List of over 160 Interesting History Research Paper Topics

List of over 160 Interesting History Research Paper Topics
The majority of college and university students in the United States find history assignments to be overly difficult or uninteresting. It occurs as a result of having to consider diverse topics and read countless lengthy books. Yet, what many fail to consider is how to find interesting and original topics for history research papers. When the author of an assignment is inspired by the topic, it automatically becomes interesting to the intended audience, increasing the likelihood that the assignment will receive higher grades.

From Economics and Political Science to History and Anthropology, a good research paper must include credible sources and accurate data. Turning to professional writers at EduBirdie, every student will easily find excellent history research topic suggestions and receive professional writing assistance of all types.


Which Research Subject is Considered Excellent?

Without an outline and topic analysis, defining a solid topic for a research paper in the field of history can be difficult for college freshmen. It makes sense when working on large historical projects involving discussion and debate. Once an appropriate topic has been identified, it must include a solid thesis statement or argument that reveals the author’s intent and main idea. Remember that you can always use our research paper thesis statement generator or consult directly with one of our writing experts if you are uncertain about the type of argument that should be made in relation to the subject you have chosen.


With an infinite number of diverse topics available, effective idea search should begin with the following:


Relevant topic with clear statement

Avoiding vague arguments enables the author to concentrate on particular events or issues.

Prior literature and facts are verified and backed up by sources.

If historical events are cited, a chronology is included.

Outline with thesis statement and organization

Rule of one idea per paragraph aids in defining key concepts and connecting them to the thesis statement.

When writing a research paper, you are typically required to select a specific writing style. The essay may be reflective, analytical, argumentative, or comparative. It is essential, as the majority of college professors want to see your individuality reflected in your work. If you are having trouble choosing your own style for your research paper, consider consulting with our affordable writers.


Selecting an Appropriate Subject for Research Papers

Unless a student is given specific topics for a research paper on history, he or she is left with almost no time before the deadline and the difficulty of narrowing down expansive ideas to what fits within the word count and research paper rules. Before an outline is written, it is essential to select pertinent pieces of information. Since the majority of good research assignments consist of three to five body paragraphs, you should first determine whether you can find at least five key ideas to write about when reviewing existing ideas. When writing about Pearl Harbor, for instance, the most important rule is to outline the thesis statement, followed by the arguments or assumptions that constitute the body paragraphs.


The most difficult, but still essential, aspect is refining hazy ideas to ensure that the information presented is not scattered throughout an overwritten assignment. Always divide topics into multiple sections in order to avoid problems. When selecting Ancient Egypt, the task will likely require writing about a specific topic. Even though a good paper will always make this clear in the introduction, one should still use topic sentences to help the reader understand the main points.


For instance, if the topic is the immortality paradigm, the first sentence should read, “In Ancient Egypt, immortality not only played a religious role, but also controlled the social status of each ruler…”


Thus, the audience is aware that the author emphasizes the symbolic significance and significance of the selected concept. Later, “Immortality & Religion” or “Immortality in Social Relationships” can be used to specify research areas. This ensures that the paper retains its structure and has logical transitions between paragraphs.

Tips for Unique Histories Research Subjects

If you want your hard effort to pay off with success and good grades, avoid limiting yourself to what is most popular and straightforward. Choose an original, motivating topic that you can relate to, as if you are not inspired, neither will your audience. These easy strategies will help you make history enjoyable, despite the fact that chronology and key figures might make it tedious and impossible to complete.

Create a list of existing research topics. This means that you should examine at least twenty distinct themes, then take a break and return to choose which one most inspires you. Send a message to our writing professionals if you have ideas or require original U.S. history research paper themes, and we will do our best to develop them.


Conduct prior research on the selected topic. Always continue looking to ensure that you can find sufficient information and sources to support essential facts and thoughts after settling on good concepts. Remember that proper citation aids in preventing plagiarism.


Develop multiple thesis statements in advance. Since the thesis statement is the core of any written work, it will be simpler to modify it once the body paragraphs are complete.


Find trustworthy sources. As you compile your list of sources, ensure that they originate from credible sources or have been reviewed by your college lecturer, if necessary. Similarly, correct formatting is vital for good scores.


Begin with an outline. Such an approach enables for the logical and organised storage of information. In most instances, it should consist of an introduction with a thesis statement, three to five body paragraphs, one of which should be a counterargument or opposing viewpoint, and a conclusion.


100 Research Paper Topics in History

For your convenience, pertinent categories have been assigned to each topic. Remember that you will receive professional research paper writing assistance from EduBirdie for any topic or level of difficulty. From APUSH research paper subjects to key personalities in U.S. military campaigns, let specialists work and achieve even the tightest deadlines!


Ancient heritage

The significance of symbolism in Ancient Egypt

From Assyria to Byzantium: An Examination of Imperial Power

Women’s Role in Ancient Britain

Distribution of Responsibilities in the Iron Age

Sumerian Traditions and Culture

Analysis of Near Eastern Civilizations

Value of Water Sources for Central Anatolia

Faith and Prophets

Palestine’s Past

Ancient Egypt’s View of Death and Immortality

Julius Caesar Topics Ideas

How Julius Caesar inspired his soldiers’ loyalty

Innovative Tactics And Strategies From The Military Genius Of Julius Caesar

The Dictatorship of Caesar Julius

Marcus Junius Brutus and His Role in Julius Caesar’s Assassination

The Julian Calendar as a Significant Social Reform

The Rise And Fall Of Caesar Julius

Caesar and Cleopatra’s Political Alliance

Julius Caesar’s Contribution To The Founding Of The Roman Republic

Gaius Julius Caesar, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, and Marcus Licinius Crassus constituted the First Triumvirate.

The Lessons Learned From Julius Caesar’s Autobiography

Topics for Middle Ages Research

The Importance Of Religion In Medieval Everyday Life

Asia During the Medieval Period

Middle Ages Witch Trials – Persecution Of The Powerless

Scientific Progress During the Middle Ages

The evolution of medieval weapons and armor

Crusades: Cruel Pilgrimages Or Justified Holy War?

The Medici Family And Its Powerful Role At The Close Of The Middle Ages

How the invention of gunpowder altered the medieval art of warfare

The Cause And Effect Of The Urbanization Of Medieval Europe

In the Middle Ages, chivalry was prevalent.

Recent history

Changing Role of NATO in the Global Community

Globalization Negative Role

U.S. Participation in Afghanistan

Patriot Act Evaluation

From 9/11: Rebuilding the United States

Major Recession

Social Disparity Causes

The Chernobyl Disaster

Causes of the Syrian Conflict

Changes in Culture in the Modern World

American Civil War

The Death of Abraham Lincoln

What Is Behind Alabama’s Statements?

Prior to 1877: Cause and Effect

Atlanta Campaign Key Figures

Conflict at Chancellorsville

Civil War and Its Consequences

Monuments to the Confederacy in the United States

Household Act

Civil War Factualities and Debates

Mary Chestnut Characteristics

Topics for World History Research Papers

Mexican-American Conflict

Religion and Holy Wars

Reasons for the Thirty Years War

Weaponry Employed by Ancient Civilizations

Wedding Rituals in Ancient Rome

Apartheid Influence

Colonization of South America

Relational Dynamics in Medieval Europe

Cold War Repercussions

Britain and Spain engaged in a naval conflict.

European Heritage

Military Developments Between World Wars I and II

Europe Nationalism Tendencies

Gender bias in 17th century England

Empiricism Rise in Europe

The Catholic Church and Witchcraft

Propaganda Against Western Theories

French Revolution: Distribution of Forces

Civil Rights for Women in Eighteenth-Century France

Analysis of the Crisis Period During the Middle of the Tudor Period

Literacy in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Topics for a Paper on the Salem Witch Trials

Religious And Social Factors Contributed To The Salem Witch Trials

Under Cover Of The Salem Witch Trials, Women’s Independence Was Suppressed.

The Most Notable “Witches” Involved In The Salem Witch Trials

Men Killed During The Salem Witch Trials

The First Male Witch Was John Proctor

Puritan Perspectives On Women And Their Original Sin

Tituba’s Witchcraft Trial And Final Confession

“Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne: An Analysis Of The Puritan Mindset During The Salem Witch Trials

Beyond Salem: Worldwide Witch Hunts

Implications Of The Salem Witch Trials

French Revolution-Related Subjects

The Initial Stage Of The French Revolution And The Le Chapelier Statute

The Reveillon Factory And The Beginning Of The French Revolution

Louis XVI, Versailles Palace, and the French Revolution

During the French Revolution, The Three Estates Of The Realm

Before and during the French Revolution, the political, economic, and social standing of women was examined.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Rise During the French Revolution

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès’s Role in the French Revolution

Assessment Of The Massacre At The Champs-De-Mars

The Effects of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen

The Life And Passing Of Louis XVI

Depression-Related Research Topics

Principal Reasons For The Great Depression

What had the greatest impact during the Great Depression?

The role of Herbert Hoover in the Great Depression.

Assessment Of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal

The Great Depression of the 1930s compared to the Great Recession of the 1980s.

The Impact Of The Great Depression On International Relations

The Impact Of The Great Depression On The Average American Family

Minorities were disproportionately affected by the Great Depression.

During the Great Depression, women participated in the labor force.

Life Within A Family During The Great Depression

II World War

American Response to the Holocaust

Women’s Part in World War II

Arnhem Battle

Attu battle

The tactic of the Battle of Kursk

Japanese Americans during World War II

Pearl Harbor Succession

Economic Cause of World War II

Role of Civilians in Strategic Battles

Anne Frank’s Diary

Topics for African American History Research Papers

Amendment 14

Abolitionist Movement

Angela Davis

Secret Codes

Origins of Black History Month

African American Female Artists and Writers

1964 Civil Rights Act

Martin Luther King, Jr.

