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Thinking about the effects of white supremacy?

White Supremacy and Lynching 1.) Why did Reconstruction fail? Who was president and why was he a failure in regards to Reconstruction? Should the Southern leadership have been punished? You can refer to the Disenfranchisement section of your lessons in week two. If you use outside sources, they cannot be from anything generic (like history.com […]

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IT Systems Used by Manulife Financial Cooperation

IT Systems Used by Manulife Financial Cooperation Manulife Financial Inc. is a multinational financial and insurance services provider based in Canada. Like other companies across the globe, it uses IT systems to communicate documents and reports, store operational data and revise historical information. This paper explores the IT systems utilized by Manulife Financial Inc., such […]

Information Technology Education

Information Technology Education The evolution of information technology has brought numerous benefits across the globe. Apart from upgrading efficiency, it has transformed the world into a single community and made connections quite easy. Like other sectors, the education sector also enjoys the deep resource-well of information technology. Today, the utilization of information technology in educational […]

The usage of Platelet-Rich-Plasma for Chronic non-healing wounds

The usage of Platelet-Rich-Plasma for Chronic non-healing wounds Platelets- Rich Plasma has been used as a medical intervention for treating severe wounds or wounds that seem to take longer times to heal. Platelets Rich Plasma is a mixture of platelets and plasma that is obtained from the whole blood then the white and red blood […]

Problem Solving as a Data Scientist

Critically think about your role as a data scientist and what you have learned in this program as you answer the following prompts: A current business problem that your organization faces that you can work towards solving with the skillsets and experiences you’ve gained in this program? If you are not currently employed, what is […]

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics requires structured data in general, so with this in mind. How does graph representation and graph analytics help with the unstructured data before or along with building predictive modeling? what are the trending Graph Database tools? What are the processing challenges with Graph databases compared to structured databases? Graph representation and graph analytics […]