APA Podcast Citation Guide (With Examples)

To What Extent Is Podcast Citation Important?
Here are several reasons why podcast citations are crucial before you learn how to do it correctly in APA style. One of the most popular podcasts among college students is TedX, which is a great example of why. Whether you plan to pursue a career in engineering, nursing, or journalism, you may provide valuable first-hand knowledge by conducting interviews with experts and sharing that information with the public. To avoid copyright violations and plagiarism, even if the material was obtained from a national archive or was broadcast live, a citation must be included with each instance of the copyrighted material. Keep an eye on the samples and the APA podcast citation guidelines to ensure your safety.


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In APA Style, how to cite podcasts?

In order to properly reference a podcast in APA 7th edition, the following guidelines must be followed:


Find out more about the podcast’s host. This must be included in the document. You can put the show’s producer name in parenthesis (Host) if you can’t find it (Producer).

In the event that the podcast is still airing, please send (Year – present).

You can use: if it is no longer aired (2010-2018).

The podcast’s type (such as [Audio podcast]) must be enclosed in square brackets.

Provide a URL if you have one, or simply mention the studio.

We require these information when we’re dealing with a single episode of a larger podcast:


Specify the host(s) by putting “hosts” in parenthesis after their names.

A parenthetical reference to your podcast’s episode number must be after the title in parentheses. In cases where there are no specific numbers, omit the episode’s number entirely.

Include the podcast’s title and the term “In” after the podcast’s type. Mechanics for youngsters looks like this:

Automatically Create Citations

Decide on a citation format.


Choose a citation source.



Examples of APA Podcast Citation in APA Format

For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll go through how to properly cite podcasts in the text and in the bibliography in APA style:


In-Text Citation: APA Podcast

The basic podcast should adhere to the following structure:


If the citation is parenthetical: (Briges, 2018-present)


Bridges is cited in the narrative (2018-present)


The citation for this podcast’s bibliography is as follows:

For your Bibliography, here’s how to cite a Podcast APA:


Last name and initials of author (Hosts). (The year the show debuted till the present). [Audio podcast] is the name of the podcast. Radio Station or Studio’s Identifier. URL.

J. Bridges (Host). (2018-present). With Julian Bridges [Audio]: Victorian-era culture

podcast]. The BBC Wales Audio Archive…

As an in-text citation of a Podcast episode, use the following:

Citation in parentheses: (Harold, 2020; King, 2020)


Harold (2020) and King (2020) narrative citations in-text in APA style for podcasts (2020)


Podcast episodes can be quoted in the Bibliography section of the resume.


Name, Initial, and Name, Initial, and Last Name (Hosts). the year is (and the month and day of the month are). Podcast Episode Title (Audio). A radio show’s location, studio, and website address can all be found here.

(Hosts) Harold, R., and King, M. (2020, June 12). [Audio] Jazz in the 1960s

The podcast episode is here. In the United States’s Jazz History. NOFX.

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