Assessment 1: Media Event Analysis

Assessment 1: Media Event Analysis

Task overview

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Course NUR1204 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Brief task description This assessment is a critical analysis of a newspaper article selected from the First Nations newspaper Koori Mail.


Analysing a news article properly is a skill that can be acquired. News writers are taught to be objective, but their personal opinions and biases sometimes may affect their articles. These might influence a reader’s attitude and behaviour. The prudent reader will learn how to uncover the journalistic techniques and will be able to read the material objectively. This is important for correctly and adequately analysing a news article.

Rationale for assessment task As a result of this assessment students will be able to recognize their own potential values, prejudices, attitudes, beliefs, stereotypes and behaviours that could affect their nursing practice when caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and understand how these can influence holistic health and improve social and emotional wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous people.


At the end of this assessment, students will be culturally capable individuals who are self-aware and sensitive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and perspectives, equitable and respectful of diversity and multiculturalism, and can apply these capabilities in their professional practice.

Due Date 15th March by 11:59pm AEST.
Length 700 words +/-10%
Marks out of:


Marks 30

Weighting 20%

Course Objectives measured Effectively communicate, by having an understanding of self, through examining their own values, beliefs and attitudes that affect the delivery of healthcare for Indigenous peoples.







Task information

Task detail Assessment 1 Task – Media Event Analysis

For this assessment you need to select one of the weeks from study desk as outlined below.

  1. Cultural Safety: Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians
  2. The Acts and the axes – protectionism/segregation and assimilation Policies


Then choose one story from the First Nations newspaper, the Koori Mail, that has occurred in the second part of the 2021 (July – December) and speaks to the chosen weekly topic.


Then source, First Nations newspaper the Koori Mail, can be located by clicking on the link below as USQ has access as an on-line subscriber to this newspaper.


Section A: (Word Limit 200 words)

  1. Provide: The story title; a screen shot/snip of the story; the publication source name; date of publication (not the date you viewed it); URL (to enable the marker to go straight to the story)
  2. The story chosen from the Koori Mail must be published between months of July to December in 2021

3.       Outline what are the main ideas and facts in this article

Section B: (Word Limit 300 words)

  1. Describe why you have chosen this article and explain how this article relates to your chosen weekly topic
  2. Briefly state the main argument presented in this article
  3. What was the most surprising/interesting thing you learned by reading this article?
  4. What question(s) do you have after reading this article?
  5. What is the significance of this article in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians


Section C: (Word limit 200 words)

  1. Summarize the most important information, ideas, facts presented in this article/the article’s main point, the topics covered, and the authors’ main arguments


PROOF READ AND CHECK: Before submitting your assessment


In a Word document:

  • Provide a clear and easily readable document
  • This must then be submitted to the Assessment 1 Media Event Analysis Submission portal on study desk as a single word document (ONE file).
  • Please make sure you have checked your work as there is no opportunity to resubmit this assessment
Resources available to complete task Support for academic writing (and referencing) is available from the Learning Advisor and Liaison Librarian, you can find information and contact them via their site: Study and Research Support for Health & Community students

Presentation and Submission information

Writing & formatting requirements Formatting of your assignment

·         Use the Marking Criteria to guide you but DO NOT submit the Marking Criteria.

·         Submit all Sections of the assessment as ONE Word document.

·         Make sure your assignment is well identified with your name and student number

·         Times New Roman Double line, spacing and font size 12 is required.

·         APA 7 Referencing style is required for this assessment item.

Referencing/ citations ·         For this assessment you will use APA 7th referencing style.
Submission What you need to submit:

One Microsoft Word document to the submission link on the course StudyDesk that contains the following items:

  • No coversheet but footer must include: course code and name, semester and year, assignment title, student name, student number
  • Do not include the marking criteria sheet

·         Before submitting your assignment please ensure you Save your document with the following naming conventions: surname_initialORstudentnumber_coursecode_A1.doc

·         example of how to provide naming convention: Ward_R_NUR1204_A1.doc

This assessment task must:

·         be submitted in electronic format as a Microsoft Word document

Marking & Moderation ·         This task will be marked against marking criteria available on StudyDesk.

·         All staff who are assessing your work meet to discuss and compare grading decisions before marks or grades are finalised.

Academic Integrity & Misconduct Students should be familiar with, and abide by, USQ’s policy on Academic Integrity and the definition of Academic Misconduct . Penalties apply to student’s found to have breached these policies & procedures.
Assessment Policies & procedures


Information and links regarding USQ’s assessment policy/ procedure; extensions and late submissions; academic integrity & misconduct and marking are found on your course StudyDesk Assessment page.


Note on Late submission & extensions: Applications for an extension of time will only be considered if received in accordance with the USQ Assessment procedure and the Assessment of Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Procedure. Refer to the links on StudyDesk for copies of these procedures.



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