Adobe photoshop assignment help

Instructions: You must submit all of your assignments as a .PSD file unless otherwise instructed.

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Download the compressed file, Week 1 Scenario 1, of the following files:
Files Needed for Scenario1:
  • Toy.jpg
  • Girl.jpg
  • Dog.jpg
  • Cat.jpg


Scenario 1
You want to look at a few of your images to determine if any of them would make an interesting composite if combined. By arranging them on the Photoshop workspace, you hope to get a sense of which, if any, have a similar feel or theme.
1. Open the following files in Photoshop: toy.jpg, dog.jpg, girl.jpg, and cat.jpg.
2. Set the screen mode to Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar.
3. Float all the images and drag to rearrange them so that a portion of each one is visible.
4. Tile all the images vertically.
5. Tile 4-Up. Take a screen shot of the four images. Name the file Lastname_Firstname_Week1-Scenario
6. Close the toy.jpg file.
7. Change the arrangement of the three remaining images by dragging and placing them on the workspace as desired.
8. Consolidate all back to tabs and then close the girl.jpg file.
9. View the remaining two images side by side to determine whether or not they would provide an interesting composite if combined and submit your findings.
10. Close all files and upload Lastname_Firstname_Week1 -Scenario1

Example of what the assignment should look like:
Another acceptable example of what the assignment result should look like:

Download the compressed file, Week 1 Scenario 2, of the following files:
Files Needed for Scenario 2:
  • Girl.JPG
  • Man_and_Boy1x1.JPG
  • Man_and_Boy5x7.JPG

Scenario 2
To gain more experience modifying image size and resolution, you will experiment with a few images.
1. Open the files man_and_boy1x1.jpg and man_and_boy5x7.jpg in Photoshop and zoom to around 600% to see the actual pixels.
2. Display the Image Size dialog box for each file separately and record the pixel dimensions, document width and height, and resolution. Note that both files have a resolution of 300, but their document width and height differ.
3. In the man_and_boy1x1.jpg file, with Resampling checked and Constrain Aspect Ratio active, change the document width to 7 inches. The height will automatically change to just less than 5 inches.
4. Record the pixel dimensions and resolution.
5. Display the resized file in actual pixels.
6. Arrange both files vertically to compare them for pixel quality and clarity. Although both images are relatively the same size and resolution, the image that was resized has lost pixel clarity because the same number of original pixels had to stretch to accommodate the larger document dimensions. Create a screenshot of the two and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Week1 -Scenario2
7. Close both files without saving changes and upload Lastname_Firstname_Week1-Scenario2

Example of what the assignment should look like:
Submission Instructions: Submit the Scenario 1 Screenshot and Scenario 2 Screenshot files created and provide your findings

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