Body Mechanics Critical Thinking Solution

In the case where a client or patient reports being uncomfortable, in any way, as she rests
in bed and is practically in in the supine position, it is essential to consider repositioning them in
any other position so as they are not on their back.
Assisting a client to ideally move from the wheelchair to the bed is a serious process. At
times, the client could not be stable enough and they could start to fall. In this case, the important
equipment that ought to be in place for purposes of ensuring the safety of the patient include side
rails that are usually placed on the opposite side of the bed. The transfer belt and gait are then
utilized to secure the client from falls. The patient is positioned next to the bed in an angle of 45
or 30 degrees. They are then moved bottom to the front of the surface.
A client who is totally dependent can only be transferred through the actual use of a
mechanical lift. In getting a particular patient up to the dining room, certain specific safety
checks must be performed for purposes of ensuring that the lift is ready. In doing so, side rails
are mounted on the opposite sides of the wheelchair to ensure the patient is seated safely and in a
secure fashion. Belts are then fastened to boost their stability in the lift.
In checking the safety of the patient before they get into the lift to be taken to the upper
floor, there is urgent need to first consider checking the chains, slings, as well as straps for frayed
areas as clasps that, in majority of cases, do not close properly. The leg spreader and the
hydraulic lift must also be checked with the actual intention of ensuring that they are both
working fine. The lift must not be utilized in the event that there is oil on the floor.
In the case where a nurse is to assist a patient into the wheelchair in the scheduled
preparation for lunch and the patient has weakness on the left side, there are several important
steps that he or she ought to take in ensuring a very safe kind of transfer to the wheelchair.
Firstly, in cases where the patient is unable or finds it difficult to use both legs to move, a
wheelchair ought to be used to help ferry them to their expected destination.
There is need to ensure that any loose rugs are removed from the way in order to achieve
preventing slipping. Non-skid shoes or socks may be put on the feet of the patient if they need to
step into a slippery surface. The nurse should explain the steps to the patient then park the
wheelchair next to the bed. Brakes should be put on by the nurse before they move the footrests
out of the way. The patient should then be allowed to sit for a few minutes in case they complain
of feeling dizzy as they first sit up. Move the client to the edge of the bed then consider lowering
the bed so the feet of the client are touching the ground. The patient should help support their
weight on their good leg during the transfer. Once the legs of the patient are touching the seat of
the wheelchair, consider bending your knees to practically lower the client into the seat.


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