RFK Speech

Black History Myths and Cultural Characteristics

History of the United States

Declaration of Independence 1776

Events That Lead To The Creation Of The Declaration Of Independence

The Declaration Of Independence And Its Persisting Impact On The Modern USA

“All Men Are Created Equal” – Equality Issues Not Addressed In The Declaration Of Independence

John Adams And His Movement Towards Independence

The Role Of The Founding Fathers In Shaping Early American Culture

United States and Slavery

Emancipation Proclamation of 1863

Civil War Causes

Interwar Period Analysis

Native American Cultural Impact

Ethics and Vietnam War

Industrialization Effects on American Social Movements

American South Religious Practices

Revolutionary War Personalities

American Revolution Battles & Key Events

Bunker Hill Battle

Camden Battle

Alexander Hamilton’s Role

Long Island Battle

Saratoga Battle

Boston Tea Party

Charles Cornwallis

Benedict Arnold

Trenton and Princeton Battles

Townshend Acts Analysis

Industrial Revolution Paper Topics

How The Industrial Revolution Impacted The Environment

Why Was The Invention Of The Cotton Gin Critical For The Industrial Revolution

The Production Of Iron Before And After The Industrial Revolution

The Positive And Negative Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution On The Working Class

Industrial Revolution In The US Vs. Industrial Revolution In Europe

Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution

A Glimpse Into The Working Conditions In Factories During The Industrial Revolution

The Influence Of The Industrial Revolution On Public Education

Immigration And Industrialization – The Changing Face Of The USA

The Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On Agricultural Sectors

20th Century History Topics

Reasons Behind Dictatorship

Economic Depression Causes

Nuclear Age Cause and Effect

Russian Revolution and Labor Class

Organized Crime in American Society (1920s) (1920s)

Veterans Day History

McKinley Role for American Imperialism

Chicano Movement Impact

Democratic Movements Uprising

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Events

Of course, these are far not all existent issues, there are many more. Get in touch with our professional essay writing or ideas help, you’ll receive more history research paper themes for college students adjusted in line with your particular preferences.


Professional & Reliable Research Assistance Made Affordable

We all have been through situations when college teachers dropped grades for inappropriate use of chronology or sources that are not scholarly for otherwise good work. It may even be worse when wrong citation or extra spaces simply wasted all your efforts, which changed historical research into horror. An only solution is turning to experts that can help you ensure that final work is excellent. With years of experience in the market, EduBirdie prides itself as economical and dependable online paper writing services that deliver 100 percent plagiarism-free assignments as all the papers for college is created from from.


Choosing writer by subject, qualifications, user reviews, works done, you always remain in direct touch via private chat, which makes it easy to make corrections if necessary. Each work also contains expert formatting, grammar, punctuation, structure check, which entirely avoids proofreading errors. With low costs, skilled writers, and 24/7 online support, you do not have to risk your academic future as we will help you nail down even most challenging projects.

Research Topics in Communication That Are Attractive for the Most Demanding Students

Research Topics in Communication That Are Attractive for the Most Demanding Students
The ease and frequency of human communication have increased as a result of recent advancements in computing, transportation, and telecommunication, enhancing cross-cultural encounters. Modern society has benefited from advancements, but there have also been certain drawbacks, particularly in the area of communication. Since 9/11, more people in the US and throughout the world have realized the importance of efficient communication in maintaining peace, and this knowledge has led to the emergence of a matching academic field.

Today’s communication field encompasses a wide range of fascinating and complicated issues, making it particularly difficult for students to choose communication study topics. To make this process easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of pertinent issues into the 10 most typical categories.


Topics for Communication Research


Four Approaches to Communication Research

Consider the four different ways to researching communication: social scientific approach, interpretive approach, critical approach, and postmodern approach before moving on to the themes and research essay writing exercises. The specific emphasis of your research paper will be greatly influenced by the approach you choose, as an academic discipline examines the formation of meaning in various situations across cultures utilizing spoken or nonverbal communications through a variety of channels and media.


Social Science Methodology

According to social science theory, human conduct is predictable. This approach, sometimes referred to as functionalist or behaviorist, relies on quantitative research techniques together with observations to describe or predict behavior. This method is based on sociological and psychological research, and it views culture as a quantitative quantity that affects conversation just as much as personality traits do.

Interpretive Strategy

An interpretive strategy views actions as unpredictable and original. This strategy, also called as humanist, employs qualitative techniques drawn from linguistics and anthropology with the goal of understanding and interpreting behavior rather than predicting it. This method enables the study of culture from the viewpoints of its participants as opposed to through frameworks imposed by scholars.

Critical Thinking

According to a critical perspective, discourse depends on the context in which it takes place and reality is a matter of opinion. Followers consider culture to be the outcome of power struggles. The goal of the critical approach is to bring about social change rather than just researching human behavior across cultures. Followers aim to free those who are oppressed by society.

Postmodern Perspective

The goal of the postmodern method is to comprehend the modern human state through the subjective perspectives of individuals. It views reality as being made up of various truths. This strategy questions social constructs of race, ethnicity, and gender by arguing that human nature is flexible.

What to Do to Write an Excellent Research Paper

Take into account these straightforward suggestions if you want to compose a truly excellent research paper about communication:


the narrow focus of your study

In accordance with the length requirements for research papers, students should select their study topics. They should steer clear of themes that are too broad and limit their research to a few areas that may be thoroughly explored within the allotted page constraints.

citing a variety of sources

Writing a research paper advises students to perform in-depth study and analyze numerous sources on their chosen topics. Keep in mind that students who use only one source may face charges of plagiarism.

employing reliable sources

Students must acquire reliable sources for research papers, just like they must for other types of academic writing. Although books and reliable websites are frequently accepted as sources by teachers, it is usually preferable to use academic journal articles because they have undergone peer review.

Utilizing pertinent information

In order to confirm that their concepts are still relevant, students should constantly search for recent publications. The debate of information relevance is particularly crucial when it comes to study questions in communication because this academic field is heavily influenced by technological advancements that change its patterns.

presenting data in an objective manner

Students should investigate their chosen subjects while considering all relevant viewpoints. Make sure to emphasize and address the opposing arguments as well, rather than only providing one point of view. Give pertinent examples that effectively and entertainingly explain each argument.

ensuring that your paper has the proper structure

Include a captivating beginning and a distinct thesis statement when writing. Use subject sentences to structure your body paragraphs and provide evidence to back up your points. Include at least one paragraph where you discuss and dispute the opposing viewpoint, if it is pertinent to the topic you have chosen. In your conclusion, summarize the information and share your thoughts. What adjustments, if any, does your research advocate for in regard to the phenomenon under study?

You should edit your writing.

Make sure your research paper flows well and is free of errors if you want to get a high score. Either spend some time editing the text, or think about hiring AcademicWits’ affordable research paper writers. Your time will be saved, and our authors will provide you an A+.

100 Topics for Communication Research
We’ve organized 100 themes into 10 well-liked categories for your convenience. Remember that you can use EduBirdie’s research paper online help for communication research topics to select from these subjects or topics supplied by your professor and acquire a ready-made bespoke research paper.

Journalistic Subjects

practice of journalism in recently developed venues.

Concept of participatory journalism.

Citizenship and journalism in the context of globalization.

News media and peace.

Journalism and science: Press coverage of science nowadays.

Why do journalists present science in this manner?

Concept of networked journalism.

Journalism & communication discipline growth as study.

Good news versus bad news in journalism ethics.

technology’s effects on journalism

Topics in Public Relations

Management & competence in public relations.

Models of public relations.

Public relations impact on local & global populations.

Interactive online communication & its impact on public relations outcomes.

The process of symmetrical communication.

Comparison of sex roles in public relations.

Dialogue in public relations practice.

Effective campaigns major features.

Science communication & public relations.

Public relations practitioners & their social media tools utilization.

Advertising Topics

Advertising as communication.

Advertising & its impact on consumption in the mediated marketplace.

Cross-cultural advertising oddities.

Technology impact on advertising.

Location-based advertising concept.

Mobile devices in advertising campaigns.

Crowd involvement in advertising: audience involvement levels.

Gender role in advertising.

Possible consequences of sexual versus non-sexual advertising appeals.

Advertising utilizing social media against advertising using traditional media.

Interpersonal Communication Topics

Culture influence on interpersonal communication.

Context impact on interpersonal dialogue quality.

Interpersonal discourse stimulation approaches.

Effective interpersonal conversation in fostering personal & professional success.

Computer-mediated contact & its influence.

Medium role in interpersonal communication.

Interpersonal information sharing & persuasion.

Competence concept & its applicability to interpersonal conversation.

Interpersonal dialogue in mass media campaigns: role & obstacles.

Dysfunctional interpersonal communication idea.

Intercultural Communication Topics

Approaches to intercultural information sharing.

Practical ways for intercultural conversation.

Teaching culture & intercultural communication.

Artifacts in intercultural information exchange.

Studying abroad as a factor contributing to intercultural discourse competency.

Health-related difficulties between healthcare practitioners & ethnic-minority patients.

International student adaptability to an American campus.

Intercultural evaluation effectiveness.

Translation as intercultural dialogue.

High-context civilizations versus low-context cultures: intercultural perspective.

Topics on Virtual Communication

Communication in global virtual teams: digital analysis.

Virtual discourse & cultural expression.

Computer-mediated communication & the virtual culture notion.

“Virtual classroom:” an interactive information exchange & computer-mediated learning area.

Communication in virtual reality age.

Virtual team dialogue training.

Nonverbal dialogue in virtual environments.

Communication medium & team interaction techniques.

Building confidence in virtual teams.

Interpersonal communication in virtual reality.

Social Media Research Topics

Social media contribution into rebellious communication & social movements.

Peer communication effects in social media on purchase behaviors.

Social media use in the United States & its impact on health.

Social interactions throughout media.

How did new social media impact the patterns of information exchange compared to old mainstream media?

Social media & emergency management.

Marketing & social media.

Effects of social media (for instance, Instagram) on consumer perceptions of brands.

Mass media & coordinated social action.

Effects of social networks on effectiveness of political campaigns.

Leadership Topics

Leadership: strong leader’s style.

Relations between leaders’ communication styles & leadership outcomes.

Strategic internal information exchange in transformative leadership.

Strategic communication & meaning management.

Leadership sound in current day.

Virtual team leadership: leadership style affects & communication on team outcomes.

Gender roles & leadership information exchange styles.

Leadership & crucial communication process.

Relationships between leadership communication styles, personality attributes, & organizational productivity.

Leadership communication style & employee happiness.

Negotiations Topics

Media & their effects on negotiating results.

Persuasive dialogue in logistic negotiation.

Negotiation is a language-centered activity.

Negotiation styles in intercultural dialogue.

Mediated negotiation: effects of agents & mediators on negotiations.

Negotiation in social conflict.

Political negotiation versus business negotiation.

Negotiation of environmental disputes & judges as case managers.

Bias, credibility, & mediation.

Negotiation process & gender differences.

Other Communication Research Topic Ideas

Democracy, expression, & social media.

Peer influence & teenage sexting.

Privacy in social networking.

Yellow journalism & its social role.

Political rhetoric on local, state, federal, or international level.

