were moved against their will, and people in the area helped.

Should we teach middle schoolers about immigrants and the hard things they have to go through?

Problems for people with disabilities who want to move.

How immigration will affect the world in the long run.

Topics for an essay on legal immigration

As you may know, there are at least four main types of immigrants: citizens, residents, people who are not immigrants, and people who are in the country illegally. A legal immigrant is someone who is recognized and recorded in a legal way to live there permanently. Here are some good topics for a research paper on immigration that have to do with a legal practice:


Lawful permanent residents in the United States vs. people who have a Green Card.

Human rights and migration in Germany: Turks vs. people from Arabian countries.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada: the steps you need to take to come to Canada.

What rights do you get if you marry an American citizen?

Legalization of migrant children: services like education and health care.

What makes a person born outside of the United Kingdom a legal immigrant?

Citizenship and the problems that legal immigrants face.

There are problems with deportation, like religious and political bias.

Human rights are being broken when parents of U.S. citizens are sent away.

The process of expatriation and the status of immigration.

What changes need to be made to the Nationality Act by 2022?

In the field of education, there is a difference between immigrants with and without papers.

Save time by looking at free samples of essays on Legal Immigration.

Look through our huge list of samples.

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Research Paper Topics on Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is the biggest problem not only for law enforcement and the national security of different countries, but also for the most vulnerable people, whose rights are often violated. Check out some criminal justice research paper topics and then read on for some examples that will help you get started:


Not knowing the immigration laws vs. wanting to break them.

What it’s like to be an illegal immigrant.

How the EU defines legal admissions and how long people have to wait to get in.

How the law treats illegal immigrants in Canada vs. the US.

How does deportation work? What ethical rules and cultural factors must be taken into account?

Language problems were the reason why some people couldn’t get into law school.

Unbiased view of illegal immigrants in the US: looking at the land factor.

Multinational networks for smuggling people: an analysis of a case study.

Crime rates going up and the link to people who are here illegally.

How illegal immigration in the 1990s was different from other times.

Political rhetoric through the lens of the immigration crisis.

Illegal immigrants’ criminal records are checked.

Use free essay samples on Illegal Immigration to save time.

Explore essay samples on Illegal Immigration


Ideas for Topics on Worldwide Immigration

Questions about immigration for research papers often have to do with global immigration, from the idea of becoming a “global citizen” to the problems that can come up when you have more than one passport. Sociologists and students of political science often look into these things. Check out these helpful topics for inspiration:


The moral problems that the world faces when it comes to immigration.

The effects of immigration in Canada in the short term.

People move because of the sale of weapons and wars.

Through the lens of vaccination, health problems of refugees are looked at.

How do immigrants affect the rises and falls of national interests?

Global Immigration Crisis: Problems with people being forced to move.

Most people came to America because of the Second World War.

Refugees and the rights of immigrants: how Muslim countries are different.

Poverty and food insecurity are the focus of global plans for the years 2022 to 2025.

What are the causes of economic inequality around the world?

The European Union’s system for letting people in legally.

The Covid-19 pandemic changes how the asylum process works.

The Environment and Migration

One of the most important things about immigration is the environment and the problems caused by pollution of the air and water and chemicals in the soil. Some examples would be the situation in the Balkans and parts of Japan, Mexico, and Africa.


The things that the World Bank is doing about the global immigration crisis.

Events caused by climate change range from droughts to floods.

People in Mexico were moved against their will.

If the environment in Germany is getting worse, are immigrants to blame?

Problems with changing land use and dealing with trash.

In the United States, illegal immigrants use a lot of water.

How people change and how that changes the soil.

The immigrants’ use of chemicals in their home countries.

Changes in the climate and how people from Africa are adjusting to them.

The problems of global warming and environmental refugees.

Are bad living conditions seen as a reason to move somewhere else?

The environment is used to look at animal migration.

When people come to the U.S. What do we know?

People think that the United States is the most generous country in the world when it comes to immigration because it has work permits, the Green Card, and a lot of other global programs that aren’t found anywhere else. So, here are some immigration essay topics that are related to immigration in the U.S.:


How the Green Card lottery came to be.

How people from Mexico came to live in the United States.

Pros and cons of being an exchange student in the U.S.

How the US checks people who want to come to the country.

Latin American immigrants and the Great Recession.

Are the laws about immigration in the United States fair?

The American news media have a political bias in how they report on the migrant crisis.

Joe Biden’s office says that immigration laws are likely to change.

Why do the United States need to make changes to how immigration works?

The role of people who came to the US from Poland.

What are the benefits of bringing a church back together?

Bad things happened because of Operation Gatekeeper.

What went wrong with Operation Scheduled Departure?

Operation Copper Cactus began because of a problem with national security.

Immigration as a source of political power in the American Rule of Law.

Save time by looking at free samples of essays about immigration in the U.S.

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