Are you struggling with Assignment 4 Design: System Architecture

Assignment 4 Design: System Architecture


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The purpose of this assignment is to develop a draft SDD (System Design Document) and architecture for the Case Study. Our SDD will not contain all normally expected content especially detailed logic due to time constraints.



CO4: Develop major life cycle deliverables like Vision Document, SRS (Software Requirements Specification) , or SDD (System Design Document)

CO9: Analyze a business case study by applying Systems Analysis and Design concepts, principles, processes, and techniques

(SLO): Apply industry driven techniques for designing, developing, deploying, and securing enterprise applications


Assignment Directions

1. Download the SDD Template 2021.docx and rename it Week4AssignmentSystemArchitectureLastnameFirstname replacing the name with your name.


2. Use the specifications you have already created, your Case Study, and instructions in the SDD to complete all parts of the following sections:


Section 1. Introduction

Section 2. Purpose including

2. Purpose,

2.1 Document Conventions

2.2 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

2.3 Product Scope

2.4 References

Section 3. System Overview including

3. System Overview

3.1 Goals, Functionality, and Architecture

3.2 Design Constraints


3.  Using ( complete an architecture diagram for your Case Study and all parts of Section 4. Architecture including:


Section 4. Sysem Architecture

Section 4.1 Architectural Design (architecture diagram)

Section 4.2 Subsystem Decomposition

Section 4.3 Access Control and Security

Section 4.4 Design Rationale




Microsoft developed a generic architecture model that can be applied to any web architecture.


Web Architecture

1. Microsoft. (2016). Chapter 21: Designing Web Applications. Retrieved from This includes a generic web architecture that can be customized for our case study. See the template below.  You cannot just substitute the diagram below but you must provide your own custom design.

2. Generic Web based architecture. Microsoft, (n.d.). Chapter 2: Key Principles of Software Architecture. Retrieved 3/29/2013 from