Organizations & social media.

Effects on management of change & organizational culture.

The relationships between social interactions, cognition, & emotions.

Relational communication: romantic relationships versus friendships.

Speech as communication type.

Read also: Find an easy way to pay someone to write a paper.



Research topic for communication studies can be especially interesting, but it is also likely to require student spend more time on research and writing. You need to not only choose the topic and approach that fits it best but also spend considerable amount of time allocating and reviewing relevant sources. EduBirdie employs writers who specialize in communication research and look forward to using their academic knowledge and writing experience to assist you in “do my research paper for me” request. So, hit the button, make an order, and enjoy your A+ for an excellent communication research paper.

Contentious Research Topics Guides

When you face the obligation to produce a controversial research paper, it doesn’t mean that you must start with a surprising truth or something that feels uncomfortable. The bulk of problematic themes are those that represent vital social issues like the legalization of marijuana or religious disputes. For example, by reading any newspaper, you will always encounter at least two controversial items. The most frequent scenario of writing a college controversial assignment pertains to argumentative essays where students must present a clear perspective and stand for their opinions. Still, the most tough element is choosing one’s topic appropriately because it is already half of the effort done. Controversial study subjects must be clear and inspiring, representing your initial thoughts or ideas.

What Is a Controversial Research Paper?

The objective of a good controversial research paper is to provoke conversation and research because it does not revolve around some topic alone. Once you find something that will make people think and question particular morals and concepts, you need also study alternative perspectives and collect appropriate proof. It is not enough to remark that something is wrong! For example, when you make a statement that video games create violent youth, you should investigate not only what you think by talking about the violence in video games but also about some facts like cognitive development and the reasons why young people turn to video games. You should study the controversy itself and let your viewers form their perspective. Even when you make a statement, your claims should be well-weighted.


Therefore, it is extremely crucial to have at least five controversial research paper themes with diverse language so you can choose the one that perfectly portrays your core thought and opinion on a given subject. Your thesis statement must be connected to your problematic topic as well because it is what a typical college professor would always seek for. Choosing your controversial issue, always remember about being respectful and do not approach something that you are not comfortable with. If in doubt, ask for an alternative course or address your concerns with your academic advisor. After all, there are various methods to do your research without sacrificing your moral ideals and religious views!


How to Choose Controversial Topics For Research Papers Correctly?

The bulk of contentious themes for research papers must be picked via the lens of more investigation and solid knowledge of a specified issue. In other words, you must know what you are talking about to appear confident and keep your tone the same throughout the article.


Your Subject Must Inspire You. Even if it is something terrible like the teenage gangs in Brazil or police violence somewhere in Florida, you must know enough about the topics and be ready to present some fresh examples. It will assist your audience to relate to your study in a different way by comparing your opinions to what they feel and know.

Narrow Things Down. It is crucial to narrow your ideas down as you choose your controversial study topic. If something is overly broad, it will make it hard to notice conflict or express a clear opinion. It is fairly often that pupils seem to choose those perspectives (sides) that are not that widespread. For example, writing about being a pro-arms activist while talking about school violence is not easy, which is why one must cover something specific to make one’s research valuable.

Provide Both Opinions. You should constantly include both perspectives because it is the foundation of writing your research paper appropriately. It should include a counter-arguments component to an even higher degree because you explore a controversy. Remember to offer explanations and appropriate references for each opposite opinion because you are doing so not because you agree or disagree with something but because you must show why something exists and seems valuable to specific people!

Include Statistical Data & Facts. Provide statistics information, surveys, and interesting facts. It will help folks notice that you have done some research and know your subject well! Each assertion that you make should be supported by a decent reference because it is what makes your controversial paper strong!

Avoid Plagiarism Issues. As always, writing about sensitive themes, it is tempting to overuse various quotes or data when narrating a story or talking about recent media occurrences. Don’t worry as you may acquire expert research paper help that will help you try your best to paraphrase and explain about things in your own terms!

Most crucial, remember that you must investigate similar publications and perform some reading relating to your controversial research paper’s topic. It will allow you to see how it is approached by your fellow researchers and what controversies are the most visible. The more you know, the better!


List of Controversial Research Paper Topics

Here are some good research paper topics dealing to supply you with the basic notion of problematic matters that are most relevant for college students:


The moral aspect of marijuana legalization.

The disclosure of personal medical data.

Video games violence.

The attitude to pupils with disabilities.

The safety of uninsured patients.

Are nurses liable for patient behaviors?

Is being vegetarian healthy?

Should children take care of their younger siblings?

The Covid-19 controversies.

The moral side of beauty saloons.

The origin of religious disputes.

The constrained nature of Catholicism.

The usage of tobacco ads.

Alcohol consumption and domestic violence.

Male VS Female parenting.

Should college be free?

Should school uniforms be abolished?

Are Montessori institutions a threat to public education?

Females VS Males in Science.

Should Religion be taught as a mandatory subject?

Should smartphones be allowed in school?

The children must be not allowed to use Facebook and Instagram.

Negative body image on social media.

The use of capital punishment in the media.

Should inmates be allowed to vote?

The exterior politics of the United States.

Should luxury parties be forbidden?

The substance advertising by rap and rock performers.

The evil side of the fashion industry.

The negativity of nightclubs.

The representation of slavery in the media.

The warped perception of the rest of the world in the USA.

Negative attitude on community colleges.

Should nurses keep knowledge about the crimes private?

The use of opium for sedating purposes.

The medical tourism issue.

Should the minors be permitted to access beauty salons?

The issue of vaccination distribution.

Uneven access to healthcare in the world.

The attitude to patients with AIDS.

Is using cell phones bad for our health?

Should we ban the use of animals in various research works?

Are we to blame for global warming?

Why do we handle the death penalty differently?

Should the tax system be repealed for poor people?

Social media reliance.

The reduction of the drinking age.

The morality and athletes.

Should college student debts be forgiven?

Should martial arts be taught at school?

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that your research must commence with a detailed study of many controversial themes for research paper. If anything makes you feel uneasy, avoid it and focus on other things instead relating to education or healthcare as an example. It should not be something shocking to be good as you are not a journalist who gets paid for it! Seriously though, research your topic properly, know your talents, present information, and make it engaging and motivating.

Guide To Finding Sources For A Research Paper

Guide To Finding Sources For A Research Paper
If you wish to discover how to locate sources for a research paper, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of whether you are writing a college research paper for a Business Management course or a reflective research paper for ER nursing, the presence of credible sources will aid in establishing the credibility of your paper. The purpose of any research paper is to provide a certain synthesis and analysis of similar works. Without sources, your paper will fail to meet its scientific objective and your audience will question the veracity of your arguments. The difficult part is knowing how to locate the best sources and evaluate their credibility.

How To Locate Sources For A Term Paper


Types of Sources for Research Papers

When writing a research paper, you will encounter three types of academic sources that are equally important but serve distinct functions.


The Primary Sources They represent so-called raw data or information that does not include analysis or additional research conducted by another party. Interviews, government documents, poetry, films, social media posts, court records, old newspapers, and diaries are the most common examples.

Sources of Secondary Importance. As they pertain to scientific articles, books, textbook analysis reviews, and dictionaries, they are most frequently encountered in college research papers. This type of source provides analysis and interpretation, hence the term “secondary.”

Secondary Sources They are used for both primary and secondary resource analysis and compilation. Referencing tertiary sources is common in reference materials and textbooks. Typically, these sources represent a compilation of information and are not attributed to a specific author. Dictionary entries, Wikipedia, manuals, abstracts, and technical leaflets are examples of reference materials.

As you search for sources for research papers, you will encounter a variety of distinct types, each with its own relevance to the nature of your research assignment. Among the most frequently cited sources in research papers are:


– Academic Publications, Including Scientific Journals


Since we deal with journal articles in a variety of fields, it is currently the most common type of source for research papers. You may encounter Psychology Today or Mechanical Engineering journals containing an abundance of scientific articles containing original research or case studies. Remember that the phrase “peer-reviewed” must appear next to these publications. It is required by the vast majority of research paper grading rubrics. Before the article can be accepted for publication, it is required that the references you cite have been reviewed by your peers. It will assist you in avoiding fraudulent publications and weak research papers.


– Common Scientific Sources, Including News and Magazines.


This category contains articles written by journalists or professional guest writers for a general audience. In other words, these are not written by researchers but are still acceptable sources for a research paper. Additionally, the language is simpler to comprehend, which may be advantageous for research paper reviews that include citations. Even though their knowledge is not that of a subject matter expert, they are useful when you need a broad perspective on your topic.


– Scientific Sources for the Professions or Trade


For instance, these sources for research papers are intended for practitioners. They are predominantly specific and not overly complex. It is useful when you need to read the latest news or investigate notable case studies. In addition, if you are an Engineer or work in any other academic field, you will encounter specialized terminology.


– Books (Both In Print & Digital Versions).


When you discover an interesting argument, it is a good idea to cite it! Do your reading and be sure to look up the ISBN of your book. It is simple to look up all popular quotations in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, or another academic format online.


Compilations of Conferences


Even if they are uncommon, it is beneficial to find collections of papers that represent scientific conferences. It is not always peer-reviewed, so caution is required. In some instances, the data presented at conferences will be presented for the first time before appearing in scholarly journals. If your university provides access to scientific conferences, you should first examine the databases that are available. For instance, you can check the most recent date in a scientific database like PubMed to determine which conferences have occurred recently. Even though these are similar to news articles, they can help your paper sound credible.


– Official Documents.


You may, for instance, access federal depository libraries that contain archives of Government Printing Office databases. If your university already provides you with special access, you can review a variety of statutes and reports. Access to statistical data, white papers, transcripts of court proceedings, and case studies is also beneficial. You must always include every reference you find for your citation, and remember that government documents are typically lengthy and complex.


– Diverse Theses and Dissertations


Additionally, it is possible to include research papers that pertain to the work of specific students. Since these are written with the assistance and academic oversight of a scientific committee, they can be relied upon as credible research sources. Remember that these are not considered “peer-reviewed” because they have not yet been published and evaluated by the academic community.


Note: If you are unable to verify a source’s status as the primary source, you should avoid using it. If you have a book with an ISBN or DOI reference, choose the most recent resource with the earliest publication date and the greatest quantity of required information.


Five Suggestions for Locating Solid Sources for Research Papers

Obviously, when searching for credible research sources, you must be aware of what will be useful and what should be avoided (like Wikipedia). Due to the absence of peer-reviewed elements and the possibility of an average user introducing edits, such databases are unacceptable.


