Body Mechanics Critical Thinking for Nursing

Chapter 14: Body Mechanics Critical Thinking

Scenario 1: Body Mechanics
A client reports being uncomfortable as she rests in bed. She is in the supine position. What will you
do to make her more comfortable?

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Scenario 2: Safely Moving the Person
You are asked by another support worker to help move a client up in bed and reposition her. Your
co-worker has reported all pertinent information to you about the client and you proceed to the
room to perform the move. You follow proper procedures, including knocking before entering,
providing privacy, properly introducing yourself to the client, and explaining what you are going to
do. Then you note that the only pad under the client is a disposable single-use turning-pad. What
should you do?

Scenario 3: Safely Transferring the Person
You are assisting a client with a transfer from the wheelchair to the bed. During the transfer, the
client starts to fall. What equipment must be in place to ensure the person’s safety? What should
you do?

Scenario 4: Safely Transferring the Person
A totally dependent client can only be transferred using a mechanical lift. It is time to get the client
up to go to the dining room. What safety checks will you perform to ensure that the lift is ready?
How will you prepare the client?

Scenario 5: Safely Transferring the Person
You are caring for a client with weakness on the left side. You are to assist the client into a
wheelchair in preparation for lunch. What steps will you take to ensure a safe transfer to the

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