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When you face the obligation to produce a controversial research paper, it doesn’t mean that you must start with a surprising truth or something that feels uncomfortable. The bulk of problematic themes are those that represent vital social issues like the legalization of marijuana or religious disputes. For example, by reading any newspaper, you will always encounter at least two controversial items. The most frequent scenario of writing a college controversial assignment pertains to argumentative essays where students must present a clear perspective and stand for their opinions. Still, the most tough element is choosing one’s topic appropriately because it is already half of the effort done. Controversial study subjects must be clear and inspiring, representing your initial thoughts or ideas.

What Is a Controversial Research Paper?

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The objective of a good controversial research paper is to provoke conversation and research because it does not revolve around some topic alone. Once you find something that will make people think and question particular morals and concepts, you need also study alternative perspectives and collect appropriate proof. It is not enough to remark that something is wrong! For example, when you make a statement that video games create violent youth, you should investigate not only what you think by talking about the violence in video games but also about some facts like cognitive development and the reasons why young people turn to video games. You should study the controversy itself and let your viewers form their perspective. Even when you make a statement, your claims should be well-weighted.


Therefore, it is extremely crucial to have at least five controversial research paper themes with diverse language so you can choose the one that perfectly portrays your core thought and opinion on a given subject. Your thesis statement must be connected to your problematic topic as well because it is what a typical college professor would always seek for. Choosing your controversial issue, always remember about being respectful and do not approach something that you are not comfortable with. If in doubt, ask for an alternative course or address your concerns with your academic advisor. After all, there are various methods to do your research without sacrificing your moral ideals and religious views!


How to Choose Controversial Topics For Research Papers Correctly?

The bulk of contentious themes for research papers must be picked via the lens of more investigation and solid knowledge of a specified issue. In other words, you must know what you are talking about to appear confident and keep your tone the same throughout the article.


Your Subject Must Inspire You. Even if it is something terrible like the teenage gangs in Brazil or police violence somewhere in Florida, you must know enough about the topics and be ready to present some fresh examples. It will assist your audience to relate to your study in a different way by comparing your opinions to what they feel and know.

Narrow Things Down. It is crucial to narrow your ideas down as you choose your controversial study topic. If something is overly broad, it will make it hard to notice conflict or express a clear opinion. It is fairly often that pupils seem to choose those perspectives (sides) that are not that widespread. For example, writing about being a pro-arms activist while talking about school violence is not easy, which is why one must cover something specific to make one’s research valuable.

Provide Both Opinions. You should constantly include both perspectives because it is the foundation of writing your research paper appropriately. It should include a counter-arguments component to an even higher degree because you explore a controversy. Remember to offer explanations and appropriate references for each opposite opinion because you are doing so not because you agree or disagree with something but because you must show why something exists and seems valuable to specific people!

Include Statistical Data & Facts. Provide statistics information, surveys, and interesting facts. It will help folks notice that you have done some research and know your subject well! Each assertion that you make should be supported by a decent reference because it is what makes your controversial paper strong!

Avoid Plagiarism Issues. As always, writing about sensitive themes, it is tempting to overuse various quotes or data when narrating a story or talking about recent media occurrences. Don’t worry as you may acquire expert research paper help that will help you try your best to paraphrase and explain about things in your own terms!

Most crucial, remember that you must investigate similar publications and perform some reading relating to your controversial research paper’s topic. It will allow you to see how it is approached by your fellow researchers and what controversies are the most visible. The more you know, the better!


List of Controversial Research Paper Topics

Here are some good research paper topics dealing to supply you with the basic notion of problematic matters that are most relevant for college students:


The moral aspect of marijuana legalization.

The disclosure of personal medical data.

Video games violence.

The attitude to pupils with disabilities.

The safety of uninsured patients.

Are nurses liable for patient behaviors?

Is being vegetarian healthy?

Should children take care of their younger siblings?

The Covid-19 controversies.

The moral side of beauty saloons.

The origin of religious disputes.

The constrained nature of Catholicism.

The usage of tobacco ads.

Alcohol consumption and domestic violence.

Male VS Female parenting.

Should college be free?

Should school uniforms be abolished?

Are Montessori institutions a threat to public education?

Females VS Males in Science.

Should Religion be taught as a mandatory subject?

Should smartphones be allowed in school?

The children must be not allowed to use Facebook and Instagram.

Negative body image on social media.

The use of capital punishment in the media.

Should inmates be allowed to vote?

The exterior politics of the United States.

Should luxury parties be forbidden?

The substance advertising by rap and rock performers.

The evil side of the fashion industry.

The negativity of nightclubs.

The representation of slavery in the media.

The warped perception of the rest of the world in the USA.

Negative attitude on community colleges.

Should nurses keep knowledge about the crimes private?

The use of opium for sedating purposes.

The medical tourism issue.

Should the minors be permitted to access beauty salons?

The issue of vaccination distribution.

Uneven access to healthcare in the world.

The attitude to patients with AIDS.

Is using cell phones bad for our health?

Should we ban the use of animals in various research works?

Are we to blame for global warming?

Why do we handle the death penalty differently?

Should the tax system be repealed for poor people?

Social media reliance.

The reduction of the drinking age.

The morality and athletes.

Should college student debts be forgiven?

Should martial arts be taught at school?

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that your research must commence with a detailed study of many controversial themes for research paper. If anything makes you feel uneasy, avoid it and focus on other things instead relating to education or healthcare as an example. It should not be something shocking to be good as you are not a journalist who gets paid for it! Seriously though, research your topic properly, know your talents, present information, and make it engaging and motivating.

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