Here is a list of helpful tips:


Perform a Basic Search Engine Search. Start by conducting a basic topic-related search on Google or Bing to see what results appear. You never know what you might find.

Utilize Online Academic Databases. You may use PubMed, JStor, EBSCO, or ScienceMag, for instance (AAAS). These will give you access to thousands of unique research papers and articles based on the keywords you enter. Once you’ve identified something that piques your interest, proceed to the Abstract page with its clickable keywords.

Examine the Available Newspapers and Magazines Additionally, it is essential to peruse newspapers such as the Boston Herald and the New York Times. Additionally, you can consult periodicals such as Time and Forbes to learn about topics ranging from medicine to social media marketing. Even though newspapers are not scientific in and of themselves, they are often able to provide interesting information because they are written by competent journalists.

Visit the library in your area. Remember that you can always consult the library of your local college. This aspect is frequently disregarded because the majority of students spend hours searching the Internet without finding anything reliable. By visiting your local library or speaking with your academic advisor about good options, you will save time and find resources that have already been chosen specifically for your course. It is not even necessary for it to be MIT or Harvard. Virtually every academic library provides access to the finest databases in the world.

PDF should be added to your search string. You may also include keywords such as “PDF”, “Analysis”, or “research paper” in your initial search. It will assist you in sorting search results by providing direct links to PDF files that typically contain scientific articles or reports. It will allow users to avoid blogs and websites that do not contain scientific or peer-reviewed content.

Always review the Bibliography or References pages when you discover academic resources for research papers. It may help you identify pertinent sources.


What Constitutes a Credible Source?

The source is credible when it provides complete information about the authors or organization, publication date, and all other pertinent details. It must be objective and provide evidence that explains the concepts or ideas explored in a research paper.


Bibliography of Trustworthy Sources for Research Papers

Here is a list of the most valuable archives of academic resources:


Scopus. It encompasses approximately 71 million items and a vast array of academic disciplines and is powered by Elsevier. It has a fantastic keyword-based search engine.

The Web of Science It is among the most extensive bibliographic databases. The best aspect is that it is possible to access research sources without cost. It is also powered by Clarivate, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters.

PubMed. PubMed is one of the best databases that offers both free and paid articles for students majoring in Nursing, Healthcare Administration, Biology, or Chemistry. It is powered by NIH and contains approximately 30 million items.

ERIC. It is produced by the U.S. Department of Education and focuses on articles on Education and Sociology. It is the most useful resource for educators.

IEEE Xplore. It is one of the best academic databases for engineering and computer science students. It also contains the most recent conference papers and books that can be searched. It provides access to more than 5 million items for free. Powered by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, it contains all the appropriate sources that your college professor will accept.

ScienceDirect. Similarly provided by Elsevier (with free access), this database provides access to multidisciplinary articles. It provides access to over 2,500 journals and over 40,000 electronic publications in book format. Even though there are no citation references, DOI and database numbers are present.

Index of Open Access Periodicals (DOAJ). It is a great collection of open journals, which means it does not contain any publications with commercial access. You have access to 4,3 million items ranging from English Literature and Psychology to Criminal Sciences and Programming. This is the best option if you wish to gain access to uncommon publications.

JStor. The best aspect of the JSTOR database is that it contains articles published prior to 1924. (sourced by the National Archive of the United States). It is accessible for free and contains pertinent citation details.

When purchasing a research paper, you should always consider indicating the types of sources to be used. The list of required references will vary depending on whether you are writing a dissertation or a term paper. The challenge is to strike a balance between the risks of plagiarism and the credibility of your writing. For instance, any externally sourced information must be acknowledged. The same holds true for YouTube links, images, and anything else that does not represent your original thoughts.


Why Finding Reliable Sources Is Important

When you already have a thesis statement, it is most important to compile a list of credible research sources. If you are stuck or unsure of how to format a research paper, you can always rely on our skilled writers. When you require a small amount of professional academic assistance, you should not hesitate. When you have reliable sources, you also learn how to avoid plagiarism and properly cite each source. Do not jeopardize your academic future when you can place a low-cost order with a reliable writer!

Creative Ideas for Picking Law Review Article Concepts

Creative Ideas for Picking Law Review Article Concepts
When it comes to legal paperwork, one must be aware that they differ from country to country. While all legal research paper topics virtually boil down to the same thing, numerous historical and cultural characteristics are to be studied each time.

Choosing the ideal law themes can sometimes be tough, and here’s when a law essay writing service may come in handy. These themes encompass all the legal concerns that get addressed in court, and when you wish to confront them, you should pay attention to choose the proper ones.


Since they’re delicate, choosing the ideal one is vital because you have to answer law essay questions properly. There isn’t much space for philosophy here. After all, what’s written in the law are merely pure black and white facts; there are no gray areas.


Law Research Paper Topics


What Is a Law Research Paper?

This form of research paper comes with a legal study topic that is always particular. This document has a certain amount of pages which is also limited by time (there’s always a date when the paper is due). However, you are never bound by the country or the historical period.


There are actually roughly 21 fields of law to concentrate your research on. From constitutional and criminal to environmental and animal law — any student can find the sphere she/he is more interested in.


Legal writing needs each student to examine fact patterns and support their ideas. This competence is crucial for the majority of legal positions, as in the future work you could need to study legal topics, analyze different legal precedents, as well as offer a solution in a form of memo and be able to properly reference all the sources utilized and linked.


Research papers have been incorporated to inspire students to discuss the changes different countries’ laws have gone through in time. Here, extensive investigation and finding the correct topic are the things that count in the first place.


How to Select a Good Topic?

A good legal research paper topic should include the following traits:


The theme should be not too limited though not too broad;

It should deal with pertinent legal precedents;

Has available content online or at local libraries;

The theme is catchy and relevant for modern law;

You can answer all the essay questions;

Pay attention to who your audience is;

Use real-life situations to demonstrate your arguments;

List of 100 Law Research Paper Topics

Here’s a selection of 30 unique legal research topics:


The statistics and crime reports between the 20th and 21st century

What’s the role of mass media in the process of investigation?

Crime and mental diseases – is there a connection?

Social control hypothesis vs. the self-control theory

Can psychology explain why some people are more prone to crime than others?

Human trafficking, slavery, and prostitution

Gang crimes and how to deal with them?

Human rights and police interrogation

The pros and cons of Experimental Criminology

Scotland Yard – a complete history

All about the nature of hate crimes

Harassment and sex offenses

How does science help in crime investigation?

The theories of Classical Criminology

Developed countries and Religious Crimes

Does the criminal justice system in the US keep an eye on the police using body cameras?

Criminal justice research – general steps

American and European criminal law – the differences and similarities

How is child custody regulated in the U.S.?

The legal regulation of non-consensual adoption in the U.S. – what do we know?

How does the law regulate marriage and divorce for the mentally unstable?

Transgender marriage – the impact of culture and its legal status across countries

Organ donation – rules and regulations

The ongoing debate on abortion – legal regulations and morality

Ethics and medical laws in WW1

The legal status of cannabis in different parts of the world

Forced sterilization – is it legal, and how does the law regulate it?

Code-based ethics – problems

Medical cannabis – should it be legal in all countries of the world?

What would happen if we had no laws?

Business Law Topics for Research Paper

Business law as a profession

Why are business regulations essential for institutions and organizations?

What’s the true nature of business law?

The classification of the business regulations

Morality and its relation to business law

How crucial is the constitution for the creation of business law

Business laws and the parliament

The formulation of business regulations in Islam

Business laws in Africa

Equity and the doctrines of business law

Constitutional Law Research Paper Topics

The pros and cons of federalism

What changes did the Bill of Rights bring?

What are the rights of victims of self-incrimination?

A comparison between constitutions and state laws

All about gun control and its history in the US

What are the key changes that the First Amendment has brought?

The pros and cons of Constitutionalism

Desecration and flag burning

The Internet and its impact on Free Speech

What’s the freedom of the press?

Criminal Law Essay Topics

When does the international criminal court come into play?

The real truth behind domestic violence

How are psychological torture and bullying the cause of suicide?

Why does one crime have a set of different punishments?

Can sociology have an impact on preventing crime?

What is quantitative criminology, and how does it differ from other types of crime?

The classification of crime in the United States and other countries

A new branch on the rise – Feminist Criminology

The roots of criminologists’ work and their work in modern times

Different types of crime, education, and intelligence

Cyber Law Paper Topics

All about private data, revenge porn, blackmailing, and our internet privacy

All about cybercrime

The Internet Era and identity theft – is it a crime of modern times?

Cybercrime and cyberterrorism

How can the government impact cyberterrorism?

What are the main points of cyber laws?

What are the skills of an excellent cyber lawyer?

Cybersecurity – is there enough awareness about it?

The penalties in cybercrime

Is it the government’s job to analyze the flow of network traffic?

Law Enforcement Paper Topics

How does the jury get selected?

Can the court undo wrongful convictions?

The similarities and differences between juvenile justice and juvenile courts

How can the government prevent or at least lower the rate of crime?

All the pros and cons of capital punishment – when is it justified?

Is the insanity defense a loophole in law enforcement?

The pros and cons of self-incrimination

Does law enforcement profiling help find serial killers with criminal profiling?

How does the criminal justice system in the US relate to the war on drugs?

The criminal justice system in the States and Muslim Americans

International Law Topics for Research

Why are exotic crimes considered crimes in some countries but not others?

Wildlife and environmental crimes in different countries

Different treatment of terrorism as a crime in different countries

How do different countries deal with false confessions?

Laws on mental health in different countries

Does the law regulate the refusal of medical treatment in the same way across countries?

International law – why should people respect it?

Traditional justification – issues

International morality – why do diplomats protect it?

Ethical systems and international relations

Drunk Driving Topic Ideas

Does the environment influence drunk driving?

Drug abuse, drunk driving, and crime

Can the law break the connection between crime and drunk driving?

Does drunk driving have connections to sexual offenses?

Drunk driving and its ethical and legal issues

Environmental Law Topics for a Research

The environmental influence on the rate of crime

All about the environmental regulations in Canada

Environmental law in Australia and climate change

Will the Uber industry impact the ecology in America?

The current environmental regulations in the United States

Let’s start writing!

Don’t hesitate to get inspiration from our list of criminal justice research topics and come up with the most relevant and engaging one right for you. If you still have concerns about how to start your essay, contact our friendly customer support to get all the details.

