AcademicWits teaches you how to become a student by utilizing seven high-efficiency learning tools.

Everyone enjoys swiping their mobile phones, so why did I become a scoundrel while others become scholars? The difference between a scholar and a scumbag is simply numerous applications! Today, AcademicWits will show you to numerous apps that enhance learning efficiency, allowing you to become a university whiz with the swipe of your phone!

Evernote: Tools for Knowledge Management
Writing an Essay Evernote

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As a student, your academics are naturally the most significant aspect of your life. You need a tool for managing your knowledge, and Evernote has it all.

Evernote can be considered a tool for capturing class notes. Because it supports a variety of mobile terminals and online terminals, each platform can be supported flawlessly, and the synchronization function is also extremely good, so there is no need to be concerned that content will be lost when switching platforms. It is also a nice feature to offer full-text search, allowing users to simply locate the desired material.

Tools for Presentations – Prezi
Prezi paper ghostwriting

Still superstitious about “learning ppt well and touring the world fearlessly”? Presentations are required on numerous occasions in school, including homework reports, club elections, event presentations, etc. Using Prezi as a presenting tool will allow you to stand apart from your peers.

In addition to being tall, Prezi can also assist you in displaying your ideas and logic more effectively, as well as synchronize between your iPad and PC.

Planning Your Life: Wunderlist essay writing wunderlist

You will discover in college that you will need more than simply a class schedule. To organize your lessons, events, meetings, dinners, and assignments, you need a To-do list, and Wunderlist is one such task management system. The top option in the app.

You can use Wunderlist to record assignments, organize your daily schedule, record purchases, and organize your new semester goals. Your initial checklist may begin with a list of school supplies.

Essay about Photomath – Ingenious Learning Tool

I find it incredible that the camera can identify English words and pose complex math questions. In a responsible manner, I would suggest an educational tool to everyone. Numerous college students find mathematics intolerable, and in some institutions, liberal arts majors must also confront advanced mathematics.

It is time to employ the magical instrument. Scanning mathematical formulas using PhotoMath enables direct solution. You are capable of solving all linear equations and calculus. You can also recover the processes of problem-solving, homework assignments, exams, etc. Mom is no longer concerned about my academic progress.

Writing for Mind Mapping Tool – MindMaple Paper Mindmaple

A mind map is an effective tool for outlining, conceptualizing, and reviewing. There are a multitude of mind mapping applications on the market, and the pricing are typically rather high. MindMaple is a cost-effective comprehensive platform for mind mapping.

When brainstorming stalls, you should arrange your ideas using mind maps. When preparing for the Final, MindMaple can also assist us in transforming knowledge points into a thinking diffusion map, which is more favorable to enhancing our review effectiveness and critical thinking techniques.

Portable Scanner – Office Lens

Writing an essay Office Lens
You may frequently find yourself in a situation where you need to scan certain documents but lack a scanner. Currently, you can turn your cell phone into a scanner and solve the problem. Office Lens is a convenient scanning application. It can take images and scans of papers, allowing you to conveniently retrieve essential documents anytime, anywhere, as well as jot down notes and take photos for archival purposes.

Office Lens was nominated for the Best App of 2015 in the US by Google Play. In addition to cropping and enhancing photos of papers, Office Lens also detects the text within them. Office Lens can also convert photos to Word, PDF, and PowerPoint documents.

Concentrate on ForestThesis writing in Forest
Okay, it’s time to get down and create a quality paper! Huh? Someone appears to be mentioning me on Weibo. Huh? It appears that my favorite YouTuber has a new video. Does the scenario above sound familiar? I am concerned that you will not be able to read for several hours when studying if you use your cell phone.

There are numerous apps similar to Self-Control, but Forest is the most recommended. This app’s primary purpose is to let you put down your phone and concentrate. After clicking the start button, the sapling will grow, and if you leave it unattended it will die. Collect 2500 gold coins in order to plant a real tree. Real trees are the painting’s most important allies. When I consider the trees I planted during exam week, I must feel a sense of success.

Do you feel like you’re one step closer to being a scholar after reading the introduction to these learning apps? I anticipate there will be a large number of friends present who will pose soul-searching questions, such as how to go a few steps closer in the direction of the scholar.

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