Topics for Research Papers on Entrepreneurship: 50 Excellent Options

Topics for Research Papers on Entrepreneurship: 50 Excellent Options
Working on entrepreneurial research may be a lot of fun, on the whole. A paper on a topic from this area is enlightening at every step, from selecting literature to finding inspiration in real-life examples. The main challenge here is deciding on the ideal study topic among a large number of similar ones. That’s a problem for a lot of students, and we’ve all been there.

Writers at AcademicWits have years of expertise working with students on research papers. Here are some ideas for business-related topics that can be fascinating to research and write about. Both effective argument development and opportunity for you to learn something that you can utilize were on our minds when we procured these topics.


In the field of entrepreneurship, what new research topics are emerging?

The most pressing issues in the niche are the focus of the most recent entrepreneurial study. As a rule, they focus on current trends and their possible consequences. We’ll cover topics including the Internet’s role in helping modern businesses succeed, social media’s role in helping items get traction, and how women are starting their own enterprises.


Consequently, if you’re seeking for research paper themes on these subjects, they’ll focus primarily on corporate growth, the use of technology, smart money management, and university-business alliances. If you’re writing a research paper, it’s best to focus on questions that you’re personally interested in.


Research Paper Topics in Entrepreneurship

In what ways can entrepreneurship contribute to economic growth?

Discovering the qualities that make for a successful business owner.

Technology and entrepreneurship in the cloud

Investors’ methods for securing the best entrepreneurs

The impact of corporate training programs on employee performance

figuring out what the main factors are that encourage entrepreneurship

figuring out what the biggest obstacles are to entrepreneurship

How do business owners create jobs and expand the economy?

Understanding the characteristics of entrepreneurs who are encouraged to take chances and identify their personal characteristics

Entrepreneurs and their decision-making process are affected by taxation.

Factors affecting the growth of new businesses

Legal and fiscal frameworks that support entrepreneurship can be identified.

What non-traditional methods of marketing are effective for small-scale food producers?

To begin, what exactly is crowdsourcing?

Models of global entrepreneurship theory

University and government help for students who want to start their own businesses

Modern entrepreneurialism: how to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate

Continuous university-industry collaboration: the key to unleashing innovation’s full potential

Investigating self-employment as a long-term solution to the problem of unemployment

Entrepreneurship has a number of substantial advantages.

The importance of having both vision and wit as personality attributes for a successful entrepreneur may be seen in the following examples.

Regular employment vs. self-employment: what are the distinctions, advantages, disadvantages, and concrete examples of each?

Identifying the variables that encourage people to start their own businesses.

Is it time for you to start your own business?

Outlining the fundamentals of starting your own business

Common hazards faced by business owners and suggestions for preventing or minimizing them

With the help of laws and fiscal policies, can promoting entrepreneurship aid economic growth?

An entrepreneur’s psychological strategies for dealing with stressful conditions.

How to deal with the most typical problems that business owners experience.

What is it about adult entrepreneurs that makes them so enamored?

How the majority of entrepreneurs choose to fund their new ventures

Is there a correlation between gender and entrepreneurial ability? And if so, what is the magnitude of the damage done?

Entrepreneurship and technological developments

A case study of international entrepreneurship

An organization’s progress can be aided by entrepreneurial innovation.

Is entrepreneurship something that can be learned or is it something that is innate?

Is education capable of inspiring people to start their own businesses? It’s up to you to decide.

In less developed countries, capitalism is a major economic force.

A case study of successful entrepreneurial finance in terms of maximizing return on investment and allocating resources efficiently

Innovating and developing new technologies how to be an entrepreneur: lessons for future business owners

How can a business survive in today’s innovative environment?

Women’s roles in entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by famous female businesswomen

Entrepreneurship education’s value and role

On how internet-based enterprises are started and grown.

Theory and notion of modern entrepreneurship

Existing businesses that have been helped by venture capital in their quest for new ideas

The link between managerial abilities and the encouragement of private sector entrepreneurship

“Insert country entrepreneurial “‘s development as a result of startup culture.

Entrepreneurship’s impact on the labor market

Formal education’s contribution to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset

The first step in finishing your assignment is to look through the available entrepreneurship research paper themes and select the most appropriate one. AcademicWits is here to help you study more effectively if you’re having trouble finishing your essay in time. We’ll compose your research paper for you so that you can concentrate on more urgent topics.

Topics for Film Research Papers: Suggestions & Examples

Topics for Film Research Papers: Suggestions & Examples
The process of choosing a topic for a research paper may be the most difficult. For the purpose of engrossing the reader and demonstrating your knowledge, it is essential to select one that is intriguing, compelling, and thought-provoking.

It can be a little overwhelming to settle on just one film research paper topic because there are so many to select from due to decades of filmmaking.


Because of this, we have compiled a thorough list of suggestions that you can use as inspiration. Let’s start now.


50 Interesting Subjects for Film Essays

It’s important to choose a topic that you are passionate about when coming up with ideas for your film research paper. You can present yourself in the best possible light if you do that.


These are some of the most fascinating subjects that will undoubtedly inspire your creative muse.


Bringing Sketches to Life Through Animation

Superheroes and comic books in the movies

The Ethics of Animal Training in Films:

TV Shows: A Fresh Film Series

Movies Seen Through Their Directors’ Eyes

The Psychosocial Effects of Walt Disney’s Characters

Books vs. Screenplays: Distinct Narrative Structures

Violence and Masculinity in Hollywood Blockbusters

Hollywood Stereotypes’ Effects

Box Office Performances and the Influence of Film Critics

The Function of Color in Film

The Value of Visual Effects and Transitions in Film Editing

Editing videos: The Craft of Telling Tales

The Power to Change the World, among other documentaries

The Ethics of Making Documentary Films

The Cultural Repercussions of War Films

The Consequences of Film Censorship

The Function of the Film Director in Bringing Stories to Life

The Crucial Qualities of a Successful Filmmaker

The Effects of Film on Culture and Society

mainstream movies in modern movies

Hollywood narrative in contemporary films

Indie films: A subgenre or a way of thinking?

Several actors portraying the same character

Different Audiences’ Reactions to Different Movie Genres

Cultural Preferences: Film Genres

Exposure to foreign film and ethnocentrism

The Essential Elements of American Film Industry Success

Feature Film Drama: A Cultural Phenomenon

Hollywood’s depiction of the American Dream

Analysis of the [movie]

Film Noir: A Style That Transcends Genres

Freudian Technique in Filmmaking

International Film Festivals: Economic, Social, and Cultural Benefits

The Short Cuts in Film

The Influencing Power of Shortcuts

Ethics in Developing Country Filmmaking

The Mental Aspects of Making Movies

The Influence of Film: Modifying Young People’s Beliefs and Opinions

Comparison of Literature and Film

Realistic filmmaking: Cinéma Vérité

Observational vs. Direct Cinema: Exploring the Truth in Film

Visual and practical expertise in vérité film

Streaming Platforms’ Disruptive Effects on Cinematography

Platforms for streaming video and the Future of Film

The Impact of Social Media on Film Results

Defeating evil is a timeless movie theme.

Technology vs. Humanity in Contemporary Films

Realizing the Light’s Visions in Cinematic Art

Finding Characters to Identify With in Fictional Feature Films

top ten research paper topics for film history

There are a myriad of film history research topics that can enthrall your reader because of the scope of cinema’s history. You can use some of the most applicable of these.


The Development of Filmmaking Technology

The History of Special Effects Before CGI

The Evolution of Science Fiction Films

Hollywood vs. Bollywood in the Globalization of Popular Culture

The silent film era and Charlie Chaplin

American films starring African-Americans

Women’s Contributions and Roles in the Film Industry

Justifications for war in American film

Hollywood’s Evolution and Cinematography’s Dominance

The Value of Representation in Motion Pictures



10 Film Music Research Paper Topics

Film music can tell a compelling story, elicit a range of feelings, and create a memorable experience that lasts long after the end credits have rolled. Particularly when it comes to musicals, it frequently becomes just as iconic as the movies themselves. Here are a few intriguing film research paper music topics.


The Development of Film Music

The Psychological Effects of Film Music

From Broadway to the big screen, musicals

The Impact of Music on the Experience of a Film

Classical opera and contemporary music on television

The Evolution of Musicals and Their Cultural Influence in the 20th Century

A History of Film Music: Using Sound to Tell Stories

The Craft of Film Sound Design

Reconstructing Atmospheres with Ambient Sounds from Recorded Nature Sounds

The Role of Music in Modern Film

10 Exciting Topics for Research Papers on Horror Films

Many terrifying and suspenseful horror films are available to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Your reader will be fascinated by your analysis of the genre as a whole or of some of the greatest directors’ masterpieces and techniques. Here are some compelling topics for research papers on horror movies.


The Master of Suspense is Alfred Hitchcock.

The Horror Film Suspense Concept

Horror Films Throughout History

Playing with Fear: Horror Genre Fear Elements

Injustice Against Race in Horror Films

Horror-related psychological and behavioral reactions

The Horror Film’s Popular Appeal

Comedy and horror combined in a chaotic genre mashup

Horror movie special effects and photography

The Application of Religion in Horror Filmmaking

Ten Interesting Monster Essay Subjects

Movie monsters are frequently terrifying fictional beings, but occasionally they also speak to human nature and our worst fears. Let’s look at some of the more interesting monsters in movies essay topics.


The Evolution of Monsters in Film

The 21st century’s monster culture

The Psychological Allure of Monsters in Film

Frankenstein vs. The Monster: Which Is More Human?

Hollywood’s Movie Monsters: The Science

The use of mythology in monster movies

The Aspects of Human Monstrosity in Films, Monsters Within Us

Zombies in Contemporary Film: The Living Dead

History of the Vampire: The Cinematic Evolution of the Dead

Monsters in the Movies: A Study of Fear

How to Choose an Effective Subject for a Film Research Paper

Here’s what you can do to come up with fresh ideas if none of these film research paper topics have motivated you to write your paper:


Make a list of the movies and directors you enjoy the most. A good place to start is with the movies or directors you care the most about.

Select a particular historical era – If you are interested in a particular era in film history, you can analyze the films, themes, techniques, etc. from that era.

Choose a film genre. You might be able to reduce your list of potential topics if you start by concentrating on a particular genre.

Research a variety of topics: Your chances of selecting the ideal topic increase as you look into more topics. On all of the concepts, you should conduct in-depth research by examining the relevant literature, media outlets, published research papers, and other reliable sources.

Identify a specific topic – Equipped with pertinent information, identify the subject that most interests you. Ensure that it isn’t too general so that you can get specific and add real value.

Focus more closely on one or two main ideas in order to produce a high-caliber paper. To keep the reader interested, make sure it is not too limited.

EduBirdie offers expert assistance with film research.

Our knowledgeable staff of professionals at EduBirdie can help you with your research and create a fantastic movie research paper. They have master’s and doctoral degrees in film studies, as well as years of work experience.


Our research paper writing services come with an outline, proper formatting, citations, an unlimited number of free revisions, and no delays. Get in touch with us right away for original, exceptional content that will far surpass your expectations!

Best science research topics

Science Research Topics – Which One and How Do I Choose?
Science research subjects are usually interesting when it comes to writing, especially when there is a large choice of credible sources online. Moreover, if you plan to study a course relating to science, you will have to cope with various writing responsibilities. You will be needed to produce essays, project evaluation reports, lab reports, project proposals, and a number of other assignments.

Some of these papers come with instructions on what subject is required, while others allow students select the topic themselves. It can be tough for you to choose a topic because there is a vast choice of areas to pick from. At the same time, it will be easier for you if there is an item that you like most; accordingly, you should select a subject appealing to you. It is also a good idea to pick a topic you are an expert in. This way you will be able to acquire a good mark.


In this page, you can find topics, mentioned by experienced science specialists. You can utilize these concepts to choose the greatest solutions available. Also, there are guidelines on what you should and should not do while writing your science research paper.


Writing a Science Research Paper: The Dos and Don’ts

There are a few things you should do when writing a science research paper, and there are certain things you should never do. Being aware of them, you have higher chances to succeed.


The Dos:


You should express your views precisely and clearly.


It is vital to highlight the methodologies and ideas employed in research. Thus, you will justify it with particular reasons.

You should always make sure that the data you offer is accurate and correct. This is a vital stage because your work on one of the science research paper themes may turn out to be the basis of future study in the chosen field.

It is vital to cite all references accurately. For this purpose, you need to make notes to recall where the information was acquired from. All the sources for your citations must be reputable.

The last step is to proofread your research paper numerous times before you submit it to avoid any possible faults.

The Don`ts:


You should never include anything that does not answer problems or is not linked to the topic of your research.

You should never exceed the recommended word limit. It can suggest that there is no respect for guidelines.

You should never include absurd or partial justifications for carrying out the research.

You should avoid too many generalizations. There must be your own voice in the article because it may seem that you have nothing to offer if your work is full of overviews.

You should not use other`s works without the sentences being rephrased or mention Wikipedia as a reference source.

If you follow the above recommendations, you will not only make the writing process easier, but you will also stay up with the ethics of scientific writing.


Tips on Choosing Science Research Topics

There are a few bits of guidance that may be employed while choosing the appropriate topic for your research. Below, you can discover a few tips:


Brainstorming ideas is a necessary. Before getting acquainted with your teacher`s prompt, you need to check whether you are supposed to write on a given topic, or you can choose one of the scientific essay ideas. If you are free to chose what you prefer, then you should start brainstorming about items you have learned over the course. You should remember what you know about this subject and set it down. There can be more than one idea, therefore you need to select the one you like best.

You should go for a concept that you are interested in. When all the ideas are written down, you should examine the criteria of the assignment. Therefore, all the themes that do not satisfy the objectives of the project or do not excite you should be excluded. After that, you need to study the others and choose the one that can inspire you.

It is vital to discover resources to support the topic. When you have decided what you want to write about, you need to see whether there are reputable resources and information to use. In this situation, you will not get trapped in the middle of work because of a shortage of data.

Interesting Science Research Paper Topics for Students

It is absolutely interesting to write on these themes, but you could find it hard to come up with ideas. Below, you can find a list of the greatest scientific themes for research paper, which might be beneficial. All you need to do is to pick the most motivating one:


Evaluation of the science function in the film industry.

The role of science in present warfare.

Explain how vital it is to recycle things.

Does microbiology effect medicine?

Explain how GMO products effect environmental conservation.

Specify scientific ways to assist industries in energy saving.

Discuss the impact of science on meteorological studies.

Are science museums important for modern education?

Provide the Ebola outbreak explanation and suggested answers.

Discuss how useful nanotechnology is when it comes to medical studies.

Social Science Research Topics

Sociology is a part of social science because it analyzes human society. It is centered on everything related with society, let it be ethical issues or familial interactions. There is a vast variety of topics, which implies that there are several possibilities to choose from:


Marriage customs in different countries.

Is population control ethical?

Are minority groups supplied with opportunities?

Should same-sex marriage be made legal?

Which education is better: the government or private?

The regulation of food.

Adopting children – is it a good idea?

Racism: the endless fight.

Positive and terrible role models throughout history.

Federal vs State power.

Robotics and Computer Science Research Topics

The modern world keeps going forward, so there are more and more innovations. Political science research paper themes are interesting, but it can be more inspiring for you to write about robotics and computer science. Here, you can also pick from several options:


Is it possible to utilize robots to kill invading species?

In what way will robots enhance medicine?

Is hacking always bad?

Computing and artificial intelligence – what is its future?

Robotic exosuits and their use in business and industry. Can they be used to train employees and boost production?

Are self-driving automobiles able to change people’s lives?

The employment of drones for warfare: a good or bad idea?

What can assist defend against identity theft? Can bitcoin be a fantastic solution?

How might computer science games and applications help people comprehend the brain?

Will our mail and pizza be delivered by drones?

What are the biggest challenges linked with big data and privacy?

Can study on the artificial intelligence advancement in robots help us learn more about ourselves?

Physics and Astronomy Research Paper Topics

Another interesting element of scientific research subjects for college students is physics and astronomy. This field is highly fascinating and inspirational because it seems like there are no borders. Hence, there is a vast array of alternatives here:


What is the relevance of exploring our solar system? Is it truly necessary?

What is the approximate age of the universe?

Why is Pluto not regarded as a planet?

What do we comprehend under dark energy?

What are black holes?

Will people be able to live on other planets in the future?

Mars: Was there ever life?

What impact do sunspots have on us?

Higgs Boson — what is it and will it ruin the Universe?

What future does commercial space flying have?

Can the problem of “space junk” be solved? How?

Is it truly vital for humanity to develop a means to occupy other planets?

Will the future of space exploration be changed owing to private space flight companies? How?

What have meteorites made us learn about the Universe?

Can a comet strike the earth? Are there any techniques to detect and stop this?

Asteroid Belt – What caused it?

Genetics and Microbiology Science Research Topics

The modern world keeps expanding every day, thus people are learning more and more about genetics and microbiology. Thus, you should surely choose one of the topics if you are interested in these fields. Below, you can discover a few topics:


Can microbial factories address the raw materials shortage issue?

Will studies in genetics help individuals remain healthy and live longer?

Did prehistoric humans truly follow the paleo diet? Is this diet good for us?

Does stem cell treatment have a future?

Is the opposition to GMO crops in Europe connected with economics and science?

If males exercise, would it have a good impact on the DNA features they transmit on their kids?

If they examine unusual genetic abnormalities, we will have keys to understanding ailments, such as cancer. True or not?

As males mature, do their children get genetic abnormalities?

Is epigenetics true, and how may this notion be applied?

Does personalized medicine based on the human genome have a future?

Math Essay Topics

If you are interested in math, you can pick this topic for your project. Here are a few suggestions for you:


Is it vital to study math if you want to master physics?

Can math research illuminate physics research?

What mathematical issues are the most fascinating these days?

Is it conceivable for physics experts and mathematicians to cooperate to tackle important issues?

How can one make math more attractive for students?

If there are flipped classes, will it be simpler for pupils to learn match?

What is the best approach of undertaking mathematical modelling of 2D materials?

Is it required to use a calculator? When?

Is there a link between math and philosophy?

Do people require the Pythagoras theorem? What for?

Radiology Research Paper Topics

When you are selecting a topic for your research paper, it is crucial to aim for a distinctive one. At the same time, there should be enough information so that you do not become stopped somewhere in the middle of the writing process. Below, you may find a list of possible good subjects for your assignment:


Diagnostic imaging – What are the adverse effects?

What is it like to work in the radiology field?

Level of radiation safety awareness among people.

How to reduce risk in the z-ray department?

Is radiology different from nuclear warfare? How?

Will artificial intelligence change medical imaging?

How may this field be effective for healing cancer?

The reliability of the Exposure Index when it comes to patient dosing.

Is x-ray more efficient than CT in skull examinations?

Does radiography play an essential role in the early detection of UTIs?

Are x-rays necessary when it comes to the COVID-19 diagnosis?

How safe is radiation in the operating theatre?

What effect does radiation have on pediatric patients?

Top trends in medical imaging technology.

What challenges do they confront in pediatric imaging? What solutions are there?

How significant is radiology? How has it changed our lives?

Geography Research Paper Topics

These themes are some of the most interesting and easy science research problems. There is always a lot of information, and you can choose any of the following options:


Cartography history.

Rainforests and their influence on people`s lives.

Volcanoes that exist in the modern world.

What precautions are there to avert floods?

Global warming: Impacts, causes, and measures to prevent it.

What human actions contribute to climate change.

Soil erosion: What causes it and how we might mitigate it.

Eco-friendly food manufacturing.

Does volcanic action influence land fertility? How?

Fossil fuels: What they are, their use, and repercussions.

Agriculture Essay Topics

Here are a few possibilities for this kind of research:


How can they limit antibiotic use in agriculture?

Is utilizing high tech to improve agriculture a smart idea?

What can be done to alleviate the honeybee colonies weakening issue?

How can farmers in your country be more productive and successful?

Are smaller farms better for ecological compared to huge ones?

Native crops: Are they better? How to urge farmers to utilize them?

Can food waste be prevented due to the food distribution system?

How can they prevent hazardous algal blooms?

Is there an effective planting strategy for small rice farms? What is it?

Global food output is growing. Why are there still hungry people?

Chemistry & Biochemistry Paper Ideas

Chemistry and biochemistry are also intriguing to write about, thus you can pick any of the below chemistry themes for research:


What are the major five chemical careers?

What is the greatest significant technological achievement in medicinal chemistry?

Are chemists able to help in preventing allergies?

What problems do they confront in the development of environmentally-friendly plastics?

Can metal oxides improve smartphones? How?

Chemists want to create a means of producing polymers from non-petroleum materials. What are the most successful experiments?

What is the greatest approach to capture and utilize carbon dioxide?

Are biocomputing and big data significant for the future of chemical research?

Biomacromolecules: What they are and why they are important.

Is it feasible for spun sugar strands to be used for medical purposes?

Nanotechnology Science Topics for Research Paper

Nanotechnology is one of the latest and fast-growing areas. Nonetheless, there are a lot of sites that you may obtain information from, and it is inspiring to write on any issue associated with nanotechnology. Here are a few suggestions for you:


What nanotechnology breakthroughs are they making for medicinal uses these days?

Is microelectronics able to help those with chronic ailments? How?

“Smart clothes”: What they are and how they might benefit medical patients?

Are there any risks in developing nanotechnology in medicine? What are they?

Can nanomaterials aid in lowering CO2 emissions?

Should individuals deploy nanotechnology to feed themselves?

Nanomaterial: What is it? Should they regulate it?

Can nanomedicine help people live longer?

Is it conceivable to employ nanotechnologies to clean up harmful waste?

Is it possible to apply nanotechnology for cancer patients` treatment?

Nanotechnology Sources to Help You Research

Below, you can see a few sources, which might be used for writing on nanotechnology:


American Vacuum Society. There is a web page that belongs to the Nanometer-scale Science and Technology Division of AVS, and you may discover a lot of interesting information there.

CMP Cientifica. CMP Cientifica happens to be the first integrated solutions provider in Europe. Its purpose is to help corporations come up with sensible conclusions about nanotechnology.

Chemical and Engineering News NanoFocus. It was designed as a single source for news regarding nanotechnology. Both chemists and non-chemists are encouraged to visit the website where they can find ground-breaking news. The website is organized into two primary areas, which are the Archive and Top Stories. All of them are available to everyone free of charge. However, you need to become a member of the society to access the Archive.

Foresight Institute. It happens to be a nonprofit educational institution, which is intended to help individuals using advanced technology. The main focus is on molecular nanotechnology.

The Institute of Nanotechnology. It comprises articles on all the up-to-date happenings. There are further links to information linked with nanotechnology.

Health Science Research Topics

When determining which one of science research subjects is the most suitable, you should not forget about health science research alternatives. Below, you can see a list of the most fascinating ones:


The history of health.

Is it conceivable to declare that stem cell research is ethical?

Leukaemia: Which treatment is the best? Why?

Why do some folks not go for the COVID vaccine? How can they be convinced?

What can cause skin cancer?

Why is breast cancer so common?

Are lockdowns helpful when it comes to the prevention of coronavirus transmission?

Is it feasible to make new organs to cure diseases?

Is COVID-19 linked to other viruses? How?

The flu vaccine does not work all the time. why?

Can they foresee the next pandemic?

Is Alzheimer’s disease caused by microbes?

Psychology and Neurobiology Issues

This field is the last in this article, but it is equally interesting. If you consider that you want your research paper to be on psychology and neurobiology issues, then here is a list of themes for you:


Is it possible to argue that autism is a sort of brain damage?

Are sleep and memory connected? How?

In what sense can language reflect stress responses?

Is it feasible to help autistic savants become a part of society? How?

What does mental illness imply? Can we learn something from these diverse kinds of mental states?

Why do people sleep? How much sleep do human beings truly need?

Why do moms protect their children?

Human brain: How does it truly work?

How do humans remember things? How reliable are these memories?

Human speech: How did it develop?


Writing about science research subjects is not an easy undertaking. At the same time, it is thrilling and encouraging if you are writing about what you are interested in. That is why it is vital to choose something you really appreciate because you will have to get acquainted with and examine loads of facts before you complete your task. Use this post to pick the greatest topic for yourself, check over the supplied tips, and you will undoubtedly succeed.

Here are some interesting religion research paper topics to write about.

Religion has been a part of our lives since the beginning of civilization. Here are some interesting religion research paper topics to write about. It has changed and grown to fit the needs of our societies, from simple animal-based beliefs to complex pantheons with many gods. Because of this, religion research paper topics are so interesting.

When choosing a topic, you can take a number of different paths. You can write about the history of a certain religion, its beliefs and rituals, how it has changed society, and how it might change in the future. You can also write about religion systems in general, looking at the differences and what might have caused them.


Even though there are a lot of possible religion essay topics, it’s important to choose the right one. Religion is often a very personal matter, so if you don’t treat it with care, it could lead to hurt and conflict. Also, it is hard to talk about religious experiences without being biased.


So, we’ve put together this list of interesting, relevant topics for you to look into. Choose the one that fits you best and learn more about how and why people believe what they do.


Pick the best religion research paper topics

Choosing the right religious essay topic from the list can be hard, so here are some tips that might help:


Choose a topic that you are at least a little bit interested in. This will help you focus on your research and make sure the quality of your work;

Make sure there are scientific sources related to the topic and that they are not just opinion pieces – In research, facts are more important than opinions;

Avoid talking about things that are biased about a certain religion;

Don’t criticize or attack religious leaders and people of faith;

If there are different points of view on a subject, make sure to cover them all or don’t talk about it.

List of 50 Religion Topics for Research Papers

Religion and religious beliefs in general have a huge effect on society as a whole. When we look into it, we can see how our society has changed and how our values have changed over time. But a lot of religious topics for research are too hard to understand. So, here are some of the best topics for a research paper on religion that you can have fun writing about.


Religions’ ties to their own cultures

How religion has affected education and science throughout history

From a social psychology point of view, religion and the individual

Religion in a world that is more connected

Religion and crime: punishment and forgiveness

What religion does to politics

Beliefs before organized religion

How important religion is in politics and business

How does religion change when new scientific facts are found?

How can a religion come into being?

What religion has to do with poetry and writing

Religion and a source of news

Religions and how they change over time

Religion and how well you feel

What religion means in environmental issues

Who does religion help?

Religion from a postmodern point of view

Religions that don’t believe in gods

Will religion ever end?

Rituals that many religions share

Religions keep people together: communities and countries

Modern tribal practices and the religion of technology

What we believe about God and what lies beyond

Religion and morality: do they go together or not?

Religion and women

What religion has to do with how countries get along

Medicine and religion

Why sacrifice is so important in religious practices

How does religion affect the bonds between family members?

The part religion plays in making people hate each other

Religion from the point of view of evolution

How important myths are in today’s world

How symbols are used in religion

History of religion and social classes

Religion during the Age of Reason

How people don’t believe

What magic and tricks have to do with religion

The effects of religion on teens and young adults

How to separate spirituality and religion?

Can there be only one religion in the world?

Prayer and meditative techniques side by side

Are religion and reason incompatible with each other?

Marriage and faith

Religion and violence: what religion has to do with wars and revolutions

Why should the government treat religion in a special way?

Different ideas about death and what happens after you die

Religions and population changes

The kind of person a religious leader is

Lost religions: why do beliefs die?

Images of aliens in different religions

Research Paper Topics on Christianity

Christianity is one of the world’s largest religions, with billions of people who follow it. You can’t say enough about how much it changed the world’s history. So, here are some of the most interesting things about which you can find out more:


Christianity has many branches, some well-known and some not.

Christianity and the spread of colonies

Christianity and the rise of industry

The Christian church has a lot of myths and rituals.

As a real person, what do we know about Jesus?

Christianity and the rise of empires

Christianity and getting along with others

Christians of different races

History of bad things happening in Christianity

How each person plays a part in Christianity

Essay Topics on Buddhism

Buddhism is another important idea that shouldn’t be forgotten. Its origins in the East set it apart from many other religions around the world. So, there is a lot to know about it, especially if you don’t know much about it:


Buddhism: Its roots and development

Buddhism: a religion or a way of thinking?

What Chinese Buddhism is and how it works

Buddhism and women’s rights

Can Buddhism and science live together?

The Buddhist view of nature and the environment

What Buddhism means for politics

The rights of people and Buddhism

Buddhism’s ways of meditating

Buddhist thought and psychoanalysis

Topics for a research paper on theology

Theology looks at religious practices from a scientific point of view. So, when talking about religion research topics, it’s important to talk about the study of theological methods and the history of this field of science. Here are some themes you might want to think about:


The basic ideas behind systematic theology

Models of religion that are important

Atheism and postmodern theology

Theology of stories and facts

Love and death in God’s eyes

The idea of stories in religion

Theology and philosophy are two parts of the same science.

From a theocentric point of view, ethics

Politics and religion

Commentary on religion and rational theology

Islam Topics for Research

Islam is another major religion that needs to be studied and thought about carefully. In the West, people often think of it as evil, but there is a lot more to it than that. Here are some things you can say about it:


Misconceptions and prejudices about Islam

Civil Islamic practices

What a woman does in Islam

The effect that Islam has on politics

The history of the Islamic world

Islam’s past and what’s to come

Do Islam and traditionalism go together?

The problems with integrating Islam into the law

What would the world be like if Islam didn’t exist?

The making of an image of Islam in the West

Essay Topics on Siddhartha

The founder of Buddhism was born with the name Siddhartha, which is also the name of the book about the spiritual journey of a man who lived at the same time. Both are worth studying from a religious and philosophical point of view:


Siddhartha: ideas and stories

Siddhartha and his search for wisdom

Siddhartha and letting go

Mythological undertones in Siddhartha

Siddhartha’s ways of teaching

The idea of salvation in Siddhartha

Existentialism and Siddhartha

Religion and Systems

Religion systems depend on where they are.

Global cultural models in religious systems

How religious systems affect democracy

Sociology looks at religion systems.

The study of how modern religions work

How religious systems work

How do different religions affect the market?

Tips on How to Write an Essay About Religion

There are many things to avoid when writing an essay about religion. If you want to do well on your assignment and get a good grade, you have to do it right. Here are some ideas that could help you write a great essay about religion:


Avoid putting in your own opinions and biases. Criticizing any religion is dangerous, but doing it from an emotional or experience-based point of view is even worse. Remember that one person’s ideas and values do not represent those of the whole group;

Structure your paper. A paper that is well-structured is easy to read and understand. It will make your point clearer and show that you do research in a planned and organized way;

Check the reliability of your sources. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake scientific ideas and works about religion. Even if some of them have some good points, it’s best to leave them out of your work;

Explore your religion research topics from different points of view. Showing the opinions of both sides is the best way to avoid bias in your research. This will give you a well-rounded paper that doesn’t claim to know a “single truth,” but instead uses scientific methods to study religion.

Try to give some background. Religious texts are often hard to understand and full of symbols. You can easily find statements that go against each other in them, but to present them fairly, you need to explain what’s going on. You don’t have to retell the whole text, but you do need to say what’s going on in general.

Even if these tips don’t work, we’re ready to help. Visit our site, choose a professional writer who fits your needs, and get help with your research paper on religion right away.

130+ Fascinating Art Research Paper Topic areas and ideas

Choosing the correct topic for an art research paper is vital for your academic achievement. If you pick one you’re enthusiastic about, you may exhibit your expertise, creativity, and critical thinking and provide a unique take on the subject matter. You may interest and entice the reader and ensure your study stays viable in the future.

People have been making art for ages, thus there are endless art research paper themes to pick from. To pick the proper one, you should:


Choose an art branch – There are literature, music, film, performing (e.g., theater and dance) and visual arts (e.g., painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, etc.), other branches to choose from.

Select a specific feature – You can opt for a creative movement, a specific period, a particular artist, or decide to evaluate a specific work of art.

Come up with numerous concepts – Brainstorm several ideas you’re interested in examining and perform research to gather relevant information on each. That way, you’ll uncover several art research subjects to employ as inspiration. Make sure there are enough reputable sources to back your research.

Narrow down your topic – Lock in on one or two concepts that will help you create a detailed, thought-provoking, and fascinating research paper.

To help you narrow down the options, we’ve picked up some of the most interesting art subjects for research papers. Read on to acquire some inspiration for your writing project.


15 Most Interesting Art History Research Paper Topics

Art history teaches you to study the visual and verbal evidence in various artworks to understand how different artists saw the world and expressed their emotions. Here are some of the most fascinating subjects.


Artistic Freedom vs. Censorship: Art in Nazi Germany

From Canvas to Camera: Photography as Art

Gothic Art in Medieval England

The Death of the Author: Barthes’s Theory Debunked

The History of Abstract Expressionism

Art and Culture: An Intellectual History

Expressionism in Western Europe

Hidden Messages in Famous Works of Art

Art as Propaganda in France and America

Wartime Art: A Visual History of Warfare

A History of Neoclassical Art

Victorian Beauty Standards in Art

Constructivism: The Birth of the Russian Avant


Gothic Culture: History, Literature, and Visual Arts

The Rise of Sequential Art: The History of Comics and Graphic Novels

Top 15 Art Topics on Ancient Civilizations

Artworks stretching back millennia show a lot about different ancient civilizations. Their artistic achievements are still significant today, notably in modern architecture. If you wish to examine their artwork, here are some of the best art research subjects you can choose.


Symbolism in Ancient Egyptian Art

The Art History of Ancient Rome

Ancient Greek Sculpture: The Art of Classical Greece

Primeval Musical Instruments in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt

Ancient Roman vs. Classical Greek Art

The Impact of the Mayan Civilization on Ancient Art and Culture

The Influence of Mayan Culture in Modern Architecture

Egyptian Pyramids vs. Mayan Pyramids: Is There a Hidden Connection?

Ancient Art History: The Origins and Purpose of Writing

The Impact of Ancient Civilizations on Art History

The Incas and Their Influence on Modern Art

The Role of Religion and Culture in Aztec Art

Ancient Chinese Art: The Role of Chinese Philosophy and Religion

Chinese Ritual Bronzes: Understanding the Ancient Ritual Vessels

Mythology in the Artworks of Ancient Civilizations

20 Engrossing Art Research Paper Topics on Artist Biography

Analyzing the life and work of a certain artist can help you understand them better and unearth the symbolism and hidden meanings in their work. Let’s go over some intriguing art subjects for research papers, covering some of the most significant artists in history.


18th century:


William Blake: A Misunderstood Artist, Poet, and Visionary

Francisco de Goya: Changing the World Through Art

Eugène Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art

Madame Tussaud and Her Lasting Impact on Art

The Life and Career of William Turner

Ludwig van Beethoven: The Mystic Principles in Romantic Art, Literature, and Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Life and Work of the Musical Genius

19th century:


Vincent Van Gogh: The Misunderstood Genius Ahead of His Time

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Innovative Elements and Principles of Art

Gustav Klimt: The Master of Symbolism

Claude Monet and His Vision of Light and Color

Edgar Degas: A Storyteller of Modern Parisian Life

Paul Cézanne: The Father of Modern Art

20th century:


Pablo Picasso: The Father of Cubism

Frida Kahlo: Surrealism Through Magical Realism

The Surreal World of Salvador Dalí

Andy Warhol: The American Pop Art King

Jackson Pollock: The Face of Abstract Expressionism

Georgia O’Keeffe: The Mother of American Modernism

Louise Bourgeois: A Revolutionary in Abstract Sculpture and Installation Art

21 Thought-Provoking Art Research Topics on Different Epochs

Every creative epoch introduced something fresh to the art world. If you focus on a certain creative age in art history, you can study an entire world of distinct artistic and literary styles, techniques, subjects, and all the significant artists that employed them. Here are some of the epochs and related themes to pick from.




The Movement, Color, and Sensuality of the Baroque Movement

Baroque vs. Rococo: Similarities and Differences

The Art of Manliness in the Baroque Period



Romanticism in Art, Literature, and Music

The Social Impact of Literary and Artistic Romanticism

Imagination, Emotion, and the Sublime in the Romanticism Era



How Impressionism Changed the Basic Ideas of Art

Nature Through the Eyes of Monet and Manet

The Social Impact of Edgar Degas and His Ballet Dancers

French Impressionists: Revolutionizing the Art World



The Vision and Diverse Styles of Post-Impressionism

“The Starry Night” by Van Gogh: A Masterpiece of Post-Impressionism

The Influence of Paul Gaugin on Modern Art

Famous Artists That Defined the Post-Impressionist Movement



The Revolutionary Role of Cubism in Modern Art

The Meaning Behind “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso

How African Art Influenced Pablo Picasso and His Work

Multiple Perspectives in Georges Braque’s Paintings



The Art of Capturing Imagination: Surrealism in Art and Literature

When Surreal Minds Meet: Salvador Dalí and Rene Magritte

The Symbolism and Metaphors in Frida Kahlo’s Paintings

10 Compelling Renaissance Essay Topics

Marking the transition from the Middle Ages to the contemporary world, the Renaissance was a period of cultural and artistic revival. If you’re seeking for fascinating art essay topics on this intense age, here are some possibilities for inspiration.


Humanism and Naturalism in Renaissance Art

Religious Symbolism in Renaissance Art

Leonardo da Vinci and His Influence on Renaissance Art

Michelangelo’s David: An Icon of the Italian Renaissance

The Sistine Chapel: Michelangelo’s Immortal Masterpiece

The Transcendent Influence of Raphael’s Paintings

“The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli: Mythology and Realism

The Influence of Science on Renaissance Art and Culture

The Harlem Renaissance: Driving Social Change Through Art

The Unity of Art and Music in the Renaissance Era

10 Riveting Modern Art Research Paper Topics

Modern art promotes innovation in movements, forms, and styles, replacing conservative values in the spirit of experimenting with shapes, lines, and colors. Check out some of the most fascinating topic ideas.


Breaking Away from Conventions: The Unique Style of Modern Art

Impressionism vs. Cubism: The Elements of Time and Light

The Rise of Digital Arts

Graffiti: Vandalism or Art?

Urban Street Art: The Mystery of Banksy

The Eclectic Style of “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt

The Influence of Modern European Art on American Artists

The Impact of Japanese Art on Van Gogh’s Paintings

Art and Feminism: Contemporary Themes Driving the Movement

Printmaking in the 21st century

10 Fascinating Photography Topics Ideas

As a type of visual art, photography has the capacity to stir emotions, change views, and transform the viewer’s understanding and perception of art. If you want to go more into photography, here are some intriguing art essay ideas to start with.


The History of Photography

Camera Obscura: The Ancestor of the Modern Photography

The Significance and Social Impact of War Photography

The Mystery of Vivian Maier and Her Secret Street Photography

The Role of Ansel Adams on Establishing Photography Among the Fine Arts

Architectural Photography in the Modern Age

The Role of Photography in the Film Industry

How Digital Technology Has Changed Photography

Self-Portrait Photography: The Art of Selfies

The Psychological Impact of Photography

15 Best Architecture Research Paper Topics

Architecture is an ever-evolving art form that changes the world and allows for both functional and expressive ideas. Check out some of the best art subjects for research papers on architecture.


The Influence of Roman Architecture on Modern Design

Gothic Architecture: Key Elements of the Iconic Style

Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco: A Comparison of the Modern Art Movements

Rococo Architecture: The Characteristics of Late Baroque

Constructivism in Art and Architecture

Sustainability in African Architecture

The Influence of Eastern Art on Western Architecture

The Egyptian Pyramids: The Mystery Behind the Construction

The Influence of Art and Literature on Design and Architecture

The Marriage of Art and Architecture in Contemporary Design

Urban Architecture: The Internet of Things and Smart City Design

Architectural Wonders: Famous Architects and Their Masterpieces

The Relationship Between Ancient and Modern Architecture

Innovative Design Styles Shaping the Future of Architecture

Islamic Architecture and Its Influence on Western Art

Top 10 Theater Research Paper Topics

Theater lets us see new viewpoints, appreciate different cultures, and dig deeper into our humanity. Thanks to actors’ dramatic performances that make the characters come life before our eyes, we can experience stories in an attention-grabbing way. Find inspiration for your narrative in the following themes.


The History of Greek Theater

The Influence of Ancient Greek Theater on Modern Theater

Samuel Beckett and the Theater of the Absurd

The Cultural Evolution of Theater

Theater as Art: A Force for Social and Cultural Change

William Shakespeare and His Contribution to English Drama and Theater

Elizabethan Theater vs. Modern Theater

The History of Broadway

The Role of Music in Theater

Improvisation and Expression in Contemporary Theater

10 Intriguing Art Research Topics on Different Cultures

Every culture is distinct, having an assemblage of different social conventions, values, beliefs, and material qualities. As such, it influences distinct creative forms that portray people’s feelings, experiences, and worldviews. If you wish to evaluate how other cultures influence art, check out these interesting themes.


The Role of Cultural Identity in the Creation of Art

The Pop Art Movement and Its Influence on American Culture

Hollywood vs. Bollywood: Similarities and Differences

Japanese Calligraphy: The Fine Art of Writing

Traditional Dance Forms: Understanding Different Cultures Through Dance

The Influence of Chinese Traditional Clothing on Japanese Culture

Ancient Egyptian Culture: Art Principles and Traditions

Poetic Realism in the Iranian Cinema

French vs. American Artists: Cultural Differences Impacting Their Work

Asian and African Tribal Art and Their Effects on Modern Art Movements

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